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Characteristics and description of tomato varieties "Miracle of the market"

tomato marvel market characteristic and description of the variety

So, for the gardener's life to not be overshadowed by anything, there must be a good harvest. To do this, you need to know how to grow it and the most important thing is to choose a worthy variety. We introduce you to tomatoes, which makes it possible to know in advance what and how to do and what to expect. Today, again, a good challenger for your vegetable garden is a “Miracle of the Market” tomato.

general description

A beautiful name for the variety was given by Russian breeders, who bred it in 2007. During this time, the popularity of the tomato has not fallen, many gardeners grow tomatoes with love in their country house, respond well. And there are reasons for that - the tomato is quite fruitful, does not require much attention to itself, and it is almost not afraid of illness. And about what can get sick and how to deal with the disease in this particular variety, we will tell below in agricultural technology.

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These tomatoes are intended for an open ground. It is worth noting that it produces a smaller crop in the greenhouse, and usually vice versa, therefore, residents of the south grow it outside, grow it in temperate climates either in the open field or in the greenhouse, but for the north it is better not to use the variety. Good yields, simple farming techniques will help grow this tomato, even a novice. We will give you some tips.

Tomato "Miracle of the market." Characteristics and description of the variety

  • Shrubs are semi-determinant species. Their height can reach 120-150 cm.
  • Garter and shaping required. The best result will be when leaving 1-2 stems.
  • The tomato has a medium late ripening period. You will get your first harvest in 110-120 days.
  • The best yields are in the open field.
  • It has a pleasant tomato flavor, appetizing aroma.
  • The skin color is saturated red. It is dense, but non-rigid.
  • Mass of tomatoes on average 200-300 grams. But gardeners say that you can grow fruits and 600 grams in weight.
  • Suitable for fresh food, for preservation, you can also make pasta, sauce. Another very good tomato of this variety is juice, because sugar and acids are in balance.
  • Cameras in the fruit - 4-5.
  • Dry matter - 6%.
  • Fruits are slightly elongated, well stored and can be transported.
  • Standard bushes.
  • Highly resistant to major pests and diseases. May hit the tomato "Miracle of the market," according to reviews, brown rot.
  • Photo yield is encouraging - with one square meter you can get up to 14 kg of tomatoes. If you grow this variety in an enclosed space, then you collect from a meter to about 8-10 kg.

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In short, we will tell you about the basic techniques. Crops begin in March on the lunar calendar under the film in a common container or individual cups. You can use the soil purchased or make your own - take garden soil, shed it with boiling water with potassium permanganate, make a complex mineral preparation. You can mix 1/1 with a universal primer.

Landing on the street carried out in May and early June. Bushes on one meter should be three. The soil is shed with boiling water from parasites, making humus, ash. This tomato best absorbs potassium phosphate fertilizers. Because you can use them when planting and then 2-3 times per season. Formation in 1-2 stems is carried out by removing all the stepsons except the last. Immediately it is better to tie up the bushes, and it is also better to make supports under the branches with large fruits.

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If the rot struck, then the fruits are removed those that are sick. They reduce irrigation, the introduction of nitrogen fertilizers, planting is treated with "Hom", there is another drug - Oxis, it also helps a lot. Pests usually do not interfere with the growth of bushes, except for the bear. Then the plot you weed deep, make a lot of pepper. This is the main thing you need to know about the “Miracle of the Market” tomato, the description of the variety and the photo show everything clearly, the reviews help to choose the best tomatoes.

Landing and work in the garden always coordinate with the lunar calendar. This will help to avoid trouble, and the harvest will be better.

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tomato marvel market characteristic and description of the varietytomato marvel market characteristic and description of the variety

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