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Tomato yield "Marina Grove F1": proper care of the plant

Practically everyone who is engaged in growing vegetables on his plot tends to a high yield of tasty fruits in order to provide himself fully or to make a profit by selling the harvested vegetables.

To all the requirements and desires of gardeners meets the tomato "Marina F1 Grove", reviews, photos, the yield of which indicates that the variety produces an abundant and high-quality crop.

Characteristic variety

  • F1 hybrid.
  • Indeterminant, the height of a powerful strong stem reaches from 150 cm to 170 cm.
  • Cluster type - up to 9 fruits and more in each brush.
  • Early ripening: from germination to fruit ripening 85–100 days.
  • For greenhouses (high greenhouses).
  • Productivity is high (more than 5 kg from a plant), up to 18 kg from a bush.
  • Fruits of medium size, even round shape, weighing from 130 to 150 g, can reach 200 g, bright red color.
  • Appointment - universal, it is best to use for conservation and preparations.
  • Resistance to major diseases.
  • Not afraid of temperature fluctuations.
  • Requires the formation of a bush.
  • Delivers transportation: fruits do not crumple.
  • To be stored.
  • Ties fruit in low light.
  • Planting density: 2.5 bush per 1 square. m

Advantages and disadvantages

Let's see if the “Marina Grove” tomato is good. The characteristic and description of the variety are presented above, and which of these is a plus, and what is a minus?

  1. The tomato belongs to the hybrid F1 (first generation). What does it mean? All plants and fruits are the same as for selection: a better result compared to simple varieties; disease resistance; you can not collect your seeds.
  2. Indeterminate plant - without limiting growth.
  3. To avoid losses in the crop, be sure to pinch the top in early August, or when 8 inflorescences form, so that all the power goes to them, and the fruits are larger. Timely tear off the stepsons to form a single trunk plant.
  4. The variety of carpal tomato differs from other varieties of the brush: here it looks like a bunch and gives a uniform ripening of a large number of fruits.
  5. Early ripening: has time to give the crop before the onset of unstable weather, which will protect the tomato from such a disease as late blight and provide an opportunity to ripen the crop on the bush, and this improves the taste.
  6. For the greenhouse - it is in a high greenhouse that the variety Marina Grove will feel best, showing its positive aspects. In the southern regions can be grown in open ground.
  7. High yield - in order to achieve it, you must follow all agrotechnical rules: care, watering, feeding and protection, then collect high-quality fruits (from 1 square meter to 18 kg and more) of a sweet-sour taste.
  8. Resistant to diseases: TMV, Fusarium.
  9. The fruits of tomato perfectly preserved, transported due to its elasticity and density.
  10. Not afraid of changeable weather and low light.
  11. It is required to form a bush: in tall plants it is necessary to pick off all stepchildren.

Pasynki not to break off under the root, and leave a stump of 1.5 cm. This prevents the growth of a new shoot.

Having examined all the pros and cons, it is safe to say that the tomatoes "Maryina Rosha" do not have flaws.

And the fact that with a stretch indicate as a minus the formation and pruning, is the norm for any tall variety.

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Features of growing varieties

Tomato "Maryina Grove F1" - a hybrid, as mentioned above, is designed for greenhouses. On this depend the techniques by which we will receive a rich harvest.

Growing seedlings

In hybrids, all the seeds, usually high-quality and already processed, but before sowing will not prevent them from soaking in a solution of potassium permanganate, sowing in light soil to a depth of 1 cm, in a warm place to wait for germination: as soon as they appear, rearrange the capacity in a light and cooler place . Sowing at the end of March, as the variety is precocious.

When two leaves appear, seedlings swoop down, mercilessly throwing out weaker seedlings. Do not be greedy! Sow 30% more to select the best seedlings.


Feed fertilizer mineral fertilizers throughout the growth of 1 time per week. Light day should be from 6 am to 10 pm. If possible, make additional lighting.

When planting in the ground at the seedlings should not be flowers! Then the stress of the plants will be minimal. If flowers appear, it is better to remove them when transplanting into the greenhouse.

Open field maintenance

Planting seedlings optimally in the 20th of May, when the earth warms to 17 degrees.

Before planting in the ground should be hardening tomatoes in the open air.

Do not rush to plant tomatoes as early as possible. As a rule, the seedlings planted in the cold land lag behind in development, and you will eventually lose part of the crop.

Plant should be staggered at a distance of no closer than 70 cm between the bushes in the prepared, fertilized soil. The greenhouse should be treated for a week with sulfur from diseases and pests.

Prepare the wells thoroughly: add two tablespoons of one liter of ash, compost and superphosphate to them.

Spill at least 5 liters of warm water under the root and mix.

Mulch must be used: with the help of it it is easier for both you and the earth:

  • Loosening after watering is not required.
  • No active evaporation.
  • Reduced humidity in the greenhouse.
  • There is a regulation of soil temperature at the roots.

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Each seedling is formed in one stalk, tearing off the stepsons. The bush must be tied up. When the fruits appear and will be poured, each brush should be tied up so that they will not break off under the weight.

Remember to remove all the leaves before the first flower brush.

Top dressing and watering

Tomato - this is not the culture that needs to be watered every day. Well spilled bush grows a week before the next watering. Such a regime will not allow diseases in the greenhouse to develop from high humidity.

Watering exercise after dinner, but not in the evening, in time to air the greenhouse. The mistake of gardeners is that they water in the evening and close the room for the night.

Top dressing is carried out continuously throughout the growth of the growing season every 10–12 days with solutions of complex fertilizers intended for nutrition, protection from diseases and pests.

Root top dressing should be alternated with spraying.

As you can see, for tomatoes “Marina Grove” F1 agricultural technology is simple, it does not differ from the classical methods.

Observing tips and simple recommendations, you will collect a decent crop of brightly ripening bright tomatoes, strong, jadroi, from which you will get tasty preparations: pickled, salted, assorted, sauces and lecho.

In a brief review, we presented you a tomato "Marina Grove": description of the variety, photos and reviews. Now you can be sure that a whole grove of tomatoes will grow in your greenhouse, which will please you.

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Good luck and great harvests!

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