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Magnificent hybrid of tomatoes "Openwork F1"

Tomato openwork characteristic and description

If we talk about the planting dates, it is important to observe the numbers of the lunar calendar, if we talk about agricultural practices, then every crop needs watering, fertilizing, weed and pest control. But there is one more important nuance in the way of obtaining a high result - this is a variety of culture. To make it easier for you, we introduce you to different vegetables, types of fruits, and so on. And today the Azhur tomato, its characteristic and variety description is on the agenda.

general description

sort_ajur-300x277This is a hybrid variety, and they, as you know, are famous for their multiple positive characteristics. Many gardeners loved this variety and made it a permanent inhabitant of the beds. "Openwork" has a beautiful name, which is given to him for a reason. The tomato has a tall, but limited in growth of shoots on the sides a stem, which is decorated with beautiful, small-cut leaves. They are, indeed, like fishnet.

The tomato has an attractive decorative appearance, serves as an ornament of a site, but at the same time it is far from its main advantages. After all, the variety has delicious, fragrant fruits, which are also large. It can be used for cooking any dishes. The tomato does not lose its taste after heat treatment, its purpose is table and universal.

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Grow a tomato "Openwork" and in greenhouses, and on the street. The reviews are excellent, photos of those who planted, show us the delicious fruits that cause the desire in the new season to plant this variety in their summer cottage.

Tomato was originally created by breeders for growing in greenhouses in regions with a harsh climate. As a result, the variety has turned out to be stable, it can be grown indoors in all regions of our country, while in the open ground it shows itself best in the southern territories.

Video review of tomato seed "Openwork"

Varietal characteristics

  • Like many hybrid varieties, Openwork is highly resistant to various common tomato diseases.
  • In growing unpretentious.
  • The skin of the fruit is dense, which gives a plus grade, as it does not crack. This quality gives an advantage over many tomatoes that form large fruits. After all, the larger the tomato, the more likely it will crack.
  • The bush grows compactly, many grow it without tying. But still heavy fruit, and the height can lead to unpredictable consequences, and the stems will break. And then, as the bush lies on the ground, it will not look as aesthetically pleasing as the beds with tied tall stems.
  • The flesh of the fruit is fleshy, the taste of the tomatoes is sweet, tasty, they have a great aroma. The fruits and flesh are scarlet. The shape of the fruit is slightly oblate.
  • Tomato "Openwork", which yields more than 7 kg, can give a richer result with proper care.
  • Pasynkov forms little, for which it is valued among gardeners.
  • Maturing dates are medium early. The first harvest can be obtained in about 100 days.
  • Refers to standard grades. The height of the bush varies from 50 to 90 cm.
  • Easily tolerates various weather problems, including sudden changes in temperature.
  • The average fruit weight is about 300 grams, but, according to reviews, tomatoes can weigh 400-500 grams.
  • It tolerates drought, heat.
  • One brush forms up to 5-6 fruits.

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As we have already said, the “Openwork” tomato can show a very high yield, but this requires the correct methods of farming techniques. Namely - it is frequent watering and continuous fertilization. But once again we repeat that the variety is heat resistant, it can do without water, and still the harvest will be friendly and good. But if you work for a high result, then watering and fertilizers will make their own. It is also important to loosen and make sure that the saplings are not bothered by pests, but these are peculiarities of cultivation.

Features of growing

tomato openwork outdoor cultivationTo grow a crop of tomatoes "Openwork" in your area should be warm. It is still necessary to use the seedling method. Seeds are sown in mid-March according to the lunar calendar. Whichever variety is sustainable, it is still better to pickle seed material in potassium permanganate, because it cannot be said for sure that the company that manufactured the seeds observed all the rules and regulations.

After which the seeds are washed under warm water, placed in a nutrient solution. To do this, you can take the drug "Zircon".

By this time, you need to prepare the soil - to take the soil from the garden, add to it a part of humus, part of the sand, part of the ash. It will be both a nutritious soil, and many parasites do not like ashes. You can use another version of the soil - it is peat and garden soil in equal proportions. Seeds are buried 1 cm into the soil, after which they are moistened, covered with foil and put on the window sill.

Experienced gardeners recommend additional seed to warm up at a temperature of up to 40 degrees for 5-7 days. And after that, put the seeds in a stimulant.

After 5-7 days, the first shoots will appear. At this point, be sure to remove the film and put the seedlings on the window. Now watering is important as the soil dries out. When 3-4 true leaves appear, the seedlings swoop in separate pots. The soil is taken new, it is possible to make a liquid fertilizer for tomatoes by respecting the soil from the spray. After that, already planted seedlings. Carrying tomatoes picks easily. Before transfer to the open ground, the seedlings are quenched in two weeks.

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Care for tomato "Azhur"

Seedlings are planted on the street when the temperature of the soil has risen to 15-17 degrees. Before replanting seedlings, it is recommended to spray them with chlorinated copper. The soil for tomatoes needs to be prepared in advance - to dig, level, introduce dressing. In advance, you need to think about the garter. A tomato will feel good if it is tied to vertical supports.

Landing in open ground is carried out when it is cool outside or in the evening. Planted seedlings can be in a row at a distance of 60-80 cm from each other. Also do not forget about the distance between the rows for good care, ease of harvesting.

Tomatoes "Openwork" unpretentious, stepchildren give little, watering require little. After the ground you need to loosen. For the season will need 4-5 times to feed the bushes. With regards to pests, then most often the variety is harmed by a mite, which can be controlled with the help of a soap solution. They cover casting. They can also be bothered by slugs, they are driven away with ashes and red pepper, which are sprinkled near the bush.

That's all the difficulties, you see, there are practically none. Therefore, we recommend that you plant an openwork tomato. And beautiful, and fruitful.

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