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Black Moor tomato: promising variety

Probably, it is difficult to find a gardener who does not want to grow some kind of "wonder". Lovers of tomatoes know that there are varieties with the fruits of the most bizarre shapes and colors. It is to such unusual varieties that the Black Moorish tomato belongs. Characteristics and description of the variety will carry away even the biggest skeptics. Tomato Black moor: reviews, his photo and yield speak for themselves. Who planted this amazing variety, do not hide their enthusiasm from the taste of the fruit and their unusual, almost black color.

Characteristics and description

Tomatoes Black moor is a mid-season variety, with fruits of a special color and taste. It grows equally well in protected and open ground. The first fruits ripen no earlier than 120-125 days after mass shoots.

Description of the bush

Tomato Black moor - mid-season variety indeterminantnogo type. The plant grows up to 1 meter, and in conditions of greenhouses - up to 1.5 meters. The first brush is laid after 8-9 sheets, all the rest - after 3 sheets. In the brush there are from 7 to 18 fruits. Through a small number of brushes and small-fruited, the yield of this variety is not large, does not exceed 5-6 kg per square meter. The bush is formed in 1-3 stalks. The plant needs a garter.

Fruit Description

The pride of this variety are fruits that have a rich dark red color and juicy sweet flesh. The shape of a tomato looks like a plum, and its weight is a little 40-50 grams. Another distinctive feature of the variety is a dense skin that does not burst, even if you dip the fruit in boiling water.

Grade assignment

Tomatoes Black moor are excellent in salads and canned juices. From them it turns out very tasty, unusual color juice, which children love. Due to the density of the skin, the tomato maintains integrity and looks great in billets and ferments. No worse than the ketchup and pasta made from it.

Disease and Pest Resistance

Unfortunately, this variety is not the owner of strong immunity. Therefore, it needs not only good care, but also mandatory preventive methods:

  1. Do not plant tomatoes in the place where they grew solanaceous crops.
  2. Clean up outside the site and destroy diseased and pest-damaged plants.
  3. Spray the plants with growth promoters and a solution of trace elements to enhance immunity.
  4. During an outbreak of the disease or an enhanced attack of pests, tomatoes should be sprayed with chemicals or other means of protection.
  5. In order to prevent phytophthora outbreaks, it is necessary to observe the planting density and pay attention to proper watering, in order to avoid excessively high humidity.

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Advantages and disadvantages

The most important advantage of this variety is, of course, the fruits. The taste of the fruit is simply amazing, sweet, and seasoned. The flesh is tender and fleshy. Small, dark tomatoes, about the size of a plum, will give originality to any vegetable salad and will please both gourmet and children. In addition, the fruits are beautiful in preparations and sauces, sauces and pastes, juices and ketchups.

Tomatoes Black moor are original in salads with yellow and pink tomatoes.

The disadvantages include low yield and weak immunity. But if you apply diligence and create proper care for the plants, then it is quite possible to get a bucket of tasty fruits from a square meter of beds.

Features of growing varieties

The variety of tomatoes The Black Moor appeared no more than 20 years ago, but has already gained popularity among curiosity lovers, summer residents and farmers. In order to understand the prospects of this variety, it is necessary to disassemble in its features and capabilities.

Recommended growing regions

Tomatoes of this variety grow well in many regions of Russia, Ukraine, the Baltic States and Belarus. Many amateur them are also grown in the north of Russia, and in Georgia and Kazakhstan. The variety is demanding for heat and light, therefore, in order to create such conditions in the northern regions, this tomato should be grown in heated greenhouses.

Growing seedlings

As you know, for high yield, you need good seed. Therefore, at the very beginning, you need to make sure that the seeds of Black Moor’s tomatoes are full-bodied. To do this, they are placed in a saline solution and after a while all the emerging seeds are poured, and those settled on the bottom are left for sowing.

After that, for the destruction of possible fungal infections, the seed material is kept in a solution of potassium permanganate or treated by other methods (chemicals, aloe juice).

A good result is hardening of the seeds, that is, keeping them for several days in the refrigerator at a low positive temperature. After this procedure, adult plants will be able to withstand a cooling not a few degrees lower than plants that did not undergo the hardening procedure.

And only after that the seeds are planted in boxes or pallets. Sowing depth is usually 1.5-2.0 centimeters, the distance between the seeds is approximately the same.

During growth, the temperature should be maintained at a loss of 22-25 degrees. To prevent the plant from getting sick with its black leg, it is often watered, but not heavily. If there is a need, then young seedlings are illuminated.

When growing tomatoes without picking, it is better to plant the seed immediately in a separate container (plastic cup or small pot). So when transplanting the root system will remain as intact as possible. When landing in the ground, the seedlings immediately start growing, the adaptation period will be minimal. The method without picking has an important advantage, the root system penetrates into the deep layers of the soil, and has the ability to get moisture and nutrients not only from the upper soil ball.

Before planting seedlings, be sure to quench them for several days.

When growing seedlings by picking, saplings for 1-2 weeks stop growing, as the plant received stress. However, the root of seedlings becomes more branched and is able to absorb nutrients from the top layer of soil with double strength. If there is a possibility of watering, then this method is more preferable in comparison with the first.

When growing seedlings seedlings treated with solutions of stimulants and fertilizers. Before planting, 45-50 day-old seedlings are sprayed with copper sulphate.

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Transplant into the ground

If the tomato is going to be grown in greenhouses, then before planting the plants, the soil and the structure of the greenhouse are treated with special disinfectants. This will avoid some diseases that have wintered in the soil or on the surface of metal, film and glass.

Tomatoes are planted at a distance of 40-45 centimeters from each other. Rows are located through 0.65-0.75 cm.

Planting time depends on the climate zone and the greenhouse heating. If there is at least emergency heating, then it is possible to plant seedlings from the beginning to the middle of April.If there is no possibility of heating, then the dates are shifted by 2-3 weeks.

The scheme of planting in the open ground is no different from the greenhouse. Plants are planted when the weather is stable and the thermometer does not drop at night below 15 degrees.


With constant good care, the Black Moor tomatoes are able to thank the host for a good harvest.

Without watering, fertilizing and protection, the plant will die or give a very poor harvest. First, the plant is watered at least 1 time in 5-7 days and fed every 2 weeks. After watering, after 20-30 hours the soil is loosened, this will remove the crust and improve the access of oxygen to the roots of the tomatoes.

Variety of tomatoes Black Moor form depending on the density of planting in 1-3 stalk. The less often the bushes are planted, the more you can leave stepchildren. In order for the fruits not to come into contact with the soil, the stems must be tied to supports or to twine.

After ripening and collecting fruits from the first brush, it is better to remove all lower leaves. This will ensure air circulation in the lower part of the greenhouse and reduce its humidity. After all, as you know, it is high humidity that allows many diseases to develop, especially late blight.

In the course of plant growth, preventive measures are taken to prevent diseases and, if necessary, to combat them. To do this, use drugs of domestic and foreign production.

If a gardener wants to grow eco products, then you should pay attention to the popular ways of combating fungal and viral infections. Many of them are able to withstand these diseases.

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Do not forget about the pests. A scoop is one of the most common "misfortunes" that can destroy almost the entire crop. Therefore, the treatment of plants during the summer of flies is required.

Despite the dense skin, the variety of tomatoes Black Moor does not tolerate transportation.

Fruits are harvested 1 time in 2-3 days. It is not advisable to leave ripe tomatoes on the bushes, as they take away the nutrients that the plant could spend on the development and ripening of new fruits.

If the gardener adheres to these simple rules, then a good and stable crop of tasty and original fruits is guaranteed.

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Comments on the article: 3
  1. Inga

    An interesting variety, but not a problem one, it is well accustomed, it has a dense stem, but naturally needs a garter. The fruits are beautiful, smooth, elastic, they all went to the salad, only 4 bushes were, this year I will plant more, I liked them.

  2. Marusya

    The Black Moor variety is very similar to Bull Heart, in childhood it was grown by the grandmother in the village, only they are usually large and of the same shade with bright scarlet flesh. These are the most delicious tomatoes that I have just tried.

  3. Tina

    The variety is not a problem, gives a great harvest! The rafts are elastic, fleshy, but small, but tasty.


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