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Delicious sauce of ripe tomatoes and peppers, the best recipe

tomato sauce with pepper

Prepare a delicious tomato and bell pepper sauce for the winter. A recipe with a detailed description will help to prepare an amazing and thick seasoning of tomatoes. You will need a meat grinder or blender to chop vegetables. If you want to achieve a smooth and uniform consistency, then wipe the milled vegetables through a sieve.

It takes 45 minutes to cook. Of the ingredients listed in this recipe, there will be several half-liter cans.


  • tomato - 2 kg;
  • Bulgarian red pepper - 1 kg;
  • table salt - 25 g;
  • granulated sugar - 65 g;
  • ground paprika - 3 tsp.

How to cook tomato sauce with peppers

Red sweet pepper cleanse the seeds, remove the stem. Cut the pods in half, rinse with running water to remove the seeds. For harvesting, use ripe, fleshy vegetables without damage and rot.

chop bell pepper

Fleshy tomatoes carefully wash, cut in half, cut the stem with the seal. Tomatoes, like pepper, must be ripe, with no signs of spoilage.

sliced ​​tomatoes

Next, grind the tomatoes in a blender to obtain a smooth mashed potatoes. Vegetables can also be minced, if that's convenient for you.

grind tomatoes in mashed potatoes

We leave in the bowl a little tomato puree, add the pepper chopped into large slices, turn into puree.

add pepper

Milled vegetables are placed in a deep pan with a thick bottom. Pour sugar and salt without additives. We also add ground sweet paprika, which not only gives the spices a mouth-watering aroma, but also colors it in a bright red color.

add salt and sugar

Cover the pan with a lid, bring to a boil. After boiling we turn down the gas, remove the lid, cook for 20 minutes.

sauce boil

Banks for the preparation of sauce carefully wash, rinse with clean water, dry in the oven at a temperature of 100 degrees Celsius. Pour boiling sauce in jars.

pour the sauce over the cans

At the bottom of the tank for sterilization put a towel, put the jars with sauce, pour in water heated to 50 degrees Celsius. Sterilize cans with a capacity of 500 g for 10 minutes, 1 liter - 18 minutes. Densely corked, cleaned for storage in a dark and dry place.

tomato sauce jar of tomato sauce

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tomato sauce with peppertomato sauce with pepper

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