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Tomato "Gina". Variety description

Tomatoes have many different varieties that can satisfy the needs of absolutely any summer residents. They are developed by breeders from year to year. Now there are varieties that are very popular since the Soviet times, there are those that were recently bred. Among these, recently created, there is a tomato "Gina". What kind of tomatoes are you today and tell.

general description

The first thing I would like to say is where the variety of tomato Gina was bred. And here you can proudly reply that these tomatoes of our breeders discovery. The variety was created not so long ago, but the inhabitants of our country truly appreciated it and have already begun to grow in many CIS countries.

Summer residents and breeders call “Ginu” one of the first and best among all the currently known tomatoes. Someone appreciates it for good, high-quality fruit, someone for the fact that the tomato bush is not very branched, not pulled up, which saves space and effort, because you do not need to make a trellis or pull the rope.

The variety “Gina” has a “colleague” called “Gina TST”. This species was created in the agricultural company "Search". This variety is a hybrid with the best qualities, it is called the author.

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Characteristics and description of the variety "Gina"

  • The height of the tomato bush “Gina” reaches 60 cm. It rarely happens that the bush grows to 80 cm.
  • Bushes have an average number of branches. They are not tied up and do not form.
  • Tomatoes variety gives scarlet red color, on the surface there are slightly distinguishable edges. The skin of the tomato is dense.
  • It is also worth noting that the fruits are very juicy, fleshy, nutritious.
  • Tomato weight 230-250 grams. But if the year was warm, moderately rainy and tomatoes were well cared for, then the weight of the fruit may be more than 350 grams.
  • Variety refers to high-yielding varieties of tomatoes. On average, more than 10 kg of tomatoes are produced per square meter.
  • Terms of ripening varieties average. The growing season from the time of planting to the collection of the first crops ranges from 110-120 days.
  • Tomato "Gina" has a very pleasant taste and delicious aroma. It can be used to make fresh salads, juices, winter twists. Also often used for making sauces, ketchups, tomato pastes.
  • The tomato is distinguished by a good resistance to cracking.
  • The variety “Gina” is distinguished by good “health”, as it easily withstands late blight, wilt, verticillosis.
  • The variety was bred for the central zone of Russia, where it shows very good results. But in other regions, the yield is also high.
  • Tomato determinant. Its cultivation features will be described in the next subtitle.
  • Designed for cultivation in the open field.

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How to grow tomato "Gina"?

How to grow tomato Grow tomatoes with seedlings and without seedlings. But the latter will bring proper results only in the southern regions, where the seeds of Gina tomato can be sown directly in open ground. In all other places need seedlings. It can be grown in greenhouses, in film greenhouses, on a windowsill, and then transferred to open ground.

In order to grow Gina tomato seedlings, seeds are sown in the third decade of March. They are sown in a common container to a depth of 1 cm. Then covered with foil and put on the windowsill.The usual cultivation process is the same as in most crops. There are no difficulties.

When the seedlings have come up and 2 true leaves appear, they are planted in separate peat pots, filling them with the nutritious mixture for growing seedlings of vegetable crops. It is easy to buy in any store.

To disinfect the soil, as often it can lurk pests and diseases, it is shed with boiling water along with potassium permanganate. Then dried, and after produce crops.

Tomato In early May, seedlings can be transferred to the greenhouse. At the end of the month or at the beginning of June, when the weather has settled, the seedlings are transferred to the open ground. Seedlings can be planted fairly compactly, as the bushes do not grow and do not branch much.

During planting it is possible to add humus or complex fertilizer to the wells. Also, it will need to be made as the seedlings develop, about 3-4 times during the growing season.

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After the seedlings are planted in open ground, she needs simple and standard care:

  • watering as the soil dries;
  • after each watering, loosening for access to the soil of oxygen and exclusion of stagnation of water, where diseases and pests can develop;
  • it is not necessary to form and trim a bush;
  • no garter required;
  • fertilization 3-4 times per season. Tomatoes always respond very well to applying feedings. They love organic fertilizers such as mullein, humus, diluted chicken droppings, and mineral complex fertilizers.
  • Fighting the Colorado potato beetle if available. It can be done by manually collecting the beetle daily, followed by its destruction. The output is not very pleasant, but environmentally friendly, as it does not have to process tomatoes with chemical preparations. But if this option is not for you, then insecticides to help you.

This is all the information you might need about the “Gina” tomato. Description of the variety and the method of its cultivation let you understand all the details. There are not so many of them in principle, and all of them are easily accomplished.

Tomato is considered one of the best. And if you have not purchased tomato seedlings this season, we advise you to think about this form.

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