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Tomato "Sevryuga": demanded variety among vegetable growers

An interesting variety of tomatoes Sevryuga, the second name of which is Pudovik, has the general interest of gardeners all over Russia in its cultivation. He received such attention due to his unpretentious care and spectacular, unusually tasty fruits.

Characteristics and description

Mid-season indeterminantny high-yielding variety of tomatoes Sevruga has another name - Pudovik. It is under this name that the culture is registered in the State Register of the Russian Federation for cultivation under film shelter and in open ground, in 2005. It was bred by a Novosibirsk breeder. The variety spread very quickly and became one of the most popular among gardeners. Due to its large weighty fruits with great taste and simplicity in the care. The variety is not hybrid, not standard.

Description of the bush

Shrubs Pudovika differ in their density and large size. It reaches a height of 1.5 m, when grown in a greenhouse, it can grow up to 2.5 m. Due to the size of the bush, it requires a high-quality garter and regular pinching. For better fruiting, it is recommended to form a bush in 1-2 stems. The leaves are large green. The inflorescences are simple, stem with articulation.

The plant has a high branching. Although it grows at the same time only upwards, so the width does not take up too much space.

It is this ability of growth that allows the use of space in the greenhouse rationally. Making a bush is also easy for the same reason.

Description of the fetus

Fruits are large, weighing up to 0.5 kg, instances weighing up to 1 kg are not rare. Heart-shaped, medium density. The color of the tomato is bright red, in maturity bright crimson, has an impressive spectacular appearance. Tomatoes Sevryugi can be divided into large and very large. The taste is rich, pleasant, slightly sour. Differs short shelf life, the biggest is 2-3 weeks.

Productivity and keeping quality

Tomatoes Sevryuga have very large yields. Generative buds are constantly being formed on the bush, thanks to which, new fruit laying is constantly taking place. Fruiting culture is prolonged, but this has its plus - to get a fresh crop, you can until mid-September.

On average, from one bush, it is possible to get 5 kg of beautiful fruits. But, with careful and proper care, it is possible that the yield from 1 square. m will be up to 15 kg. Some gardeners say that with proper care, you can get fruits weighing up to 1.5 kg.

Reviews and photos of the yield of tomato Sevryuga, can be found in any sources of information for gardeners. This suggests that the variety is in demand. Fruits perfectly tolerate long-term transportation. When storing them in a dark cool place, you can save up to several months.


The fruits have a universal purpose. Consume them fresh or in salads. Due to its excellent taste and juicy pulp, widely used in cooking for cooking various dishes, including for the manufacture of juice and tomato paste. Perfect for winter harvesting.

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Advantages and disadvantages

Increasingly, you can meet gardeners who planted this variety in their backyard plots. Such popularity can be explained by the mass of its positive qualities. However, its deficiencies to this day have not been revealed.


  • the tomato is extremely resistant to its characteristic diseases;
  • the grade is not whimsical in leaving and is not difficult in cultivation;
  • ovaries form in any environment;
  • high yield;
  • large fruits;
  • excellent taste and versatility in the appointment;
  • long storage

Tomato Sevryuga is so unpretentious in cultivation that even a beginner can master this process. Therefore, the variety can be called one of the favorite among gardeners.

Features of growing varieties

The variety is most resistant to any climatic conditions, as well as to drought, low temperature phenomena, high humidity. Therefore, it can be grown both in greenhouses and in the open field. According to numerous observations of experienced gardeners who grow this variety, it was noticed that the most optimal temperature for Sevriugi is +23 degrees.

Another feature is that some gardeners, in practice, have resulted in a semi-determinant culture. Since in the process of growth and development, one of the stems stopped in development. Therefore, the pasynkovaniya process, it is necessary to carry out carefully and it is recommended to still leave one of the strongest stepsons, in reserve.

The ripening of the first harvest of Pudovik takes place in late July and early August. That is, the variety is considered mid-season. In total, the first tomatoes can be harvested 110-115 days from sowing seeds.

Recommended growing regions

Tomato Sevryuga, characteristic and description of the variety, it is recommended to grow it in any climatic conditions of Russia. Today, the variety has proven itself well in almost all Russian regions. Even in Siberia, where the climate is changeable and harsh, Pudovik gives excellent harvests.

Disease and Pest Resistance

The variety has an increased resistance to almost all characteristic diseases of the tomato. To prevent tomatoes from attacking the pests, they should be treated with insecticidal agents every season.

Growing seedlings

For the cultivation of full-fledged seedlings, planting material is best sown for 2.5 months before planting the culture in a permanent place. Seeds should be sown in February, March, in containers or large containers to a depth of 2 cm and a distance between plants of 2-3 cm. The capacity of seedlings should be in a bright room, at a temperature of +23 degrees not more.

As a rule, the first shoots appear in a week. Proper care includes regular, moderate watering and maintaining optimum moisture. It should be about 60%. If the humidity is low, it can be normalized by spraying the air with a spray gun. If the humidity is high, it is necessary to air the room more often.

Seeds of this variety are characterized by uneven germination, so before planting they should be dipped in a growth stimulator for a day.

Transplant into the ground

Seedlings Pudovik can not be called strong. It grows mainly in height and can break under the weight of its branches. When planting seedlings need to take this into account.

Pudovik is planted in a similar way as all tomato seedlings. The only condition for 1 square. m only need to put 3 bushes Sevryugi, if you plan to form 2 stalks.

With the planned 1 stalk 4 plants are allowed to land. With this method of planting plants will not interfere with each other, and it will be easier to care for them.

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The most important thing in the care of tomatoes Sevryuga, to ensure their regular regular watering and fertilizing.It is strictly forbidden to allow the soil to dry out, especially when grown in southern areas. Also, do not allow excessive moisture. Drying and excessive soil moisture can adversely affect the growth and development of the plant, and subsequently the crop.

The fruits of Pudovik due to their impressive size, are prone to cracking, so that this does not happen, watering should be done moderately. It would be best to cultivate the soil. It will retain moisture and will not allow the soil to dry out. Peat, humus, sawdust or pine needles can be used as mulch.

Throughout the season, tomatoes must be fertilized. Especially, it is important to do this on day 10 after transplanting to a permanent place and during the beginning of the growing season. But, here it is also necessary not to overdo it, an excess of mineral substances can harm the plant.

Once a week, be sure to make complex fertilizers in the soil. They should contain: potassium, nitrogen and phosphorus.

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Grow a variety of tomatoes Sevryuga, just a pleasure. Beginners can safely start with it and enjoy their achievements. The result will be large tasty tomatoes, which will delight the whole family until the autumn.

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