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Tomato "Yamal": Characteristics and description of the variety

And let's talk today about such a variety as “Yamal”. It is well bought already experienced argon for many years. He is praised, and he will not require much time from you to care, because the variety does not need to stepchild, make supports for it and tie it up. And it often takes so much time and effort.

Characteristics and description of the variety

  • The tomato of this grade is intended for cultivation in an open ground.
  • Summer residents adore a grade for its unpretentiousness, good resistance to weather differences. And this in recent years has become a feature of climate around the world.
  • The great advantage of the variety is its yield. With one square meter of your site you can collect 18 kg of tasty and fragrant tomatoes.
  • Shrubs are compact, they do not need such agricultural techniques as a garter, nip, formation. Their height does not reach more than 40 cm. Therefore, the answer to the question of whether the Yamal variety tomatoes need to be seedbed - no.
  • Tomatoes are formed early - already 85-90 days after sowing.
  • The variety is resistant not only to bad weather, but also to the attacks of diseases.
  • The taste and aroma of tomatoes are excellent.
  • The harvest is used universally - it can be used to prepare winter preservation, it can be used for fresh salads, juices, etc.
  • The bush measures small, but the fruits form quite big ones. They can reach up to 190 grams. But the bulk is usually 100 grams.
  • The charm of the variety is also the possibility of growing it at home. On the balcony, such a tomato looks very aesthetic, and the crop at home is not reduced.

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Agrotechnology tomato "Yamal"

Sowing seeds carried out in early March, acting according to the lunar calendar. Before planting, experienced gardeners recommend warming up the seed on the battery. After that, it is pickled in potassium permanganate, and then washed and sown to a depth of 1 cm. Next, the soil is moistened, the containers are transferred to the window sill, previously covered with a film.

After the appearance of seedlings, the film is removed, they are moistened at first from the sprayer. When the third true leaf appears, the seedlings are transferred to a separate container. For soil, you can use the usual commercial mix. Or you keep simple earth, it is diluted with sand for better air permeability, here you can add mineral fertilizer. You can just pour humus. This variety sprouts perfectly on different soils.

Before the seedlings are transported to open ground, it should be hardened with the help of a decrease in temperature. Further, seedlings are carried out on the balcony or open a window. The temperature during the day should be kept no higher than 18 degrees, at night no higher than 12 degrees. So come to the very moment of transfer of seedlings to open ground. Transfer seedlings to the street in May. Another advantage of the variety is its quick adaptation, the ability to survive even at low temperatures. Next, the culture needs to be watered, fed, weeded. Formation of tomato "Yamal" is not performed. Seedlings do not usually outgrow, but if your seedlings stretch a little, plant it, tilting it sideways. So the plant will give lateral roots, and the yield will be good. In the hole you can pour humus. Watering is better at the moment with warm water.

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If we talk about predecessors, the variety likes to grow on the land where carrots, cucumbers, and melons were previously grown.Also, tomatoes will more actively form the fruits on the sunny side of the plot, where they are watered as the ground dries and most often at the time of the formation of the fruits.

It is also worth noting that this cultivar is often recommended by experienced agronomists to those who do not yet have practice in cultivating horticultural crops. That once again underlines the unpretentious temper and high efficiency of the variety of tomatoes "Yamal".

The variety "Yamal" is an excellent option for all regions of our country. In the southern latitudes, it can be planted directly into the soil with seeds. It is worth looking at him.

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