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Sort of tomato "Chief of the Redskins": description and characteristics

Selecting varieties, you can consider the tomato "Chief of the Redskins." Reviews, photos, yield, who planted, shared his opinion, and it makes you think before choosing this tomato.

Characteristic variety

Applicants and originators of the variety are individual entrepreneurs Dederko V.N. and Postnikova O.V.G. Novosibirsk. In 2005 the variety was submitted for approbation for the introduction into the register of varietal achievements. The variety trials took place over two years, and in 2007 the variety was entered into the register of varieties of the Russian Federation under number 9463982.

The variety is recommended for cultivation in all territorial districts of the country as an average term of ripening. After the tests, the “Leader of the Redskins” was found suitable for growing on kitchen gardens and garden beds in the private farms of citizens as a tomato for salad purposes.

Description of the bush

The variety is determinant. Plant height does not exceed 60 cm. When growing this variety, there is no need to seedling it, but it is necessary to tie up the bush.

A plant of average power with dark green foliage produces simple inflorescences.

Description of the fetus

The fruits of the “Chief of the Redskins” are flat-rounded. Some packers, realizing the seeds, draw heart-shaped fruits on the bags and thereby mislead vegetable growers. Moreover, the company "Siberian Garden" managed near the name "Leader of the Red", write in quotes ("Sugar bison"). These varieties have similarity only in that they are both determinant.

Tomatoes of this variety:

  • pink
  • flat-round;
  • ribbed;
  • have 4-6 nests;
  • weight in the range of 150-160 g

Tomatoes are average in density. But the reviews, the one who has already managed to grow tomatoes are not very attractive.

Vegetable growers describe that in comparison with other varieties the tomato is not juicy, it is fleshy, but loose, similar to an overripe apple that has lost its juiciness.

The tasting commission identified the taste of tomato as “good.” Not all vegetable growers appreciate taste. Tomato is not sour, many agree with this. Some even say that his sweetness appears in the immature fruits. However, the delights of taste end there. The variety can not be called tasty, it does not have a special elegance and alluring enjoyment. Being a salad, it is suitable in salads with a fill, which will add spice, but as an independent product it is not suitable.

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Productivity and keeping quality

The commission at registration of a grade has legalized figure of 2,9 kg with m2 garden area. Every vegetable grower who has grown tomatoes at least once understands that this is negligible. If the “Leader of the Redskins” were struck by any other virtues (taste, stability), he would certainly have been forgiven for such a disadvantage, but alas.

The register of varieties indicates that the variety is transportable, but vegetable growers say that with long storage, tomatoes lose turgor and presentation.

Advantages and disadvantages

Unfortunately, it is impossible to describe the merits of this variety. Tomato "Chief of the Redskins" characteristic and description of the variety by those who have already planted, are reduced only to the description of the shortcomings. Having planted once, vegetable growers forever refuse to grow this tomato.

The disadvantages are as follows:

  • low yield;
  • not pronounced taste properties;
  • bad leaning;

It is possible to add to the disadvantages the fact that from the collected fruits there are a lot of non-marketable tomatoes, not standard ones, with defects, due to which many fruits should be rejected.

Vegetable growers repeatedly complain that the variety is cracking and begins to rot in places of cracks.

As a result, such products may only be suitable for sauce or ketchup, but after stripping. However, the pink color will not allow even the sauce to get a beautiful presentation, but the consistency of it will be thick.

Disease and Pest Resistance

When registering, the commission did not indicate the particular resistance of the variety against any diseases. This suggests that the variety requires preventive treatments against fungal diseases.

Depending on weather conditions, treatment should be started 15-20 days after transplanting, and then with a frequency of 1 every 15-20 days.

When processing, you should adhere to the following rules:

  • drugs should be constantly alternated, it will not allow the microflora to develop addiction;
  • selecting fungicidal drugs, you should carefully look at the expiration dates in order to avoid delay and the effectiveness of treatments;
  • When preparing solutions, you should always follow the instructions for the preparation;
  • if the time of ripening comes, and the weather promotes the reproduction of a fungal infection, a drug should be selected with a short waiting time from the time of treatment to the time of consumption of the product.

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Features of growing varieties

Growing seedlings

The sowing of seeds of this variety is carried out in the usual terms for your zone. Sowing can be carried out in a general container, and in the phase of 2 true sheets you can dive into individual cups.

If a universal soil for seedlings prepared by specialists has been selected for growing seedlings, the plant will not need additional feedings during the growth period in the tanks.

The best temperature for growing is 18-21 C during the day and 16-17 ᵒC at night. At the same time the place of cultivation should be sunny. Such parameters will not allow the seedlings to be drawn out.

Transplant into the ground

As soon as the garden is ready to accept tomato seedlings, by this time it should be 25–30 cm high and can be transplanted to the open ground for 55–65 days.

If the seedlings were grown in individual cups, then transplantation is carried out simply, without stress for the plant, by the method of transshipment.

If seedlings with an open root system, then transplantation should be carried out quickly, deepening the plant up to 4-5 leaves.

If the seedling has outgrown, then it can be planted sideways whether lying. In this case, the shoot will give additional roots, which will increase the area of ​​nutrition.

When choosing landing sites, preference should be given to the place:

  • light;
  • protected from the prevailing winds;
  • without the solanaceous ancestors;
  • with light soils for mechanical composition;
  • with high nutritional value of the earth.

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Tomatoes, very responsive to the care culture. Leaving the garden unattended, the vegetable grower can not get a harvest, because the plant will be constantly influenced by climatic factors, as well as pathogens and pests.

For tomato important:

  • watering;
  • top dressing;
  • soil loosening;
  • tying up.

Since the Red Leader tomatoes are not very productive, they do not require any special fertilizers or dressings. But tying up shoots and fetus needed. This variety gives at least a little but large fruits and their fixation to the shoots should be reliable. For tying, you can use soft twine or twine, and work should begin from the moment of planting in open ground.

The choice of tomato varieties is an individual matter for each gardener, but having listened to the experience of those who grew, you can make the right choice of a fruitful and tasty variety.Prefer the best of the best, and such varieties will always remain favorites in the garden.

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