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Universal purpose tomato "Shuttle"

The cold season is not only a time of enjoying a tasty harvest that was harvested last year, canned or frozen, but preparing for a new season. And an important stage of this period is the selection of good, quality seeds. To do this, we are trying to tell you how best to proceed. And this article will be a review of the tomato "Shuttle". You will like the reviews about it, you can already see the photo, but read about the yield and other summer wisdom below.

general description

1111We begin the description with reviews about the variety, and they are very positive. “Shuttle” is valued by summer residents, and for beginners this is a godsend. The “Shuttle” in our country was launched, therefore it is adapted for different climate conditions. Tomato has many advantages, while unpretentious. One of the strengths of the variety is its cold resistance. Even a cold and rainy summer will not leave your labors without a harvest with tomatoes of the Shuttle variety. Therefore, it is grown throughout the territory of our country, where it is cold and warm. In Siberia, the variety is actively cultivated and, according to reviews, the harvest always pleases.

It is noteworthy that the "Shuttle" has a compact bush, while it does not stepchild, do not form, do not tie up. The stem of the culture is dense and stands well on the spot without collapsing. Due to this, the tomatoes are uniformly heated by the sun's rays, due to which the crop is formed actively. “Shuttle” is deservedly loved, and if you worry that you will not be able to grow seedlings and plant seedlings on the street or in the greenhouse, then we recommend this variety to you. He will save a lot of time, effort.

In addition, it can be grown both in greenhouse conditions, under the film and on the street. If tomatoes are grown in closed conditions, the harvest will be formed two weeks earlier. In this case, the crop in the greenhouse can be harvested until the frost.

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“Shuttle” is also charming because it is suitable for growing on the balcony and windowsill due to its compact size.

Tomato variety Characteristic variety

  • Tomato refers to varieties with early ripening. Thus, on the street, the first harvest will be obtained approximately 110 days after the seedlings of the seedlings emerged, and in the greenhouse and greenhouse conditions after about 95 days.
  • "Shuttle" - a determinant variety. It grows with a bole, the stalk stands evenly and densely in the soil, it does not require support, cracking. Height can reach up to 50 cm, usually 40-45 cm.
  • The greens on the bush are not thick, which allows the fruit to form well and evenly.
  • On the branches formed by 7-10 ovaries.
  • Fruits have a pleasant tomato flavor, great taste. Their pulp is fleshy and sweet.
  • Due to the compactness of the bush is saving space on the site.
  • Productivity varieties high, fruiting from the second decade of June to October.
  • "Shuttle" does not need special care, it is unpretentious.
  • The variety has a universal table purpose - it is eaten fresh, closed for the winter, and made into sauce and juice.
  • The shape of the fruit is elongated, the tip is sharp. Often, tomatoes are compared in appearance with pepper. By weight, they are small - 50-60 grams, which is convenient for canning in general. Also contributes to this and dense skin. It gives strength to tomatoes, they do not burst during heat treatment and during transportation.
  • Well kept.
  • Fruits are nutritious, by the amount of sugar and nutrients suitable for feeding young children.

Of course, if we talk only about the pros, there may be an opinion that this does not happen.We will not say that the variety is ideal in all respects. There is a minus. It lies in the fact that "Shuttle" does not have absolute resistance to disease. Viruses and phytophthora can affect it, so in this regard, it is necessary to carefully monitor the bushes, and at the first appearance of the disease, begin treatment.

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tomat-chelnok-e1472476354292-500x393Sowing seeds can begin in the third decade of February - early March. It depends on the region. Seeds can be planted immediately so as to avoid the picking stage. To do this, you can use the peat pots at once or sow the seeds in one container, but after 6 cm from each other to a depth of about 1 cm.

After sowing, containers or pots, which are easier to put in one container, are covered with foil. But beforehand, the seeds are moistened with an atomizer with warm water without lime.

Yes, before planting, seed can be pickled in a solution of potassium permanganate, then dried and put a growth stimulator. This is done about a couple of weeks before the intended landing.

When the seedlings appeared, then in the first days they need only watering. Again, using a spray bottle and distilled water, so as not to wash off the fragile shoots. Two weeks after the first shoots, the seedlings are shed with complex fertilizer for tomatoes. Feeding is repeated after another 2-3 weeks, if up to this point the seedlings have not yet been transferred to open ground or a greenhouse. And it happens in May or June, depending on the region.

Conditions for growing seedlings:

  • room temperature at least 23-25 ​​degrees;
  • good humidity;
  • good lighting;
  • lighting up in cloudy weather.

98983_300x300During the transfer to the open ground or to the greenhouse, the soil is dug in advance, leveled, and applied to a spoon of complex fertilizer. During the season you will need another 3-4 times to feed the culture. You can use chemical dressing, you can organic matter in the form of urea, manure, litter. On one square meter planted 4 bushes. In the first days after planting, seedlings are better covered from the wind and night coolness.

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It is not necessary to form bushes, to tie up and remove stepchildren too. It is necessary to monitor the pests, so that the bushes are evenly moistened in dry weather. If signs of illness have begun, the bushes must be treated with drugs. But you can not use chemicals when the fruit is already formed. On sale there are many biological and environmentally friendly drugs to combat pests and diseases.

We hope that this variety has interested you, because its advantages overlap one single minus. All characteristics make it clear that “Shuttle” is a decent grade.

Video review of the "Shuttle" variety

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