The best hybrids of tomatoes with photos and descriptions 12.11.2017

Universal hybrid of tomatoes "Diva F1"

Today, so to speak, the theme of the agenda is a tomato “Diva F1”, reviews, photos who planted. This tomato is good, many gardeners respect it. But in order not to be unfounded, below we describe all the varietal characteristics.

general description

Our country is big, many of its lands lie in a cold climate, where it is risky to plant something. Therefore, the selection is aimed at bringing varieties that will be maximally adapted for all conditions of a large territory. Among them there is a cold-resistant "Diva". He is new, hybrid. Already had time to recommend a variety of tomatoes "Prima donna". The reviews are good, and besides, not many tomatoes can be grown in server-harsh regions.

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A short summer and coolness do not interfere with giving good harvests to crops, moreover, maturation occurs early. So, after 90 days you can taste the harvest.

2Characteristics of tomatoes

  • The variety is universal - it can grow in greenhouses, under the film, in open ground (Hybrid).
  • Tomato determinant. The height of the bush is 120-130 cm.
  • Fruits form on top of the first 4-5 branches. The brushes of “Prima Donna” are approximately 7-8 pieces each, which abundantly and evenly bear fruit.
  • The skin color is saturated red.
  • The shape of the fruit is round; there is a slight bulge at the bottom.
  • The pulp is dense, the flavor is excellent.
  • The taste of tomatoes is pleasant, there is a slight sourness.
  • Tomato weight - 150-200 grams.
  • The combination of fruits of sugar and organic acids is at an optimal level.
  • Productivity to 20 kg.
  • Tomatoes tolerate transportation well, so they are highly competitive in the market.

Grow this variety for you is not difficult. Planting tomatoes for seedlings will be realized in March. Seeds are pickled, deepened into the soil by 2 cm.

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 tomato diva reviews photo who plantedAfter that, cover with a film and put on the windowsill. Further, when shoots appeared, they dive. After that, watered, and before planting in open ground begin for 2-3 weeks to harden by lowering the temperature. Planted in the street in the depth of 30-35 cm, at a distance of 80 cm from each other. As they grow, stepchildren are removed, feeding is introduced 1-2 times.

This short article has given you all the knowledge you need. Everything is very simple, but the result of the landing is excellent.


Video review of the hybrid "Diva F1"

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