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Tomato "Sweet Kiss": a high and high-quality crop is provided

The mid-season, mid-season, small variety of tomato varieties of cherry varieties was bred from Siberia. Tomato variety Sweet Kiss is rightly recognized as the sweetest variety in the world. Throughout the season, he brings a high yield of fine small tomatoes.

Characteristics and description

The variety has excellent taste and high resistance to diseases. Siberian cherry, not at all afraid of the cold. The ripening of the first fruits occurs about 90 days after sowing the seeds. Tomato sweet kiss description reviews, photos and yield, characterizes it as one of the best varieties of cherry.

Characteristic and description of the variety:

  • the variety is resistant to all characteristic of solanaceous diseases;
  • middle-ripe tomato, the first fruits can be tasted at the beginning of summer;
  • high-yielding variety;
  • fruits with a sweet, rich taste;
  • a large number of fruits are formed on the hand, which have time to ripen perfectly until the end of the season;
  • fruits are universal in their intended purpose.

According to the observations of experienced gardeners, small tomatoes are very fond of heat, so greenhouse conditions are closer to them.

Description of the bush

The bush is of medium size, reaches a height of 0.8-1 m, but not rarely grows up to 1.5 m. Requires regular removal of stepsons and tying. Perfectly fruiting, if you form a bush in 2-3 stems. The inflorescences are simple, the foliage is not dense. On the bush clusters are formed in several pieces. In the bunch you can count a lot of fruits that have time to ripen well before the end of the season.

Description of the fetus

Tomatoes are small, round, weighing 20-25 g. On the bunch of them, as a rule, grows a lot. Have a dense structure and rich, unique sweet taste. It is for this taste, Sweet Kiss has gained many fans among gardeners and gardeners.

To the cracking characteristic of tomatoes, not prone, beautifully stored, thanks to the dense skin. At the time of maturation acquire a bright red color.

Productivity and keeping quality

With decent care, the fruits yield a yield of 1 square. m to 10 kg of beautiful tomatoes. Almost all diseases, culture is resistant. Tomatoes A sweet kiss perfectly tolerate transportation, while maintaining its beautiful appearance. With proper storage, can persist for a month or more.

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The fruits of the variety Sweet Kiss are widely used in cooking. They are especially good in salads and fresh. Due to the fact that they have a unique taste, they prepare various dishes and preserve them. Especially, pickled cherries should be noted, in this form they are simply superb. Very peculiar dish - dried tomatoes for the winter, this variety is ideal for such preparation.

Advantages and disadvantages

Sweet kiss has a number of undeniable advantages, which once again prove that it is simply necessary to grow cherry in your own plot.


  • the variety can be called trouble free;
  • perfectly stored and easy to transport, thanks to the dense skin and the dense structure of the fetus;
  • can be grown in greenhouses and open field;
  • adapts well to any climate.

The main advantage of the variety is the unique taste of fruits that both children and adults adore.

Disadvantages of Sweet Kiss, have been identified.

Features of growing varieties

According to the characteristics and description of the variety, the tomato Sweet Kiss feels great on fertile soils during greenhouse cultivation. It is in greenhouses and greenhouses that you can adjust the temperature and humidity, which is necessary for the cultivation of this variety. But, the cultivation of Siberian cherry in open ground is not excluded.

Recommended growing regions

The variety perfectly adapts to any climatic conditions. But, all the same, when choosing in favor of growing this variety, one should take into account that small sweet varieties feel comfortable in the warmth. Therefore, it is recommended to grow a variety in a greenhouse, especially in regions with an unstable climate and cold summer nights.

Disease and Pest Resistance

Siberian cherry has a high resistance to various tomato diseases. But it will not be superfluous to process bushes from pests and diseases with special compounds. The treatment process should be carried out only during the growing period, until culture buds appear.

Growing seedlings

Seeds of culture are sown 55-60 days before planting seedlings in open ground. Before sowing, it is necessary to decontaminate planting material from diseases and pests. To do this, put the seeds in a weak solution of potassium permanganate and keep them for several hours.

After which, they must be rejected. That is, for planting choose good seeds. Make it simple enough. Those seeds that floated on the surface of the water during the disinfection process are not suitable for planting.

Sow seeds should be in containers or boxes at a distance of 2-3 cm depth 2 cm Containers with seedlings placed in a bright room with a temperature of no more than +23 degrees.

With the first shoots, seedlings require moderate regular irrigation, sufficient lighting and fertilization 1-2 times before planting them in the ground.

With the appearance of 2-3 leaves, seedlings dive into separate containers. 2 weeks before planting in a permanent place, the seedlings must be taken out onto the street or balcony for hardening and airing.

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Transplant into the ground

Planted in the ground Sweet kiss in late May, early June. Landing time depends on the climatic conditions of the region. All sweet varieties of tomatoes love good, fertile soil, which is why their fruits are saturated and fragrant.

Before planting, the ground should be prepared. 2 weeks before planting it is necessary to make the necessary complex fertilizers and other components to dig up the soil.

The soil must be made:

  • peat;
  • sand;
  • mineral fertilizers;
  • organic fertilizers;
  • humus.

Immediately before planting, the soil should be loosened, holes should be made and a reliable support for the garter should be installed. Pour plenty of water into each well.

On 1 square. m recommended to plant 4 bushes, in order for them to develop properly.


Tomato Sweet kiss, its description, reviews, photos and yield, say that the culture, though unpretentious, but in need of careful and proper care. Only in this case, the cherry can please with its beautiful harvest. Therefore, before planting, you should familiarize yourself with the rules of care for the Sweet Kiss variety.

Terms of care:

  • the garter of bushes is necessary for this grade, otherwise, branches can break under weight of fruits;
  • Watering should be moderate and regular, should be watered 2-3 times a week. Do not allow over drying and waterlogging of the soil.Abundant irrigation variety does not tolerate;
  • during hilling, mulching, loosening and weeding;
  • watering should be carried out only at the very root, the leaves should not be in contact with water. Use only warm distilled water. Once a day, you can feed the tomatoes with a weak solution of mullein;
  • Before planting it is necessary to prepare the planting material. Seeds are rejected and treated with a solution of potassium permanganate;
  • to treat bushes for diseases and pests with special preparations, prior to the growing season;
  • provide culture with timely fertilization. Before the appearance of the ovaries, tomatoes need nitrogen fertilization. After that, it is necessary to apply organic and mineral fertilizers to the soil;
  • for growing in greenhouse conditions, you need timely and frequent airing and compliance with the temperature regime;
  • although the variety is frost-resistant, plants that are grown in open ground, it is recommended to snatch at night the film from night frost and dew;
  • the harvest must be gathered in time, in order to ripen all the fruits had time, and the branches of the crop did not break under the weight of the fruits.

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In addition, in an easy care, be sure to include constant monitoring of the fixation of the bush as it grows rapidly. Also, it is necessary to make regular removal of stepsons.

If you correctly perform all the conditions for simple cultivation of Siberian cherry tomatoes, you can get from him a huge amount of high-quality, very tasty fruits and delight your family throughout the garden season.

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