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Scarlet Mustang tomato, characteristic and description of the variety

scarlet tomato mustang characteristic and description of the variety

The Scarlet Mustang tomato, the description of which we offer you to read, with one name already arouses genuine interest. Indeed, it often happens that the most catchy names of varieties are given for their unusual characteristics. Whether this rule applies to the "Scarlet Mustang" or not, we can only say after its full description.

General characteristics

There are very old varieties of tomatoes, and there are new ones. Someone is faithful for decades to one, and someone is always looking for something new, which is probably correct, because now many varieties have been bred that will satisfy the needs of any summer resident, regardless of his place of residence, the time he has and fertility. soil.

“Scarlet Mustang” is a new tomato, it was entered in the register in 2014, but during these 2-3 years it has already become popular and loved, the feedback of summer residents is very positive. The variety is bred by Siberian breeders who are famous for their tomatoes. The “Scarlet Mustang” has a lot of advantages - diseases are not terrible for it, yields are high, and its fruits are tasty and very fragrant. Let's talk in more detail about the tomato further.

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Scarlet Mustang Tomato. Characteristics and description of the variety

  • Refers to indeterminate species. This means that the bushes do not have a point of final growth.
  • Not shtambovy grade.
  • The height of the stem can exceed 1.8 meters, which by itself implies its garter. Leaves on the bushes a bit, which is good helps to see the harvest. They have a slight pubescence and dark green color.
  • One brush forms 6-7 fruits.
  • The variety has a very powerful root system, which grows apart, so you should consider this factor when planting.
  • Treats grades with average terms of maturing. You can collect the first tasty fruits in 115-120 days after sowing the seeds.
  • The most resistant variety to the most common diseases of tomatoes.
  • It gives the best performance in greenhouse conditions, and, in general, it is better to grow this tomato in an enclosed area.
  • It gives high yields, from one bush it is possible to collect more than 5 kg of fruits, which, by the way, have an unusual elongated shape, red color. Perhaps because of such elongation of fruits, the variety got its name in honor of the legendary car.
  • In the cold summer of poor harvest this tomato may not show the best results.
  • The skin is thin, the pulp is juicy, aromatic, tasty. There is no ribbing on the fruit.
  • The size of tomatoes is 20-25 cm, their average weight is 200 grams, but they can reach 400 grams.
  • Tomatoes are resistant to cracking. Responses of summer residents say that the variety is very well stored due to the thick skin, it can also be transported.
  • The variety has a universal table purpose, can be conserved, used in fresh salads, used for sauces, pasta, juices.
  • Maximum results are shown when forming in two stems. Requires pasynkovaniya.

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Tomato "Scarlet Mustang" is good, according to reviews. Photos of those who planted, interest and those who only think that they plant in the new season. This tomato can very well suit you, and what and how to do is described below.


This variety should be subjected to pre-sowing treatment - disinfection, stimulation, germination.

So, the seeds are sown in the third decade of March - the first of April.Before sowing, they are soaked for one week in potassium permanganate, then washed in warm water, put in growth stimulants ("Appin", "Zircon", "Kornevin"). Next, the seeds are placed in a warm, wet gauze or cotton cloth for germination. The material should always be wet, be in a warm place.

Then produce crops in containers with a mixture of humus, sand and turf land with a spoonful of ash. You can buy soil and ready. Crops deepen by 1 cm, moistened with a spray bottle and covered with glass or film until germination. Then put in a warm place 23-25 ​​degrees, where well lit.

In the phase of two leaves, pick the seedlings into separate pots. Soil using the same composition. After picking, in two weeks you can feed the seedlings with a complex preparation. Before transferring to a greenhouse or to open ground, if you live in a warm climate, the seedlings are hardened for a week. Transfer after entering the seedlings carried out for 50-60 days.

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The soil is prepared in advance, also make support. On one meter square plant 3 bushes. In the hole sypyat spoonful of mineral dressing. Soil need to dig in advance and shed from the parasites with boiling water or a solution of manganese. Bushes are planted, immediately tied up and as they grow, two stalks are left - all stepchildren are removed, except for one in the upper sinus. During the season make 3-4 times feeding. The first in 15-20 days - in a bucket of water dissolve potassium sulfate and superphosphate, 25-30 grams each, and water the bushes, a liter under each. Further, you can deposit urea, mullein or chicken droppings. This variety loves watering, but be sure to remember about the ventilation of the greenhouse.


To make tomatoes more fruitful, about once a week, gently shake the bushes for pereosyleniya.

These techniques are basic, they are quite enough, in addition, of course, to remove weeds and to shoot. The “Scarlet Mustang” will delight you with its taste and surprise with its appearance.

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scarlet tomato mustang characteristic and description of the varietyscarlet tomato mustang characteristic and description of the variety

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