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Tomato "American ribbed"

American tomato ribbed variety characteristic and description

Tomato "American ribbed", the description of which is the subject of the article, is a very unusual tomato. It will surely arouse the interest of the neighbors in the cottage, and you will be pleased with its pleasant taste and aroma. We will also introduce you to how to grow this variety.

general description

There is no exact data when the tomato was created, but it became in demand and gained popularity since the 80s of the last century. The fruits of this variety have an unusual shape - they have a lot of ribs. In this case, tomatoes can not be called giants, as is often the case among fruits with many ribs. Particularly interesting is the tomato when it is cut into rings.

It is impossible to call a variety very fruitful, but it certainly cannot be classified as unproductive. The advantages of the variety are not only in its ribbed form, but also in good resistance to diseases, unpretentiousness and endurance to moisture deficiencies. Best for growing in the southern regions. In all the rest, it is recommended to plant bushes in a greenhouse or in greenhouse film. So, let's analyze the variety and its indicators in more detail.

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Although the tomato is unpretentious in terms of weather, but here it is rather capriciously related to fertilizers.

Tomato "American ribbed." Characteristics and description of the variety

  • Refers to determinant species. Standard shrubs.
  • The variety has medium late ripening. So, you will be able to harvest the first harvest of beautiful ribbed tomatoes in 115-125 days after sowing and seedlings.
  • It has good resistance to the most common tomato diseases.
  • Bushes can not be called tall, but compact them can not be called. On average, the stem grows to 130-150 cm. In the greenhouse, the stem can be drawn up to 170 cm.
  • Looking for support in the form of wire or trellis.
  • The shape of the fruit - flat, skin color - rich red.
  • Weight - an average of about 200-300 grams, but again an American ribbed tomato, according to reviews, and the photo may be of larger size - up to half a kilogram.
  • Cameras in tomatoes - 6-7.
  • Fruits may not be stored for very long after harvest, therefore they are not suitable for transportation over long distances. Also, it is better to eat them immediately or spin them for the winter.
  • From a square meter, where it is best to plant 3-4 shrubs, you can get about 12 kg of tomatoes. From one bush - up to 3-4 kg.
  • Fresh fruits are tasty, as well as in the form of sauce, juice and after barrel pickling. But there is no particularly delicate taste and flavor in the variety; many gardeners believe that a tomato can be grown only for beauty, since it is no longer remarkable.
  • Need to form 2-3 stalks. If you want larger fruits, then leave one stem.

So, as you understood about the tomato “American ribbed” from its description, it has conflicting reviews. On the one hand, gardeners praise him, on the other hand, they are not very satisfied. But It is worth noting that these tomatoes from the wrong care can lose in taste and aroma, so to say that the variety is unremarkable by these indicators is difficult.

Every summer resident has his own, and in order for you to understand it, whether you need this tomato, you need to plant it at least once. You will read about cultivation below. It is also worth noting that even a few bushes of “American ribbed” tomato, which will give you a small crop, will diversify with their appearance the table and winter twists.

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Agrotechnology.Tomato "American ribbed"

Tomato seeds “American ribbed” begin to be sown in the first decade of March in boxes to a depth of 1 cm. It is better to buy ready-made soil, because the tomato is capricious of fertility, and the ready-made soil contains a full complex of all the components necessary for seedlings. But it can also be infected in rare cases with parasites or diseases, so it is better to shed containers with water with manganese crystals with hot water in advance.

Otherwise, everything is pretty standard - you moisten crops, cover with film or glass, which is not very convenient and safe. After about 7-10 days you will see the first shoots, now you have to remove the shelter and provide the seedlings with light, watering with warm, settled water as it dries. Picks are produced when three true leaves have grown on saplings. Soil again take the purchased or mixed garden land with the store, and again it is better to spill this mixture with boiling water in advance.

In the greenhouse, the transfer is carried out at the end of April, after all the frost on the street closer to the summer. In the southern regions it will be sooner. Seedlings will need to harden a couple of weeks in the open air with increasing time. Per square meter do not plant more than four bushes. Immediately think about support.

We have already said that fertility and nutrition are important. So that the soil on the plot is suitable for this variety, you can do a simple action - bury an annual lupine in the soil. It will rot and will give a good feed. During planting, and when the seedlings bloom, feed it with Dissolve. You can also make a mullein dissolved in water a couple of times.

Of course, the bushes, wherever they grow, can be bothered by insects. They must be fought on time, otherwise they can destroy the harvest. On sale there are many different insecticides to combat parasites. But you can use traditional methods of struggle that do not cost money, do not harm the bushes with fruits, do not accumulate in tomatoes, and, as a result, do not harm your health. Many insects do not tolerate fragrant herbs, spices, and the smell of weeds. That is why they are attacking them. Therefore, simple infusions of wormwood, celandine, red pepper and black pepper, cinnamon can save your tomatoes quickly and without consequences.

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Shrubs for greater yield form in two stems, leaving two stepsons in the very upper sinus. But since the fruits will be 200-250 grams, if you want a larger crop, then leave only one stem. Watering and loosening are also agrotechnical techniques necessary for a good harvest of the American ribbed tomato variety.

This way you can get unique fruits. With their help, your table will become more diverse, and your beds will be pride for you.

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American tomato ribbed variety characteristic and descriptionAmerican tomato ribbed variety characteristic and description

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