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Choosing heat-resistant tomatoes for the south of Russia

heat-resistant tomatoes for the south of Russia

In 2017, and in previous years, the heat has undermined confidence in many varieties. Picking tomatoes for the south of Russia, heat-resistant, in 2018 it is possible that they can be checked in all indicators. Lowering the temperature is not expected. That is why it is necessary to consider for planting those varieties that are likely to show yield at high air temperatures and the absence of natural moisture.

The following varieties are presented for consideration:


The variety produced the agrofirm “Search” Moscow region. Having planted this tomato, already in 80 days after full shoots you will be able to consume its fruits.

The plant is early and short. High yield, up to 500 kg / ha, and the maximum showed 669 kg, does not allow the tomato to grow without fixation and regulation.

Fruits are ovate, smooth, leveled, red, saturated color. The mass of one fruit to 100 g (60-80 g).

Having enjoyed the salad products having such a variety on the site, you can proceed to the blanks. "Adeline" perfectly transfers thermal procedures. It is good for whole-canning, pickling and souring, it makes excellent tomato products.

Since the variety is bred for commercial production, the fruits have excellent transportability and the ability to reach the processing sites without loss of organoleptic qualities.

Grade advantages:

  • high yield;
  • high yield of products (up to 84%);
  • high heat resistance;
  • resistance against complex diseases.

"Maestro"Maestro tomatoes

Agrofirm "Sedek" presented a universal variety that will provide salads and harvesting for the winter.

It is not necessary to wait for an early harvest from this variety, but stretching in fruiting until late autumn will help to conduct uniform harvesting of tomatoes for the winter.

Fruits are cuboid, weighing up to 100 g, leveled, without fines, smooth, dense, red.

Excellent taste of fresh fruit and tomatoes in canned form, make this variety desirable.


  • Transportability;
  • Productivity;
  • Heat resistance;
  • Resistance to diseases.

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"Pink Andromeda F1"

Considering which varieties of tomatoes are the most heat-resistant "Pink Andromeda" can not be missed.

Early ripening in all weather conditions makes this stunted plant very attractive for cultivation in the open field.

Small up to 90 g of raspberry, flat-rounded with a weak ribs, fruits have an excellent taste in fresh form and the same excellent in canned. The high content of dry matter and sugar allows to obtain a very high quality processing product. Ketchups and sauces from this tomato are distinguished by their thickness and excellent taste.

The advantages of the variety are indisputable:

  • high yield, up to 750 kg / ha, which is higher than the standard by 56 kg / ha;
  • high product yield up to 96%;
  • heat resistance.

If we consider resistant to high temperatures, hybrids of foreign selection, we should pay attention to the following:

"Amiko F1"

This hybrid was presented by the Netherlands, and since 2005 it has been pleasing vegetable growers and farmers, and gives a high crop of tomatoes.

Tomato of early ripening. Suitable for salads, as well as for canning and processing.The plant is short, determinant, perfectly keeps its shape and fruits, weighing 70-90 g, does not fall even when not tied.

The fruits are beautiful, leveled, cylindrical, homogeneous, not ground.

Yield hybrid shows at the level of standards, about 450 kg / ha, but the fact that he proudly withstands the sun sets it higher than the standards.

“Amiko” is very resistant to fusarium, vertical wilt, tobacco mosaic virus, and cladosporia.


  • heat resistance;
  • resistance against a complex of diseases;
  • great taste.

"Asterix F1"

Originator varieties firm Singenta (Switzerland).

This variety of medium ripening will suit you in the event that you rarely visit the garden or cottage. Tomato fruits will be waiting for you in perfect condition even under the scorching sun.

The tomato plant is undersized, perfectly keeps the shoots without clinging.

Fruits "Asterix" suitable for salads, canned and processed into tomato products. Tomatoes are cylindrical, and the edge can be strongly and weakly expressed, moreover, on the same plant. The weight of a tomato is 85-95 g. The high level of dry matter and sugars makes the taste very balanced and pleasant with a tasting rating of "excellent."

The Asterix hybrid has an excellent yield, higher than the standard, and is up to 520 c / ha.

The high yield of marketable, aligned products, up to 95% puts the hybrid on the top positions in the ranking.


  • heat resistance;
  • yield;
  • great taste;
  • resistance to nematode, fusarium, verticillosis.

Good heat-resistant varieties, which are entered in the registry and have proven themselves as varieties of tomatoes resistant to heat, created by French breeders. Among the best are:

"Hector F1"

Tomato medium ripening. Suitable for fresh consumption, salting, preservation and manufacture of tomato products.

Low-growing plant form gives rounded, dense, with a weak edge of the fruit of a rich red color.

Tomatoes are not large to 100 g, evened out, with very high taste.

Preparing juice or tomato sauce, those who have already managed to fall in love with “Hektor” celebrate a special taste and bright, rich color.

Fruits contain high amounts of dry matter and high levels of sugars.

The yield of the hybrid is also not low, at the level of standards in the region, but a high yield improves the performance of the hybrid.

“Hector” is very resistant to a complex of diseases, which helps it to keep the marketable under any circumstances.

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Leandra tomt"Leandra F1"

This is another French variety, which is striking in its resistance to abnormal heat, as well as a variety of tomato diseases.

A variety of medium ripening, salad, determinant.

Ploskokrulye, red tomatoes have a smooth skin and rather dense consistence. Tomatoes weighing 90-130 g of a very pleasant, balanced, tomato flavor with an "excellent" rating.

Tomato yield up to 775 c / ha, which is much higher than standard varieties.


  • yield;
  • heat resistance;
  • resistance to complex diseases.

"Petraross F1"

Also the French hybrid intended for an open ground of gardens of fans and farmers.

The tomato is universal. Its fruits have excellent salad properties, suitable for canning and processing.

Hybrid not very early, determinant giving obovate tomatoes with smooth, dense barrels. Tomatoes saturated red.

Weight from 60 to 100 g, which strikes Petraros the most necessary. These fruits can be used for all culinary delights.

Tomatoes have a high content of dry matter and organic sugars, but the acids are in such a balanced ratio that their taste is barely perceptible, but significantly improves the taste of all tomato products.

The yield of the hybrid shows even with abnormal land at the level of the standard.

Tomato advantages:

  • heat resistance;
  • commodity yield (95%);
  • disease resistance.


"Otranto F1"

The Netherlands gave the world another wonderful hybrid that you definitely need to try in those regions that are richly illuminated, and rains are rare.

This hybrid begins fructification already when the first, early tomatoes vegetable growers have already enjoyed, and they have departed.

"Otranto" medium late, light green, short. Its large and dark green leaf closes the fruits so carefully that the intense sunlight cannot have its burning effect.

Tomatoes with well pronounced ribbing, red, flat-round, weighing from 75 to 125 g. The high content of dry substances makes the fruit rich and moderately dense. Given that the sugar in the tomato is not a large amount, it seems that it will be sour, but its optimal ratio is so well balanced that, according to reviews of vegetable growers, it is very tasty, and the tasters put it "excellent" for the true tomato flavor.

The yield of tomato is impressive, and even more so when many varieties burn, and it shows a shaft higher than the standard at 68 c / ha. The yield of "Otranto" within 700 kg / ha.

Excellent product yield up to 97% allows you to save and realize the harvest.

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"Orpheus F1"

A hybrid donated by Israeli breeders in 2014 was entered into the register of the Russian Federation. Their scorching sun long ago forced the minds to work towards the preservation of that which is already growing. Only heat-resistant tomatoes can survive under the constantly scorching sun, and they not only survive, but also show excellent yields.

Early hybrid, standard, short.

Tomato fruits up to 140 g high in dry matter and sugar. Tasters set "excellent".

Yield hybrid shows at the standard level in the Lower Volga region and much higher than the standard in the North Caucasus.


  • heat resistance;
  • yield;
  • commodity output;
  • resistance to complex diseases.

The choice of varieties and hybrids is great, they all have indisputable advantages, and each is suitable for cultivation in the fields and gardens of southern Russia.

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heat-resistant tomatoes for the south of Russiaheat-resistant tomatoes for the south of Russia

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