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Tomato "Grandma's basket": one of the best varieties for growing in the greenhouse

Considering reviews “Grandma's basket” reviews, photos, yield, each vegetable grower can decide for himself whether to plant a variety and whether it makes sense.

Official information

The variety filed for testing in 2013, LLC Gavrish selection company, Moscow, Russia. For two years, variety testing stations in all regions of the country have worked to describe all the advantages of the variety as accurately as possible and to provide information to vegetable growers.

In 2015, the variety was entered in the register of selection achievements of the Russian Federation under the number 8654079. The tomato was recommended by the test committee for growing in heated greenhouses and film spring shelters in all climatic regions of the country as a variety of salad purpose and medium-term ripening.

Characteristics and description

Tomatoes "Grandma's basket" variety indeterminate, tall. The manufacturer, describing a variety, says that a height of 200 cm is completely normal and having reached, you can pinch her tomato, or you can carry it out in a horizontal culture.

Leaf plate in magnitude average, classic tomato, rich greens.

The fruit is flat-rounded. When buying seeds, the vegetable grower may notice that the author (if the seeds from Gavrish specifically) is slightly deceptive and indicates the weight of tomato fruits within 250 g, while the registration commission stopped at the level of 160-180.

At the same time, those vegetable growers who have already managed to get acquainted with the variety talk about weight with caution, since the tomato has not equalized fruits. One tomato inflorescence can carry on itself, both large and seriously tomatoes that do not reach the norm.

The fruit has a light ribbing, and in density it is average. When ripe, the tomato has the color of light green, but the biological maturity bestows the tomato intensely red.

The skin of the tomato is tender and at the same time dense, not allowing cracking. The tomato collected during the period of technical maturity perfectly transports transportation over long distances without loss of quality.

When cut, you can count from 4 to 6 seed chambers, which are filled with tomato pulp. Seeds are large in size, but not a large number.

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Taste qualities of a grade are estimated as "good" and vegetable growers agree with an assessment. However, in this case, the question arises, why do not sow the early, lettuce tomato with just good taste, when by the time of its ripening the early tomatoes of the open ground with good taste begin to fructify.

The yield of marketable fruits in greenhouses under the film was 10-12 kg, which is also not a very high figure for tomato novelties.

Disease and Pest Resistance

The registration commission does not give special instructions on the resistance of the variety to diseases. This means that the tomato requires preventive treatments in closed ground, and in the open it can show itself from the unforeseen side.

The variety is very young. There are no reviews of vegetable growers on how resistant the tomato is to pathogens and pests. Experienced growers are well aware that whatever the efforts of breeders, as long as there is not a single well-resistant varieties.This means that the plant needs prophylactic treatment.

To grow a healthy harvest and not give a single fruit to the disease, you must:

  • regularly handle planting, starting from the moment of formation of the ovary;
  • constantly carry out the alternation of fungicidal drugs that will not allow the pathogen to develop addiction;
  • select varieties with previously known resistance to certain diseases or pests.

Advantages and disadvantages

It is difficult to find a description of the merits under the "mediocre" tomato. Perhaps the time will pass and the tomato “Grandma's basket” is a characteristic and description of the variety of which, so far only from the author and the registration commission, will show itself from the best side, and vegetable growers will be delighted.

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Among the advantages of the variety include:

  • large fruits;
  • good taste;
  • good transportability.

As a disadvantage:

  • not evenness of commercial products;
  • the need for regular preventive treatments;
  • average yield for a greenhouse variety.

Features of growing varieties

A variety of medium term ripening. To get tomatoes as soon as possible to start sowing need in early March.

Since the "Grandmother's basket" grade, then collect their seeds is not difficult. In this case, the seeds should be pickled in a 0.01% solution of potassium permanganate for 15-20 minutes, then rinsed in running water and only after starting to warm up. This procedure will kill all the pathogens that are "sat down" on tomato seed.

Considering the “Grandmother's Bin Basket” tomato, who planted and grown, they say that there is no particular difficulty in agricultural technology. It is enough to adhere to the classical rules of maintaining an indeterminate culture, and the harvest will turn out good. The rules consist of the following points:

  1. Sowing is done only by seeds that are curbed (100% live);
  2. A dive is carried out in the phase of 2 true sheets inevitably into individual tanks;
  3. For cultivation we select a universal nutritious soil, otherwise we feed up in the seedling period;
  4. We start planting seedlings in a greenhouse at the age of 55-60 days;
  5. Keeping culture carried out in 1-2 shoots;
  6. We do the first top-dressing in 2-3 weeks after planting, with nitrogen fertilizers;
  7. The second feeding after 2 weeks to add nitrogen compounds potassium and phosphorus;
  8. Constantly stepson and bind the culture.

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Only by growing a variety yourself can you have your own opinion and how appropriate is it for your conditions.

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