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Tomato "Sugar Bison": can become a favorite in your garden

Considering the Sugar Bison tomato, the characteristic and description of the variety will tell you how to behave with the bush and how many seeds to sow, and whether you need to sow it.

Characteristic variety

Tomato “Sugar Bison” was submitted for variety testing in 2013, and two years later it was entered into the register of achievements of the selection of the Russian Federation and was assigned the number 8653836.

The selection novelty appeared on the market thanks to the specialists of Agrofirma Aelita LLC, Moscow.

Unfortunately, the seed market often suffers with re-grading, and when choosing a seed, you can find sachets with a tomato depicting a completely inappropriate name. To understand well what should be the "Sugar Bison" should understand the characteristics.

Description of the bush

The plant will delight the vegetable grower with a bush within the limits of 150-180 cm. Indeterminacy, a sign incorporated genetically and, a sown variety, should be taken into account high height.

Tomato leaf is not quite classic, it is long. But the color is absolutely tomato - green. The inflorescence is complex and since the fruits are weighty requires additional, timely fixation.

With timely pinning and keeping the crop in one shoot, the bush looks very neat, compact.

Description of the fetus

The fruit of the "Sugar Bison" is very characteristic and does not look like round and red, it:

  • pink (with full biological maturity);
  • light green, with a huge dark spot on the stem, during the period of technical ripening;
  • cordate;
  • with medium, pleasant ribbing;
  • large, in the range of 200-250g;
  • average density;
  • has more than six nests;
  • fleshy.

Tasters, in assessing, for the registry indicators, put the taste “good”. Those who planted a tomato divided their opinions:

  1. One tomato seemed tasty and even very tasty. Vegetable growers recognized it to be moderately sweet and fleshy, juicy and tender at the same time;
  2. Others, acknowledged the taste mediocre, devoid of "raisins" and tomato aftertaste.

To have an opinion about the taste, you should grow a tomato yourself, but in any case, the taste of the tomato will be affected:

  • soil fertility;
  • the ratio of nitrogen, potassium, phosphorus;
  • temperature indicators at the time of growth and maturation;
  • humidity indicators in the seedling and ripening periods.

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Productivity and keeping quality

When registering a tomato, the crop yielded a yield of 6.5–7.2 kg per square meter. It is indicated that such a yield gives a tomato under a film cover. This means that growing in the open field, the yield will be even lower.

Those who were already growing a tomato, but did not know the characteristics, were extremely surprised by the low yield, blaming the weather or agrotechnical violations. In fact, the yield of "Sugar Bison" is simply not high.

Tomato's meanness is average.


The variety is sectioned as a salad destination.

The disadvantage of this moment is that the lettuce tomato pleases an early vegetable grower, and after enjoying it, the middle ripe one doesn’t feel like it.

An interesting shape and pink color make the tomato popular in the market, but low yields do not allow for a large commercial shaft.

Advantages and disadvantages

Looking for innovations, growers are trying to find greater yield, better taste, higher resistance to diseases. Unfortunately, this tomato cannot be included in the list of the best and it is unlikely that it will win the hearts of vegetable growers.

As a tomato shortage, you can list the following:

  • average terms of maturity;
  • low yield;
  • average taste.

Features of growing varieties

The fact that the variety is indeterminant imposes its own characteristics on the method of cultivation.

The plant will require timely:

  • pasynkovaniya;
  • the establishment of supports;
  • tying shoots as they grow;
  • fixing the fruit as they increase.

Recommended growing areas

The variety "Sugar Bison" is recommended for cultivation in all climatic regions of Russia.

The tomato is presented for cultivation in film greenhouses and open ground of personal subsidiary farms.

Disease and Pest Resistance

When registering a variety, the commission did not consider it necessary to indicate the resistance of the variety to diseases. This indicates that tomatoes need a full range of prophylactic treatments against particularly contagious fungal and bacterial diseases.

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Growing seedlings

To start planting should be in early March. Since the variety is of medium ripening, sowing earlier, you can get an earlier harvest.

It should be borne in mind that early crops require additional illumination, otherwise the seedlings will be elongated and thin.

When selecting a soil mixture, it is better to give preference to ready-made universal soils, since neither:

  • lungs;
  • nutritious;
  • balanced in acidity;
  • tested for the presence of pathogenic factors;
  • if necessary, disinfected.

Sowing is carried out in a general container, spreading the seeds at a distance of 1-1.5 cm from each other. The container is covered with glass or film and sent to a place where the temperature day and night will be within 25-27 C. In such conditions, seedlings appear on day 6-7.

After the emergence of shoots capacity is transferred to the brightest place and maintain the temperature of 15-16 ᵒC for 2-3 days. This will allow the seedlings to be squat and dense. Then, the daytime temperature should be raised to 18–20 ᵒC, and the nighttime temperature should be kept at the same level.

As soon as a pair of true leaves appear, the seedlings swoop into individual cups.

If the soil is used universal, then in addition to irrigation, the seedlings do not require additional attention until they are planted in open ground.

Transplant into the ground

By the time of moving to the garden, the plant should be at the age of 55-65 days. As a rule, there should be already 6-8 leaves on a tomato and it is desirable to look at the inflorescence.

When choosing a place in the garden, preference should be given to the one in which the nightshade was grown 4-5 years ago.

Place should be:

  • sunny;
  • protected from the winds;
  • with nutrient soils;
  • without swampiness.


Transplanting the tomato in the open ground, care will be to:

  • watering;
  • garter shoots;
  • fixing growing fruits;
  • dressings;
  • hilling;
  • treatments for pests and diseases;
  • timely staging;
  • regular harvesting.

When watering, it is necessary to take into account that the root system of tomato is deep and superficial watering with small doses of water does not give the desired effect.

Watering tomatoes, it should be done rarely, 2-3 times a week, but so as to dampen the whole earthen room, in which the root system lies.

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Considering reviews of the Sugar Bison tomato, reviews, photos, yields need to be adopted by someone else’s experience, but your climatic conditions may produce completely different results and, by planting a tomato, it may become a favorite on a vegetable bed.

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