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Sparks of flame tomato in the garden

Spark flame tomato, variety description

Today, another tomato, which can rightly be called unusual and good. What is its zest, you ask? Yes, at least in appearance. And talking about a Tomato "Iskra Flame", reviews will make you happy about him, well, and the photos of those who planted themselves speak for themselves. Agree, tomatoes look aesthetically good, and what's more, this is not their only plus, more on that further.

general description

This tomato is summer residents love. He has many positive qualities. It is intended more for greenhouses made of polycarbonate or film, but if you live in regions with a warm climate, as well as in Ukraine or in the same latitudes in our country, you can easily grow a variety in the open ground.

What are the advantages of the Spark of Flame? Well, the first is, of course, its appearance. Tomatoes are similar in shape to pepper or fire flames; moreover, orange stripes along the skin give an even greater resemblance to the elements. The variety grows large, it’s a minus for many people, because you need to shape it, tie it up, but not for dacha lovers. Yes, and the yield and resistance to all diseases can be offset by these time spent on extra agricultural practices - this is the second and third plus.

"Sparks of flame" tomato. Description of the variety and reviews

  • Tomatoes are indeterminate species. There is no end point of growth, that is, the stem. This suggests that the bushes will be high, powerful, and a trellis or rope they simply need.
  • Refers to mid-late varieties. But, in the opinion of summer residents, with good care and, possibly, when planting seeds without picking, fruiting begins two weeks earlier than the manufacturer stated.
  • Formation and pinching is required. The best results are shown with two stems.
  • The fruits have an unusual appearance, elongated shape, scarlet skin with orange veins. It is dense, but non-rigid.
  • Tomatoes of compact size - 150 grams, which is convenient for whole-canning.
  • The flesh is very tasty, juicy, and there is little seed.
  • It has a universal table appointment. Tomatoes can be used for stuffing, for making juices, pastes.
  • High-yielding tomato.
  • It has excellent resistance to all tomato diseases.
  • Bushes grow powerful, with a well-developed root system. Therefore, it is not recommended to plant more than three seedlings on one square meter.
  • Tomatoes are well stored, can be transported.

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Agrotechnical cultivation "Iskra Flame"

Crops start 55-60 days before the proposed transfer to the greenhouse. In each region, these terms are different. As mentioned above, if you want tomatoes to start fruiting faster, then immediately plant the seeds in separate cups and even better, they should be from peat. So you will pass the stage of the picking, and during the transfer of seedlings the roots will not be injured, because you can put bushes in the soil right in the cups.

With regards to the soil, you can buy a universal soil, you can mix a spoonful of superphosphate with garden soil, humus, sand. You can replace the first component with ash. After that, the crops are moistened and placed under the film.


To speed up the seedlings and at the same time additionally provide immunity to seedlings, you can use special preparations. For example, Zircon showed itself well.

While your shoots are growing at home, you can start preparing a greenhouse where you need to dig up the soil or replace it with a new one. It is also necessary to shed hot manganese solution in order to disinfect and destroy the parasites.After you make the holes for three per square meter, as well as prepare the trellis. The transfer to the greenhouse will be when the frost is over, and the soil warms up by 15 degrees.

Your seedlings will grow well, especially if they are given a lot of light, heat and moisture. Around May, you will plant them in a greenhouse and immediately tie up. Superphosphate can be added to the wells. Nitrogen fertilizers are best avoided, otherwise the bushes will give a lot of greenery, but organic matter, phosphate, potash fertilizers, ash can be applied every 15-20 days. For the first time after transferring at least 14 days, feed is applied.

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Of course, you must remove weeds, stepchildren, and air the greenhouse. To form two stems for maximum yield in the upper sinus, leave one stepchild. It will grow and the main stem. In the hands, the first fruits will soon begin to form - 7-8 pieces each. If the year was painful for crops, then it is better to protect your tomatoes. Experienced gardeners advise on the bushes to bind bubbles with iodine, it saves pathogens from attack. Here he is such a Spark of Flame tomato and his description of the variety.

This tomato really looks unique and has a very good taste. You can diversify your table and surprise the guests.

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Spark flame tomato, variety descriptionSpark flame tomato, variety description

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