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Description of the tomato tree "Sprut"

Today we have another tomato on the agenda, but to say that the variety is unusual is to say nothing. Have you ever heard of the Sprut tomato tree in the open field or in the greenhouse? Sounds impressive, agree. And externally, this variety is fully consistent with the name. This is a very interesting tomato, with its pluses and minuses, and we will talk about all this in this article.

general description

Just tell about the tomato "Sprut", read reviews - this one. Seeing a photo of someone who planted is completely different. If it is the right way to grow this tomato, then it really looks like a tree, its impressive crown is spread over many meters, and such a variety can grow for two years. In this connection, it needs certain conditions in the form of a heated greenhouse in all seasons, since the minimum temperature in the summer should not be less than 23-25 ​​degrees, in the winter and autumn about 19 degrees. Then you can grow really real tomato tree.

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Of course, such a variety with good agricultural practices will give you excellent returns. According to reviews, the harvest can reach up to one and a half tons of delicious fruits, which themselves still have many advantages. There are two varieties of this variety, the second is the tomato “Sprut Cream f1”, we will tell about cultivation in the open ground of both varieties a bit later, its fruits are smaller, like the variety of tomatoes “Cherry”. Simple “Sprut” is also a tomato tree, but its fruits are heavy, large, fleshy. In general, both varieties are excellent - and fruitful, and stored for a long time, and, most importantly, very unusual.

It is also worth noting that the tomato tree has a long period of fruiting, but the harvest can be collected individually, and you can immediately pick off the whole brush, like grapes. Tomatoes are very long stored. Some gardeners claim that they freely preserved the fruits of the Sprut before the New Year. In general, the variety is unpretentious, and the tomatoes form even, equal in size both at the bottom of the bush and at its top.

Tomato "Sprut". Characteristics and description of the variety

  • Hybrid view, which has an increased resistance to various weather adversities, attacks by diseases, pests.
  • It refers to varieties with medium early ripening.
  • Bushes powerful sprawling. Require support.
  • It has a developed root system.
  • Fruits are formed on the hands of 8-12 pieces, this is if the grade "Cream". 6-7 tomatoes, if we are talking about a simple "Sprut".
  • One square meter can produce more than 10 kg of tomatoes, in general, the tomato tree can occupy up to 50 meters square.
  • Crop begin to collect from the second decade of June until the end of autumn.
  • The trunk of the tomato tree gradually begins to harden.
  • Requires a very powerful frame in the greenhouse and enough space, light and heat.
  • In general, unpretentious, do not require special conditions in terms of nutritional value of the soil, its acidity. It grows well on simple humus, responds well to all dressings.
  • The leaves on the tomato tree are dark green, but small.
  • Refers to indeterminantnyh species, has no point of final growth.
  • Tomatoes of the variety "Cream" have a mass of 30-40 grams, a simple "Octopus" grows to 250-300 grams.
  • Fruits ripen on the 100-110 day.

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  • Both varieties have a red hue of the skin, but the “Cream” variety is a little tougher. Also, its fruit has a characteristic oval rather than round shape, like plums.
  • If the fruits are grown in open ground, the bushes can reach 2.5 meters, they need support. But the bushes will not be so powerful, respectively, the fruits also will not be so much as on a tomato tree.
  • The variety is grown by the seedling method and in hydroponics.
  • Fruits do not crack. Due to this quality and long storage can be transported over long distances, which justifies the cultivation for sale.
  • The fruits have a very pleasant tomato flavor and aroma, juicy flesh, there is a slight sourness.
  • Suitable for cultivation in all regions of our country. It can be grown both in the greenhouse and on the street.
  • It has a universal table purpose - that is, suitable for canning, fresh food, for sauces, juices, pasta.
  • Have high resistance to diseases. But still, prevention is better to do.
  • Bushes do not need to pinch, otherwise the variety loses its yield. What can often be heard from disgruntled summer residents, because they grew it like all tall varieties form. No "Spurt" should grow a large, dense bush.

Here we have such a rather big characteristic. Well, what a variety, such is its description. Probably, you now do not understand everything, about how to get a tomato tree "Sprut", if it is grown in the greenhouse and on the street. After all, it may take two years to form a tree, but even in the southern regions the temperature drops far below the minimum. All right

The fact is that “Sprut” in the form of a tree is grown by a few. This is a long time, we need a good, strong, and, most importantly, heated and lighted greenhouse. It is time consuming, financial, labor. Not everyone can afford. Therefore, most gardeners grow this variety by a simple method - in a cold greenhouse or on the street, where the bushes are simply attached to the supports. All as usual growing tall tomatoes. But it should be noted that in this case the bushes also remain very unpretentious and, most importantly, fruitful. One square meter can produce up to 10 kg of tasty fruits. So let's talk about how to grow tomatoes "Sprut".

For information!

It is believed that hydroponics for germinating seeds is better than simple seedlings for this variety. So, the fruits are more delicious, fragrant and juicy. But again, everyone chooses what is more accessible and easier for him to do.


If you decide to plant this variety in the open field, it does not matter if you chose a simple “Octopus” or “Cream”, then the agricultural technology is pretty simple. Everything is as usual. Landing at the end of February - early March. To prevent pre-sowing treatment. The soil can be used universal purchase, it is possible and simple humus.

Transfer to a permanent place is carried out at the end of May - in June, so that the seedlings are about 15-25 cm tall. Frequent watering and fertilizing is the key to a good harvest. As we have said, do not stepchild this variety, then the harvest will not decline. Fertilizers can be any - organic, mineral preparations. If you take the manure, it is diluted 1:10 and insist a week. You can water infusion on the weeds. Also, the variety responds well to superphosphate. Before transfer to the soil, seedlings can be sprayed with Bordeaux mixture for prevention. Also shed boiling water wells.

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Top dressing is made every ten days, as the plants are powerful, they require nourishment.

If you want to grow a tomato tree, then, as you understand, you need to have a warm greenhouse, powerful supports under the ceiling too. And patience. Crops start early - in January. Be sure to need additional lighting - fitolampy best suited.

You must process the seeds in a solution of manganese. They are sown on 1.5 cm into the soil, in the phase of 2-3 leaves dive. During the transfer to the open ground, the main root is pinched, so the root system and the shrub itself as a whole will develop better.The soil you take again purchased or humus. In this regard, unpretentious variety. Sunflower seeds in the soil, cover with film. The temperature of the house should be about 25 degrees. After 4-7 days, shoots will appear.

Now they need light, watering, loosening. The transfer to the greenhouse will be approximately at the beginning of May, when the seedlings will be from 15 cm, but not more than 30 cm high. Immediately after transplanting seedlings must be tied to a support. Many advise to make high beds in advance. Also, the tomato does not like neighbors in terms of vegetables. The beds are prepared in early spring. They pour a layer of good soil, a layer of compost. The soil must be shed from parasites with boiling water with copper sulfate in it. Land at the time of landing you will settle, this is normal.

With regards to the feed, it is necessary. You can fertilize every 10-14 days. This can be a solution in a bucket of water 40 grams of superphosphate, 10 grams of ammonium nitrate and the same amount of potassium chloride. You can add the following dressing in the form of a manure, as already described above. You can use a bag of yeast in a bucket of water as fertilizer.

To make the tomato tree form a crown covered with fruits, experienced gardeners recommend removing the first ovary. With good lighting, humidity, which should be due to watering as it dries, constant feeding, your tomato will grow quickly in a warm greenhouse. For the prevention of disease, you can use spraying copper sulfate, Bordeaux mixture. Soon his crown will envelop the supports, the brushes will form the fruits. In the second year, the trunk will be covered with a wood layer, and the crown will grow many meters apart. So, you get a sprout f1 tomato tree.

We told you about a very good and unusual tomato. Now decide for yourself how you will grow it - in a greenhouse or on the street.

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