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Tomatoes "Raspberry miracle": fruitful and resistant bushes

Tomatoes "Raspberry miracle" characteristic and description of the variety as such is not possible, since this variety is not yet entered into the register of breeding achievements, but that which is packaged in bags is simply a re-grader. However, most often you can see the name of the general “Crimson Miracle” for the entire series, and then comes the designation of a particular variety.

general information

The last decade has been the time of many breeding novelties, including tomato varieties with raspberry fruits.

Skillful businessmen, in order to acquaint vegetable growers with new products, decided the question radically and began to combine varieties and hybrids in sets. Some of them created a series of colors, some more responsibly approached the solution of the issue and selected sets with the same color of the fruit, but different:

  • ripening period;
  • plant height;
  • gustatory range;
  • fetal size;
  • growing conditions;
  • the appointment of the fruit.

An interesting fact is that by selling a set, such as the “Gardens of Russia”, they do not give the consumer a choice, the packaging consists of 5 varieties. You can not buy one brand and not buy the rest. Perhaps this is good. After sowing several grains, the grower will test five varieties in the very first year and will have his own opinion.

Description of the series

Forming the “Raspberry Miracle” kits, tomatoes are designated as F1 hybrids, but most of the new breeding varieties. Incorrect labeling is the so-called “quitter”, so that growers do not collect their seeds, but come to the store and buy seeds again and again.

Time passes, vegetable growers begin to share their opinions and find out that many of the varieties are very worthy and have the right to occupy a piece of land in the garden, and some take places among the most loved ones.

"Raspberry wine"

Applicant and originator of a variety of LLC Garden and Garden, Chelyabinsk region Russia. The variety quickly passed the test and in 2015 was entered into the registry under the number 8557424.

Entrepreneurs designate “Raspberry wine” F1, but this is a variety that is recommended for cultivation in all regions of the Russian Federation for cultivation under film shelters and in open ground amateur vegetable growers.

Characteristics and description

The variety is early ripe, determinant.

The leaf plate is medium in size and has a rich, dark green color. Inflorescence varieties intermediate.

The fruit is round with an average weight of up to 350 g, some specimens may be weighty. The skin is a smooth crimson color, without a spot at the stem. Tomato density is average.

When cut, 6 sometimes more nests are visible. The flesh is juicy, fleshy, crimson in color without white veins.

The tasting held for the variety unanimously rated "excellent". Tomato salad destination, the balance of organic acids and sugars is at an optimal level and allows the variety to take its rightful place among the most delicious.

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Advantages and disadvantages

Tomato "Raspberry wine" has several advantages:

  • early maturation;
  • great taste;
  • large fruits;
  • high yield (up to 14 kg / m2).
Among the shortcomings, rather the characteristics of the variety, is that the vegetative form must be tied up and shaped.

Disease and Pest Resistance

"Raspberry wine" is moderately affected by diseases and pests.

The variety requires attention at the level of the remaining tomatoes. Conducting preventive treatments necessary action that will prevent the loss of the harvest of tomatoes.

Features of growing varieties

The variety is determinant. Its main shoot does not grow above 100 cm. However, the fruits are so large and heavy that they break off without fixation and the yield drops.

The peculiarity of cultivating the variety is the constant, timely formation of the plant, as well as the garter to the supports.

"Crimson Sunset"

Firms vendors stubbornly offer "Crimson Sunset" F1. But this is not a hybrid, but a variety.

Originator of tomato brought to the market - NPO Garden and Kitchen Garden LLC, Chelyabinsk Region. Russia. The variety was entered into the register under the number 8557426 in 2015 and recommended for cultivation in all regions of the Russian Federation

Characteristics and description

Variety, like the previous early ripe and determinant.

The leaf plate is average, saturated, dark green. Inflorescence in intermediate variety.

The fruit is flat-rounded with an average weight from 300 to 340 g. The skin is smooth crimson, without spotting at the stem. Medium density

When the cut is visible 6 nests. Tomato pulp is fleshy, crimson, homogeneous.

For taste, the variety received an excellent rating. Tomato salad destination.

Advantages and disadvantages

Tomato "Crimson Sunset" has several advantages:

  • early maturation;
  • excellent taste;
  • large fruits;
  • high yield (up to 12 kg / m2).

The disadvantage of tomato is that the bush should always be tied up.

Disease and Pest Resistance

This variety is moderately affected by diseases and pests. Prophylactic treatments will maintain high yields.

Features of growing varieties

"Crimson Sunset" deterministic variety. Large fruits are heavy and require fixing.

Garter to support systems is a mandatory event.

Evaluating a series of tomatoes "raspberry miracle", the reviews are very positive about the tomatoes, which came from the breeding company LLC NPO "Garden and Garden".

In addition to those described above with round and flat-round fruits, in the same year they also entered into the register a number of tomatoes, which differ only in the shape of the fruit:

  • "Crimson Dream" - flat-round;
  • "Raspberry Joy" - ovoid.

All these varieties are early and large-fruited.

"Raspberry Paradise"

A variety of the same company LLC NPO "Garden and Garden" Chelyabinsk region. Russia, and very similar to all previous ones, but the difference in maturity.

The one who packs incorrectly means “Raspberry Paradise” F1, is a variety with a registration number in the register 8557427. Introduced in 2015, recommended for all regions for film greenhouses, gardens and flower beds.

Characteristics and description

Heavenly pleasure from this type of tomato cannot be obtained very quickly, it has an average ripening time, but you can enjoy the beauty of its fruits and stretch the pleasure.

The leaf plate is medium, dark green.

The fruit is rounded with an average weight of 400 g or even more and very beautiful. Once having seen huge raspberry balls on a tomato tree, the vegetable grower can no longer refuse to grow this tomato.

Smooth, tender, neat skin with a uniform crimson color covers the entire fruit without leaving spots on the stem.

The density of the fruit is average, as befits a lettuce tomato. Six nests are filled with raspberry pulp with seeds.

According to taste estimates, the tomatoes are very interesting with a rich aftertaste.

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Advantages and disadvantages

Tomato "Raspberry Paradise" has many advantages:

  • excellent taste properties;
  • large fruits up to 500 g;
  • good yield (up to 10kg / m2).

The constant formation and tying up some perceive as a disadvantage.

Disease and Pest Resistance

This grade indicator is average. To preserve the crop, preventive treatments are needed.

Features of growing varieties

The variety is determinant. A bush up to 100 cm in height is not able to hold fruits weighing up to 500 g.

When planting seedlings immediately take care of fixing and tying the whole tomato brushes.


The authorship of this variety belongs to the same NPO "Garden and Garden". The variety, not a hybrid, as it is called “Yagoda-Raspberry” F1, was entered into the registry under the number 8557425 in 2015 and, like the previous ones, is recommended for all regions of the Russian Federation.

Characteristics and description

Tomato has a salad destination. Not tall (up to 60 cm) raspberry is quite impressed with the fruits of the one who decides to grow it.

The plant has a dark green leaf and huge, raspberry, round, smooth fruits. These "berries" are completely unlike raspberries, but they taste sweet, tasty and meaty. Each tomato has 6 nests. The tomato is not hollow, but the density is average.

Advantages and disadvantages

The advantages of the variety are obvious:

  • huge fruits (up to 600 g);
  • excellent taste;
  • good yield (10-13 kg / m2);
Just like the other crimson berries of this series, “Berry-Raspberry” requires a very careful garter to the supports.

"Bright Robin"

This raspberry-like tomato, like the rest of the originator, NPO Garden and Vegetable Garden LLC, the variety and designations Bright Robin F1, are of course out of place. The grade is entered into the register in 2015 under number 8557423

Characteristic and description

If we consider the characteristics of this variety, the one that the registration center submitted, then it is impossible to find differences from the variety “Raspberry wine”, except for the registration number itself.

The description and characteristics of the two varieties are absolutely identical. Since the varieties are still very young and few people from vegetable growers were able to grow both varieties and understand the differences, it remains to hope for a while, it will show what variety will remain and what will be forgotten.

A series of tomatoes crimson miracle, has good reviews. Those vegetable growers who started growing varieties are very pleased, above all:

  • early maturation;
  • taste;
  • yield;
  • large fruits;
  • disease resistance.
Judging from the fact that the varieties quickly entered the register and are intended for cultivation throughout the territory of the Russian Federation including the southernmost and most northern regions, the varieties of this series have a special plasticity and ability to adapt to environmental conditions.

In 2017, the series was replenished with novelties that are not distinguished by early ripening, but are likely to win the hearts of vegetable growers:

  • "Raspberry heart" - heart-shaped;
  • "Raspberry popsicle" - rounded;
  • "Crimson hero" - flat-round;
  • "Crimson Bison" - rounded;
  • "Raspberry coveted" - flat-round.

If all these tomatoes give round fruits, then the created “Raspberry King” also has ribbing.

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Whatever genetic potential is invested in a variety, without proper care, it is impossible to grow a large-fruited, sweet and tasty tomato on poor soils. Tomatoes of the “Raspberry Miracle” series are high-yielding and will be tasty if vegetable growers provide the best soil for them, provide them with constant watering, dressing and shaping.

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