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Description of a grade of a tomato "Grandee"

Tomato "the grandee" - he always has excellent reviews. Photos show its similarity to "Bull's heart." Those who planted from summer residents often consider it to be similar in quality to the Budenovka tomato. If you are an experienced summer resident, then you understand that both of these varieties, which are equal to the “Grandee”, produce large fruits and high yields.

general information

"The nobleman" became a favorite among summer residents after his launch, which occurred in the early 2000s. It has been registered in the registry since 2004. This tomato belongs to the Siberian selection. It is a hybrid, has many positive characteristics.

It has a universal table purpose, can be grown in all regions of our country. Suitable for outdoor and greenhouse cultivation. The yields are stable, high. Fruits are always distinguished by their considerable weight, juicy, fleshy flesh. Tomato in all respects can be attributed to one of the best, because it does not suffer from cold, has a high resistance to diseases.

Yields with proper care and timely feeding in regions with cold climates, such as the Urals and Siberia, can be up to half a ton per hectare. There were cases when agronomists recorded higher rates in cold climates of 700 tons.

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Characteristics and description of the variety

  • It is a hybrid with high resistance to cold and disease.
  • It refers to varieties with medium early ripening. So, the crop after sowing seeds you can get in 105-115 days.
  • Does not form trunk, bush determinant.
  • The height of the bush is small - only 50-60 cm, but it can grow up to one and a half meters, but it is more often in greenhouse conditions or in a warm climate.
  • High-yielding and unpretentious variety.
  • The fruits have a very pleasant taste and tomato aroma.
  • Bushes require to be tied up.
  • Variety stepsons that some may find a minus, also it should always be fed and regularly watered. But it will provide a very high yield, which pays for labor costs.
  • The color of the fruit is red or pink. Can be very saturated dark color.
  • The masses of tomatoes are up to half a kilogram, because the bushes require support. To the tomatoes were the largest, on the branches it is better to leave no more than 4-5 inflorescences.
  • Fruits are heart shaped. The flesh is pleasant, there are many nutrients in tomatoes. The taste is sweet, because it is ideal for making salads, juices, sauces. In general, the form of fruits canned difficult, so they are cut.
  • Large fruits of this variety are well stored and easily transported transport, which is beneficial for commercial planting.

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Features of growing

In order for the "Grandee" to give maximum yield, it is necessary to observe important agricultural practices. Sowing seeds does not differ in action from all other varieties. It is carried out in early March. Seeds can be processed in a nutrient solution and disinfected, which will improve germination and minimize the risk of disease. You can use a solution of manganese, "Zircon", "Appin".

The transfer is carried out on the street, when will all the night frosts. In different regions in different ways. Shrubs you will need to graze and take care of other supports in advance, as the branches may break under the weight of the crop.But the most important nuances are:

  • regular watering. It should be as the soil dries. The ground should always be slightly damp, but not damp;
  • necessarily loosening and removing weeds;
  • on one square meter should not be planted more than 3 bushes;
  • and most importantly, you must constantly feed. For this variety, the main potash phosphate fertilizers. They are made every 10-14 days. The first feed after transfer to the open ground should be no earlier than in 1.5-2 weeks so that the seedlings can take root;
  • when the flowers start to form, leave no more than 4-5 on the brush. So, the fruits will be larger and fleshy.

That's all the rules. They are easy to follow. The results of planting varieties "Grandee" will pleasantly surprise you.

Video review of the fruits of the tomato variety "Grandee"

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