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Tomato "Pertsevidny". Characteristics and description of the variety

tomato pepper characteristics and description of the variety

The variety of tomatoes "Pertsevidny" inspires summer residents for reviews, and already from the photo you can understand why. An unusual form for tomatoes, you see, it seems that we are looking at the bushes with bell peppers, well, that's why the breeders have chosen the appropriate name. Very good variety, it is definitely worth your attention.

general description

This hybrid variety has many advantages, it is easy to grow it, knowing some nuances. "Pertsevidny" loves moisture, gives good yields, only the seeds you have to buy every year, as hybrids do not yield crops from the collected seeds. It is also worth noting that the seeds can cost more, but the result is worth it. Summer residents are very fond of this tomato for its unusual appearance, great taste and decorative features.

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Tomato "Pertsevidny". Characteristics and description of the variety

  • Tomato can be called tall, as its height reaches 1.5 meters.
  • Requires support, pasynkovanie.
  • Yield - one meter square planting can bring you up to 9-10 kg of unique tomatoes.
  • The grade has tomato fellows of yellow and orange color. The latter are very much appreciated and are considered a rather rare species.
  • Fruits ripen in the hands of 7-8 pieces. The length of the tomatoes is 15 cm.
  • Tomatoes have few seeds, fleshy flesh.
  • Tasty and fragrant variety. Suitable for preservation, decoration of dishes, for eating fresh.
  • A mass of tomatoes up to 80 grams, such compactness makes it possible to preserve as a whole.
  • Refers to varieties with medium early ripening - you will collect your unusual fruits about 110-115 days after sowing.
  • It is highly resistant to tomato diseases and insects.
  • Universal tomato - grows on the street and in greenhouse conditions.

A good tomato with a lot of advantages is not necessary to grow it. Some tips that we describe next, follow and you will get a great harvest.

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Agronomy of tomato "Pertsevidny"

Landing begin to produce in March, and use information from the lunar calendar to avoid negative situations. Tomato prefers non-acidic soil. Soil you can buy in the store, but you can make the soil according to this recipe - humus and sod land 1 part, half sand, a spoon of superphosphate, three tablespoons of ash and some wood sawdust. All mixed, poured into containers and can be planted.

Pre-sowing treatment is not needed, so immediately sow the crops to a depth of 1.5 cm at a distance of 2-3 cm from each other. The optimum temperature of the house is 25 degrees. Moisten crops with warm water, cover with foil. Transfer to the greenhouse will be in early May, to the street - in June. Will need to harden seedlings.

The soil at the site is prepared in advance, the variety is not planted after the potato, grows well in the place where the compost was, or they are fed. Land can be prepared on the same principle as for seedlings. Check that the soil is not acidic. On one meter, do not plant more than 4 bushes, immediately prepare supports. The first fertilizer is applied to the well before planting - this is superphosphate. Feed up a second time in 20 days, you can use manure now, then, when the variety starts to set fruit, make a third feed - it can be a complex preparation.



When the tomatoes bloom, they can be shed ashes as a feed.If seedlings develop poorly, they are given fertilizers with nitrogen, and if only greens grow, but no fruits, then phosphoric sub-feeds should be in priority.


Paceniks need to be cut off regularly so that they do not grow more than 5 cm, so the wound will quickly heal. Carry out the procedure in the morning or in the evening on a warm day. Water used for irrigation is warm, watered often, but give the soil to dry out. It is better to cut off the lower leaves in order to have a good yield, such as “Pepper” tomatoes, as in the photo.



Some summer residents make trenches near the beds and water is poured in there, so tomatoes get the optimum moisture.


Everything is simple and accessible to every summer resident, even a beginner. A little time and effort, and you have on the table your own delicious and beautiful tomatoes.

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tomato pepper characteristics and description of the varietytomato pepper characteristics and description of the variety

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