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Types of tomato "Andromeda F1"

tomato andromeda characteristic and description of the variety

Tomato "Andromeda" characteristic and description of the variety suggests that having planted this tomato you will not have to wait long for the harvest, and the ripe fruits will be tasty and fragrant.

Official data

The hybrid successfully passed the tests and entered the registry in 1998.

The group of authors who worked on the creation of a hybrid consists of: Strelnikova, T.R., Mashkova, A.A., Mashkova, A.Kh., Mashtakova, L.Yu. Originator varieties Mashtakov L.YU.

The hybrid is recommended for cultivation in the Central Black Earth, North Caucasus, Middle Volga, Lower Volga, West Siberian, East Siberian regions for cultivation in open ground, and is included in the register of breeding achievements under number 9503363.

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Tomato Description

There are not many salad varieties and hybrids that grow their crops on low shoots. So this tomato belongs to the determinant, undersized.

The bush plant is not standard, half sprawling with medium foliage and medium branching. Plant height never exceeds 70 cm.

The leaf plate of the classic tomato species, medium in size, green with a gray tint, the corrugation is expressed in a slight degree. The first inflorescence, this hybrid is laid over 6-7 leaf, and then after 1-2, while the inflorescences are simple and intermediate, and the stem has a joint.

The tomato belongs to the early hybrids and already for 90-120 days you can taste ripe fruits.


The variety of tomatoes "Andromeda" description of which suggests that they are red, smooth, flat-round and weigh in the range of 70-120 g, and in the nest of 4-5, are desirable on any vegetable garden bed.

The taste of lettuce tomato is affected by the sugar content, which is in the range of 1.7-2%, dry matter - 4-5%, and total acidity - 0.4-0.6%. All this creates a balance of flavoring substances, which the tasting commission rated as "good."

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Tomato hybrid is very good. When tested in the Central Black Earth region, it showed a level of 130-516 c / ha, which is 4-140 centner above the standard for the Svitanok and Lagidny regions. He showed himself from the best side in the North Caucasus region, issuing a shaft of tomato in the range of 170-600 centners per hectare, which is 20-90 centners per hectare higher than Agata, Morning and Nepryadna. The Middle Volga region gave a slightly lower figure, in the range of 270–360 centners per hectare, higher than “Dunn” by 130 kg and higher than “Maryushka” by 140 kg. Nizhne-Volzhsky was pleased with a yield of 270-720 centners per hectare, which is higher than the Early 83 by 54 centners per hectare, and Morning is higher by 250 centners per hectare. The hybrid managed to show the maximum shaft within 722 centners per hectare, which is higher than the Early one by 250 centners per hectare, and this was recorded in the Astrakhan region.

The yield of marketable tomato, which varies from 75-100%, is also surprising. All these indicators suggest that the Andromeda tomato reviews, photos, yields have a very high and in full force gives its genetic indicator.
Disease resistance

Unfortunately, the breeders have not yet managed to remove tomatoes that are resistant to late blight, and so Andromeda belongs to those who are very susceptible to late blight and moderately susceptible to macrosporosis.

Timely treatments with fungicides prevent the development of the fungus well enough, therefore prevention for this tomato is a special necessity.

Diversity "Andromed"

Tomato "Anromeda" really liked gardeners and this prompted the group of authors to continue working in this direction.

"Golden Andromeda"

So in 2005, the hybrid “Golden Andromeda” was entered into the registry. The tomato, the description of which needs to be started from its early ripeness, since as early as 77 days from the start of full germination the first fruits can already be picked.

The tomato of this hybrid, as well as the red “Andromeda”, is flat-round, but slightly ribbed and orange in color. The content of beta-carotene in fruits within 2.37 mg% makes these fruits suitable for diet and baby food.

Habitus plants of this hybrid is very similar to its predecessor, but the fruit itself is more resilient and transportable.

The yield of the orange plant is as high as the red one and is in the range of 400-500 centners / ha. The maximum shaft hybrid showed at 700 c / ha.

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"Pink Andromeda"

The group of authors in the same composition continues to work on breeding andromeda and in 2008 the new Andromeda hybrid is introduced into the register of varietal achievements.

Tomato "Pink Andromeda", the characteristic and description of the variety indicate that it is as early and as lettuce as its predecessors. But the fruits of its crimson color, but much smaller in size. The weight of such a tomato is 60-90 g.

Andromeda tomato f1, pink is distinguished by its increased heat resistance, and is recommended for cultivation in open ground only in the North Caucasus region.

The yield of this hybrid is as high as its predecessors. The tomato maximum showed in the Rostov region within 744 centners per hectare.
All Andromeda is very fruitful. Their genetic code has enormous potential, and all of them are intended for commercial production. However, tomato culture is demanding to soil fertility and will not show yields on weak soils or in violation of the basic technological processes.

Properly prepared soil for planting seedlings, timely root and foliar dressing, regular spraying against diseases and pests, along with a good choice of varieties guarantee a good harvest of tasty and high-quality tomatoes.

Video review of the Andromeda F1 tomato hybrid

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