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New varieties of tomatoes of the Siberian selection for 2018

New varieties of tomatoes for 2018 Siberian breeding: an overview of the most fruitful and worthy can be considered, however, unfortunately, not all varieties have already become easily accessible for vegetable growers. Having passed the varietal tests at the selection stations of the country, and having entered the register of the varietal achievements of the Russian Federation, we will consider only such, many of them are not yet available for purchase. It will take quite a bit of time, and they will appear not only in large packages, but also in mini, for amateurs, and gardeners will be able to fully appreciate them.

The advantages of Siberian breeding

While testing a variety, specialists with predilection look at each indicator, and if they recommend it for cultivation in the zone of risky agriculture, then the variety is worth it.

The varieties and hybrids discussed below meet the following requirements:

  • hardy to weather conditions;
  • resistant to diseases;
  • have excellent yield.

Siberia is not the most optimal region for growing a heat-loving crop, but selection of new products allow you to enjoy the fruits of a beautiful vegetable. Using the new selection of vegetable growers from year to year increase the yield of fruit per unit of land area.

Varieties for open ground

"Alexander the Great F1"

Agrofirma "Sedek" in 2017 patented a hybrid of tomato under the registry number 8456999.

With a large growth force and dark green foliage, the plant gives fruits weighing about 250 g, red, flat-round, smooth and dense.

The most striking is the amazing taste and aroma of this salad hybrid, which will not leave anyone indifferent.

No less surprising is the yield, which shows a commodity shaft within 15 kg per square meter.

Hybrid advantages

  • excellent taste;
  • good yield.

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"Alejandro F1"

This tomato is already available for growers, and those who have already managed to grow it, come to the complete delight of the novelty.

In the registry, the hybrid has been listed as number 8756479 since 2013. Originator varieties is the company LLC "Euro-seeds", Moscow.

It would seem an unremarkable indeterminant, salad hybrid. But looking at the ideal heart-shaped, red fruits with an immaculately smooth skin, in which, because of the brilliance, you can see your reflection, you understand that such fruits will be a huge success in the market.

In addition to the beauty of the fruit hybrid has the advantage that it will give the very first, ripe fruit in your garden. Good tomatoes and taste. The “body” of a tomato is dense, even and beautiful in cutting. Having prepared the salad, the hostess will be satisfied with even, equal slices, which keep their shape for a long time and do not turn the dish into a mash.

Tomatoes are quite weighty and have a mass in the range of 160-180 g.

Pluses of a hybrid:

  • very early ripening;
  • immaculate appearance of ripe fruit;
  • fine density and worthiness of cutting;
  • productive shaft in the range of 20 kg / sq.m.

"Agronaut F1"

This tomato is already being discussed by amateur vegetable growers. A breeder from God Myazin LA presented a hybrid, which with dignity passed the tests and in 2015 was entered in the registry under number 8654271.

Salad, early, determinant, with round fruits with a slight ribbing, even seemingly different from all the others - it is doused with fruits.

Tomatoes are average in density. While it ripens, it has a green spot at the stem. Then it gradually disappears and the fruit becomes even red.

The greatest advantage of "Agronavt" is its unsurpassed taste. The balance of the organic components makes it desirable, and the aromatic substances in the tomato are so subtly combined that you want to breathe them all the time.

The weight of the ripened fruit is about 180 g. The breeder recommends growing the crop in two or three shoots with an indispensable stading. Tie shoots are also necessary to avoid cliffs under the weight of the crop.


  • early;
  • super tasty;
  • with high yield (15 kg / m2)

Ashkelon F1

Seeds are already available, but very expensive. If the price does not stop the vegetable grower, he will be the owner of an exotic, brown and very productive hybrid.

“Ashkelon” brought out breeders of LLC “Semko-Junior”, and in 2017 the hybrid was entered into the register of the Russian Federation under the number 8457336.

Early tomato, intended for fresh consumption, and there is hardly anyone who wants to put a beautiful brown tomato in a jar.

The hybrid of early term of maturing, tall, demanding a timely garter and constant staking.

Ashkelon fruits are smooth and rounded, moderately dense. During the ripening period - green, ripened - brown, weighing up to 250 g with excellent taste.

In addition to other advantages, this hybrid has a very good yield and its commercial shaft within 21 kg per sq. M.

What are the advantages:

  • early;
  • exotic brown;
  • super fruitful.

Ashraf F1

This tomato is also from the series of exotic plants, but in addition it is considered in the series "high-yielding varieties of tomatoes."

It was entered into the register in 2017 under the number 8457329 thanks to breeders from Semko-Junior.

For lovers of exotic, brown fruits, and even in large quantities from one bush is a godsend.

Early harvest makes the hybrid even more attractive, especially for those vegetable growers who quickly seek to sell products on the market, since this hybrid has a very high marketability.

Fruits are flat-round, smooth, leveled, for 4-6 nests and weighing up to 160 g. Tomatoes have a pleasant, very unusual taste, which captures its aftertaste in captivity.

Productivity per square meter within 19 kg.

Undeniable merits:

  • marketable condition;
  • high yield;
  • brown color of fruits;
  • interesting taste.


If you were looking for the best of the best, then this hybrid is the one. He rightly takes a place in the category "Premium Seeds".

Premium Seeds LLC, Moscow, brought a hybrid tomato to the market in 2015, and it was registered under number 8556945.

The height of the vegetative form can easily reach 200 cm. The tomato needs constant tying. And how else, if the fruits freely reach the weight of 500 g. Do not shrink, leveled, salad, red, flat-rounded and very ribbed.

In terms of ripening average. Tastes are rated as “excellent” and this is a very fair assessment.

Vintage hybrid shows in the range of 16-17 kg per square garden area.

What will surprise:

  • interesting form;
  • huge fruits;
  • excellent yield;
  • awesome taste.


D. Gladkov brought a hybrid, which in 2015 entered the register with dignity under the number 8559081.

Very early harvest at normal sowing time you do not get a hybrid of average terms. Salad, determinant, with huge, up to 250 g, round, smooth fruits.

The color of ripe tomato is pink. And the taste is great.

The breeder tried his best and his Werner showed yields up to 15 kg / sq. m


  • product evenness;
  • large fruits;
  • excellent tasting qualities;
  • good yields.

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"Soul of Siberia F1"

Premium Seeds LLC has done everything so that the hybrid will receive the number 8354775 in the register of selection achievements of the Russian Federation. It happened in 2017.

The name "Soul of Siberia" could not have been given to some ordinary tomato. And the name is fully consistent with the hybrid.

Sowing seeds that are already quite available for purchase in different parts of the country, vegetable growers will soon be able to enjoy the fruits of tall, lettuce tomato.

Heart-shaped, smooth, with slightly perceptible ribbing, neat, identical in weight and shape, these tomatoes are admired even by experienced vegetable growers. When ripe, the tomato is whitish, but in full biological ripeness it has a rich pink color.

The tomato successfully gains weight within 300-320 g.

It also delights the taste of this Siberian soul. It is pleasant, gentle, rich and balanced. The evaluation during the tasting of the hybrid was deservedly “excellent”.

High yield, in the range of 18-20 kg also makes this hybrid the first in the list of desired.

What are the merits:

  • taste;
  • weight;
  • yield;
  • unpretentiousness.

Greenhouse varieties

The Siberian region is not the most attractive for the heat-loving culture of open ground, so those who have closed vegetable-growing facilities should consider the best varieties of tomatoes for greenhouses.


So that vegetable growers could take advantage of the selection novelty of the Research Institute for Protected Vegetable Growing Vegetables LLC and the breeding company Gavrish developed a hybrid that showed itself with dignity in a small-volume culture and in glazed greenhouses.

Early, high growth force, for salad consumption with brushes of 4-5 fruits. Tomatoes are flat-round, with an average weight in the range of 130-140 g, as per selection.

Particularly surprising is the yield, which is higher than the standard by 10 kg per meter and is almost 40 kg per square meter. The high commodity yield has an indicator of 99%, and the rating of tasters is 4.7-5.0 points.

The registration commission noted the unique resistance of tomato to verticillosis, tobacco mosaic virus, cladosporosis, and fusarium.

The virtues are staggering:

  • super yield;
  • super output;
  • super resilience.


This tomato is not inferior to the “Foxtrot”. Brought him the same breeders, and at number 8854267 tomato in 2014 takes its place in the greenhouses of the Siberian region.

Height up to 200 cm and higher, early maturation, brush short for 4-6 fruits with the possibility of self-regulation.

Tomato hard, flat-round, classically red, weighing in the range of 150-160 g with excellent taste.

Productivity is also high from 36 to 40 kg per square meter of greenhouse.

Resistant to a hybrid and the main diseases of tomatoes.

Like the Foxtrot, the abilities are staggering:

  • super yield;
  • super output;
  • super resilience.


The hybrid is not a novelty. He was brought to life by the same breeders that brought "Foxtrot" and "Ordynka." And the commission gave him life with registration number 9155039 in 2010.

After full germination, the first fruits can be removed for 110 days.

The plant reaches the full height of the greenhouse and its shoots carry large green leaves.

Fruits with weak ribs, red color and flat-round shape. Tomato weight from 115 g to 150 g with excellent taste.

The hybrid affects vegetable growers with its extreme resistance to contagious diseases and the total yield of 45 kg per square meter of greenhouse, which is higher than standard varieties.

The value of the hybrid is:

  • unsurpassed productivity;
  • excellent tasting rates;
  • high disease resistance.

Considering the new varieties of tomatoes of the Siberian breeding for 2018, it is impossible not to mention those that have already proved themselves from the best side and are currently favorites for greenhouses. One of these is discussed below.

Diplomat F1

Breeding and seed agrofirm "Ilinichna" in 2007 allowed the hybrid to enter the register under the number 9553337.Since then, the tomato remains the most sought-after hybrid for greenhouse cultivation.

The plant grows much higher than 200 cm. The ripening of tomatoes begins 110-115 days after friendly shoots.

Tomatoes have a smooth skin and a round shape. The excellent taste of lettuce tomatoes, together with the elasticity of its “body”, make it possible to prepare high-quality salad cuts. After giving tomatoes a heat treatment, they easily shed their skin, showing the velvety of their "inner world". For this property, the fruits remain popular chefs gourmet.

The fruits are saturated, even, bright scarlet in color, and weighing in the range of 120-130 g. All fruits on the hand are the same, equalized, with 100% commodity yield, which is very rare even for a hybrid.

"Diplomat" is resistant to the main diseases of tomatoes in the greenhouse culture.

The hybrid is plastic, resistant to low light and has high yields. The shaft of marketable fruit is higher than standard and is 25.8-34.0 kg.

The advantages of a hybrid is expressed in:

  • high yields;
  • unmatched commodity output;
  • resistance to low light;
  • great taste;
  • not subject to diseases.

Whichever variety or hybrid is chosen by vegetable growers, only compliance with the agronomic conditions of the vegetable can allow the tomatoes to display all their properties.

By choosing the right time for sowing, picking up nutrient and balanced soils, as well as ensuring the shoots with optimal temperature conditions, you will successfully grow seedlings.

Having transplanted in time to the best place in the garden, and not letting the frosts “grab” the seedlings you will ensure the start. This can not stop. Regular watering, dressing, pasynkovaniya garters will help to get not only a lot of fruit, but also high quality.

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The price of seeds of modern hybrids is high, but the commodity output is worth it. After sowing and growing once, vegetable growers will forever remain admirers of highly productive hybrids, despite the fact that they have to be bought annually.

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