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Tomato "Pink Honey" characteristic and description of the variety

Well, we continue to acquaint you with such different varieties. And today we will tell about the characteristics of the tomato "Pink Honey". It cannot be said that this tomato tolerates attacks from diseases very well, so the summer resident will have to watch this, but his fruits will be compensated for by all the physical and time costs. They are tasty, the flesh is juicy, fragrant, because Pink Honey is among the favorites.

Characteristic and description of the variety

  • The variety is not hybrid, which has its advantages, because you can save on the purchase of seeds, as you can grow the harvest from seed obtained in one season in the next.
  • Maturing terms are equal from 100 to 110 days. This suggests that this species refers to tomatoes with medium ripening periods.
  • The versatility of the variety lies in the fact that it can be planted in greenhouses, in open ground, and under the film.
  • Fruits gives large, fleshy. The pulp is aromatic, pleasant texture.
  • Pink Honey tomatoes can be used for fresh food, for preparing summer salads, for preserving and for making juices.
  • This tomato shows good results when it is planted on the site after peas, carrots, onions and garlic, but solanaceous will not be the best predecessors for the "Pink Honey".
  • Tomatoes give stepchildren, because you have to remove them constantly. The highest yield yields a variety, if it is formed, leaving two stalks.
  • Refers to determinant species. Its height reaches a little less than two meters. Therefore, this tomato must be tied up to a vertical support in the form of a wire or rope, or to a trellis.
  • Fruits have a rounded shape, the surface is ribbed.
  • The leaves have a dark green color, medium size. One brush can form from three to seven fruits.
  • Tomatoes weigh from 160 to 210 grams.
  • The color of the skin of a ripe tomato is scarlet, saturated.
  • In agrotechnics complex techniques will not require a "pink honey" tomato. Buy seeds is not a problem in any store for summer residents, on the market, via the Internet.
  • Good quality in tomatoes of this type is that it is grown throughout the country, where the climate varies greatly from region to region.

Video review of tomatoes "Pink honey"

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Reading the reviews on the Internet about this variety of tomatoes, you can see the information is very scattered, the fact is that many gardeners confuse Pink Honey with another good grade of Elephant. Take a close look at the “Pink Honey” tomato variety in the photo to know what you should get in the end.


111Planting seeds carried out in March, if you grow this variety in the greenhouse, then the sowing date can be transferred to the end of February. As containers, you can use long containers or available tools. But many summer residents with great love have been practicing sowing in peat tablets for the first year, after which this tablet is transferred to peat pots, which can be planted directly on the main places. You can put the seedlings in tablets and in any other container, as it is more convenient.

With regards to presowing treatment, it is always needed. Especially if you bought the seeds for the first time. You have to check for germination - soak seed in water - the one that surfaced is bad. Then pickle in potassium permanganate (the solution is made weak).Next, you can buy any drug for stimulation or use an effective method of bubbling (seeds put water, after which the compressor is lowered for oxygen from the aquarium).

Sowing is carried out in nutrient soil, which you can make from humus and earth. You can use and ready from the store.

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If you planted seedlings in pills, then it is not necessary to dive. Seedlings should be put on a sunny place, providing them with good watering as the soil dries.

Transfer to the open ground is carried out with the arrival in your region of heat. One square meter is better not to plant more than three bushes. Forget that the variety is tall, it needs support. We have already told you about the stepchildren and about the fact that it is better to leave two stalks for optimum yield. To actively grow and develop tomatoes, they will need to be fed. Very good variety responds to nitrogen-phosphate fertilizers.

Tomatoes generally assimilate different fertilizers. You can not think long, than to feed the culture, as the old and proven way - to use manure or droppings of chickens. The latter has a high concentration, because it must be diluted with one part to twenty parts of water. Also experienced gardeners advise to pour this dressing not at the root, but between rows.

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Watering should be in a permanent place abundant, but only as it dries. Excess moisture destroys this tomato. It is not necessary and apply spraying, the leaves do not like it.

This is the agrotechnical and characteristics of the Pink Honey tomato. A good variety, fruitful, and, most importantly, delicious.

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