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Characteristics and description of the variety of tomato "Kemerovets"

Kemerovtsy tomato characteristic and description of the variety

The variety of tomato "Kemerovo", according to reviews, has only pros and no cons. And if you get acquainted further with the characteristic, then really be convinced of the veracity of this opinion. The variety does not make you spend a lot of time on tomato beds, and you will definitely be satisfied with the result. So, if you have not bought seedlings for the new season, then we advise you to think about “Kemerovtsa”.

general description

This tomato was created by breeders in Russia. He belongs to the famous, and long-proven, Siberian selection. The variety is adapted for harsh conditions, can grow well both in the greenhouse and on the street. According to reviews, if the soil in your area is fertile, then one compact bush can produce 100 fruits each. "Kemerovo" is included in the State Register, has many positive characteristics.

If you are looking for tomatoes, under which you do not need to make supports, to take care of the hatching and understand what the formation of a bush is, then this variety is exactly what you need. Kemerovets will not be troublesome, it is a pleasure to grow it. With a more detailed description of the bushes and the fruits themselves, you will learn further, and we will also tell you about how to grow tomatoes from the initial stage to the harvest.

Tomato "Kemerovets". Characteristics and description of the variety

  • Treats tomatoes with early terms of ripening. After sowing seeds for seedlings and until receiving your first crop, it will take about 100-105 days.
  • Determinant plants. Standard bushes, which have compact dimensions - up to half a meter tall.
  • Due to small bushes, Kemerovets tomatoes do not need much space on the site.
  • The bushes are not very leafy, the color of leaves is saturated green.
  • Supports are not required, if only to maintain the branches during abundant fruiting.
  • Masking and shaping is not necessary.
  • Suitable for cultivation in all regions of Russia and in the CIS countries.
  • Easily tolerates all weather adversity.
  • A big plus of the Kemerovtsi variety is that it is not affected by the phytophthora, which so often destroys a significant part of the crop.
  • Summer residents praise a grade for its unpretentiousness and high commercial quality of a crop. The variety gives good yields and can be grown for sale.
  • Tomatoes have a universal table purpose - from them they make preparations for the winter, they eat them in fresh summer salads and simply without any additions.
  • Fruits can be transported over long distances. The skin on the tomatoes does not crack, they are well stored.
  • Tomatoes have a shape resembling a heart, they are compact in weight - 60-100 grams each. This makes it possible to preserve whole canned tomatoes.
  • The color of tomatoes - crimson.
  • The yield of one plant is more than 5 kg. From a quadrant meter, where you can place up to 8 bushes, you can get up to 20 kg or more fruits.

Here it is such a tomato "Kemerovo", as you already understood, the reviews are true. By the way, you can see the photo of the yield in our article. Such a large number of advantages, we think, aroused your interest and it would be useful for you to read about how to grow such a tomato.

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Agrotechnology. Tomato "Kemerovets"

In fact, there are varieties of different types of crops that all have many advantages and it is a pleasure to grow them. And to “Kemerovtsy” it refers one hundred percent. This tomato is early, therefore it is possible to plant seeds in the first and second decade of March.So that by the time of landing in open ground in your region has already passed the threat of frost. Somewhere is the beginning of May, somewhere is June.

You can do preseeding processing, you can and exclude this stage. But, to mark seeds, for example, in Zircon, we would recommend that in the future the bushes have even more immunity, grow and develop better. It is fast and you can buy this drug everywhere at a budget price. Next, you plant in nutrient soil, which is also sold everywhere. If you want to make your soil, then take the land from the garden, pour it with boiling water, weigh either a complex mineral preparation, or humus, sand and ash, or peat. You moisten the crops and cover them with foil; shoots will appear on the 7-10th day. You remove the film, now you just water the seedlings, and when there are three leaves, make a picking. At this point, make a mineral dressing.

Now your seedlings need only light, watering, loosening, turning to the sun, so that the stems do not bend. Start cooking the soil in about a week. You can dig the ground with humus or peat, you can put a spoonful of superphosphate in the wells during planting. You can also additionally shed boiling water with manganese on the ground to destroy the pathogenic environment and parasites. Shrubs can be planted fairly compact - 7-8 per square meter.

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In general, you will not have any difficulties. You plant seedlings in nutrient soil, spill them about a liter of water under the root. It is not necessary to put supports, all that is needed is good watering as it dries, loosening. For the season, add 2-3 times organic feed, it will increase the yield, ripening speed, increase immunity. So you learned about the Kemerovo tomato, its variety description and cultivation technique.

This tomato will bring you a lot of positive emotions, good fruit, without causing any hassle. "Kemerovoz" pleases not only with unpretentiousness, but also with the quality of the harvest.

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Kemerovtsy tomato characteristic and description of the varietyKemerovtsy tomato characteristic and description of the variety

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