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Tomato "Chinese pink": will please with large fruits

Considering the Chinese Pink tomato variety description, reviews, photos, yields, how varied, it becomes clear that under the same name gardeners cultivate completely different varieties.

Characteristic and description

“Chinese pink” presented to gardeners two companies:

  • "Zedek";
  • Seeds of Altai, under the auspices of the Chinese Series.

Unfortunately, none of them gave a complete description of the variety, and the register of breeding achievements of the Russian Federation and neighboring countries does not contain such a variety.

Description of the vegetative form

Both firms equally describe the bush habit. The tomato easily grows up to a height of 180 cm and is not going to be trimmed, therefore the grower has to pinch his tips himself.

Those who grew the variety describe it tall with medium foliage. She doesn’t bear a special leaf, looks like a normal tomato leaf of medium size.

Characteristics of fruit formation

The company presented the variety as large-fruited. Tomatoes are flat-round, fleshy, moderately resilient.

But those who have already managed to purchase seeds and grow describe the shape of the fruit as a classic heart-shaped. The fact that this regrading is obvious, therefore, it is not necessary to count on full compliance.

The color of tomato is more correspondent - it is pink, as stated in the name of the variety. Fruits do not have a green spot on the stem and their color is uniform.

Packers promise that the Chinese Pink tomato variety has excellent taste, balance of acids and sugar content, as well as a pleasant pulp texture.

However, vegetable growers do not share their opinion with them and talk about mediocre taste and lack of flavor.

One more stumbling block was the size of the tomatoes. "Sedek" generously declares a weight of 500-700 grams. The company "Seeds of Altai" is not so generous and they say about weight in 300 g. However, gardeners who tried to grow "Chinese pink" claim that the fruits hardly reach 200 g.

In addition, disagreements and yields went. Firms do not call the commodity shaft in numbers, limited to the word "fruitful." Vegetable growers, not slyly, speak of very small quantities of fruits with uneven indicators.

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Grade assignment

“Zedek” prescribes the variety's assignment as a salad, but the “Seeds of Altai” state that the variety is universal.

Given that Chinese Pink tomatoes should be large-fruited, then the salad destination is for them. However, with surplus products you can always recycle to sauce, tomato juice, lecho or ketchup. Considering the color of the tomato, it becomes clear that the product will not have a marketable product in processing, since pale pink does not quite match the color of the tomato products. Therefore, you need to add red fruit to them.

Judging by the opinions of those who have already grown, this variety does not provide surplus, since the yield is not great.

Benefits variety and alternative

It is difficult to judge the merits and lack of regrading.

Reading the reviews, it becomes clear that the majority of vegetable growers have made a variety in the list “Those varieties that I will not plant”. There are some gardeners who still doubt and believe that the variety needs special conditions that they allegedly failed to create, which is why the “Chinese” did not show yields.

Experienced gardeners believe that the Chinese Pink variety is nothing more than the legal variety of the Search agricultural firm, Chinese Souvenir. It remains unclear only what to make of this re-grading.

"Chinese souvenir" has the same face:

  • early ripening;
  • grants large fruits;
  • beautiful pink color;
  • indeterminate;
  • suitable for fresh consumption;
  • resistant to fungal infection fusarium.

Cultivation features

All tall tomatoes are grown seedlings and the "Chinese" will not be an exception.

The earlier it is planned to plant a tomato in an open ground or greenhouse, the earlier it is necessary to sow the seeds.

However, the early crops will be pulled out without additional illumination by fitolamps. Consequently, it is necessary either to provide illumination or to choose the end of March for the sowing time.

Regions for cultivation

Sowing time naturally depends on the region. Since the packers did not bother to register this item, the crops should be guided by the following standards:

  1. The age of seedlings at the time of planting in the ground should be within 55-65 days. Consequently, if in your area frosts are impossible only after May 20, then it is necessary to sow seeds on March 10-15. If soaking seeds is practiced, then the time can be postponed to March 20-25;
  2. Seedlings should have 6-7 well-developed leaves. To achieve such results, it is necessary to select a universal, nutritious soil, or to carry out regular feeding in the seedling period;
  3. Seedlings must have time to form an excellent root system. For this, a picking is necessary, in the phase of 2 true sheets, without fail, into an individual container.

Resistance to pathogens

Since the companies selling the seeds did not indicate what the resistance of the variety was, and the reviews of the vegetable growers also did little on this, it is necessary to process them.

For preventive treatments, there are also rules:

  • the start of spraying should coincide with the formation of the first ovary;
  • it is impossible to use the same systemic drugs year after year, it causes addictive microflora, and they become ineffective;
  • it is necessary to alternate drugs throughout the season, selecting them from different groups on the basis of the current;
  • the multiplicity of treatments is selected depending on weather conditions, but at least 1 time in 20 days;
  • during the harvest period, a preparation is selected which has the shortest waiting time t for the moment of spraying until the moment of harvesting the fruit.

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Seedling growing rules

How fast the fruiting begins and the yield of tomato bushes will depend on the quality of the seedlings.

To get the best yield you need:

  • conduct timely seeding;
  • use only nutrient soils;
  • be sure to dive;
  • watering in a timely manner with soaking the whole earthen coma.

Transplantation in the garden

If the seedlings were grown in individual tanks, then it will not feel transplants in open ground or greenhouse, but the temperature regime matters.

Before planting, tomato bushes should be allowed to acclimatize, it will wear out. To do this, the seedlings are carried out to fresh air, first for 1-2 hours, and then they increase the time.

When selecting a landing site, consider:

  • place (sunny, without stagnation of water and protected from the winds);
  • predecessor (except for solanaceous);
  • soil type (breathable, light, nutritious);


The main rules of care for tomato bushes are:

  • timely watering;
  • hilling;
  • loosening;
  • top dressing;
  • tying shoots;
  • formation (pinching);

You can not get a rich crop of tomatoes on soils with low nutritional value. Moreover, it is difficult to grow large and tasty fruits if the land is poor in the necessary mineral elements. Therefore, only timely, regular top dressing, root and non-root, will be able to allow the variety to show the full potential of the breeders.

As soon as the seedlings enter the garden, nitrogen fertilizing is carried out, potassium is added to the solutions after 15-20 days, and phosphorus is added after 15-20 days, but nitrogen is already removed.

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The characteristic of the Chinese Pink tomato variety is given on the basis of descriptions of packers of two firms and opinions of vegetable growers and gardeners. In order not to be mistaken and not to miss, it is possible that the variety you like most should be sown and raised. Do not stop there. Breeders constantly submit to the market new items and they need to use.

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  1. Inga

    The variety has amazing taste qualities: sweet, fleshy, the most salads! It takes root well, the stem is strong, but it naturally needs a garter, the harvest from the bush is good.

  2. Helena

    This variety gives an excellent harvest - the fruits are large, tasty. Although they are not particularly suitable for processing, they are ideal for salads.


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