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Superearly dutch tomatoes

Dutch tomatoes

The climate in the Netherlands is severe. In July, the average daily temperature does not exceed 17 ° C. Dutch breeders brought a lot of high-yielding tomato varieties for protected ground. You can grow them in greenhouses of any type. For early harvest, you need to choose superearly varieties (hybrids), which ripen for 70 days.

Punker F1

The hybrid is grown in film greenhouses in the spring-summer turnover. The tomato is early ripe, the first tomatoes are removed after 2 months (60 days). A bush of a generative type with a powerful root system 1.5-2 m high (indent).

The Panker F1 shows good yields on infertile soils. Fruits are large, do not crack, are transported without loss of commercial properties. They belong to the beef group of tomatoes. List of main features:

  • the first fruits weigh about 450 g;
  • average weight of 260-280 g;
  • color is dark red;
  • the skin is smooth, shiny;
  • the shape is rounded flat;
  • flesh sweet and sour taste.

Aksai F1

Shrubs semi-determinant type. Short internodes are a characteristic feature of the hybrid. Aksai F1 is grown in the spring-summer turnover in greenhouse conditions. The term of ripening is 100 days. On the bushes at the same time the fruits are tied and ripen in several hands.

The hybrid has good resistance to nematode and diseases:

  • Fusarium;
  • Verticillus;
  • tobacco mosaic virus.

Fruits are quite large (140-180 g), red in color, regular rounded shape. They are distinguished by good keeping quality, transportability, excellent taste.

Sakura F1

Small-fruited (15-20 g), early ripe hybrid. It tolerates low light and low temperature. SakuraF1 is designed for greenhouses. In a long brush more than 24 rounded fruits of beautiful red color are formed.


Sustained immunity, stable yield - the main advantages of Dutch tomatoes.

Hybrid Sakura F1 refers to the group of cherry-tomatoes. Fruits are considered the best in taste. Indeterminate bushes during the fruiting period look spectacular. They are covered with long clusters of fruit.

F1 President

You can grow both in the greenhouse and in the open field. The bushes are indeterminate, but not many stepsons are formed, this facilitates care. Bushes are powerful (1.5-2 m), the number of leaves is average. Maturing President F1 early hybrid (95-100 days).

Fruits leveled, large (250-300 g), with dense fleshy pulp of excellent taste and aroma. The color of ripe tomatoes is red-orange, the shape is regular flat-rounded. From 1 m² up to 9 kg of tomatoes F1 President.

Grade advantages:

  • the universality of the fruit;
  • long storage;
  • transportability;
  • stable yield;
  • sustained immunity.

Polybig F1

Very productive hybrid with steady immunity. Shrubs of determinant type do not exceed 80 cm. The first harvest is removed for 90 days. Harvest from 1 bush 4 kg. Variety universal purpose. The mass of fruits ranges from 130 to 200 g.

Tomatoes are dense, red, slightly ribbed. The green spot at the stem is absent. Hybrid Polybig F1 responds well to top dressing, likes good lighting, and is resistant to fusarium and other diseases.

Big beef

Early Dutch hybrid, popular among Russian summer residents. Ripe tomatoes begin to shoot after 70-100 days. Productivity is high. Indeterminate shrubs (2 m) need care: formation, garter, pasynkovane.


The bush must be kept in 1 trunk in order to grow large tomatoes.

Big beef

The variety is chosen by lovers of large tomatoes. Individual copies of Big Beef pull on 2 kg. The mass of most fruits is 250-350 g. The flesh is juicy, fleshy, multi-chamber, in a ripe form, bright red. Tomatoes Big beef stored for up to 3 weeks. Use them fresh and allowed to juice, tomato paste, ketchup.

Dutch varieties of early ripe tomatoes are suitable for industrial cultivation. High seed quality ensures good germination. The taste of Dutch tomatoes is appreciated highly.

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