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Tomato "Sweet miracle": large fruits with a pronounced taste

Tomato The sweet miracle was bred by breeders from Russia to produce crops in greenhouses, greenhouses, as well as in the open field.

Characteristics and description

Characteristics of a tomato Sweet miracle, a description of the variety, reviews, its photos and yield, suggest that it is a medium-yielding variety of tomatoes. Ripening of fruits occurs gradually, in small batches. The most recent ovaries begin to form at the end of the summer.

Characteristic variety:

  • variety mid-season, tall;
  • for proper development requires regular pinching and tying;
  • fruit ripening occurs from mid-July;
  • fruits have a pleasant sweet taste, fleshy, most often have a ribbed shape;
  • sugar concentration remains until the end of the season;
  • the ovary is formed in July;
  • With 1 bush per season you can get 10 kg of beautiful tomatoes.

The characteristic of the variety proves once again that tomatoes of this variety simply need to be grown in their own garden plots.

Description of the bush

The bush is tall, sprawling, it grows to a height of 1.8 m, it requires regular pinching. The leaf is medium in size, plain, dark green. After planting, the bush should be fixed.

Description of the fetus

Fruit ripening takes place in small brushes. On one brush can be formed several fruits. Each of them, on average, reaches 500-600 g. There are specimens weighing up to 1 kg. The fruit has the shape of a heart or a crest. The tomato has juicy pulp, it is not enough seeds. The taste of tomato is delicious, expressive and intensely sweet. The ripe tomato has a bright red color and an incredibly pleasant aroma.

Productivity and keeping quality

Sweet miracle has an average yield. From 1 plant per season you can expect about 10 kg of high-quality fruits. Tomatoes are stored and carry transportation. If you pick a green fruit from a bed, at room temperature, it matures quickly.

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Tomatoes Sweet miracle have great taste. Although the variety is bred as a salad, the variety is widely used in cooking. Fruits of a grade use fresh, salads, use as gas stations to soups and the second dishes.

Also, they make excellent preparations and matchless sweet juices. The composition of the tomato is a large amount of sugar, so it has a sweet rich taste, that is why it is recommended to enter into the diet of children.

Advantages and disadvantages

The variety has many advantages compared to other varieties. That is why many gardeners love it.


  • the variety is highly resistant to pests and diseases;
  • well preserved and transported;
  • has excellent taste;
  • large fruits.

To all its advantages, the variety has several drawbacks.


  • bush formation;
  • yield depends on fertilizer application, therefore its yield is not high;
  • bush has impressive size, which requires the organization of strong supports.
If you properly care for the culture, the disadvantages can be turned into advantages.Therefore, minor flaws can not greatly affect the yield.

Features of growing varieties

Tomatoes The sweet miracle according to reviews of gardeners who grow different varieties of sprouting tomatoes, is considered the sweetest of the largest tomatoes. Therefore, many of them, especially reverently refer to this variety.

It is recommended to grow a sweet miracle in 2 stalks, it will allow to keep an average crop and the optimum weight of large fruits. If you grow a variety in 1 stalk, the overall yield may be reduced, but the weight of the fruit can be reached 1 kg.

Grow a variety should be seedling way. Before sowing, the seeds must be rejected visually and disinfected in a 1% solution of potassium permanganate. After that, immerse them in a growth stimulator. Soil for planting tomatoes of this variety should consist of several components, be light, and also enriched with superphosphate, wood ash and potash fertilizers.

Soil for sowing tomato seeds:

  • fertile soil layer;
  • washed river sand;
  • humus.

Sow seeds need in early April. To do this, seeds are planted in a container with soil to a depth of 2 cm. After that, the soil must be sprinkled with warm water from a spray bottle. Cover the container with plastic wrap or glass to create optimal conditions for germination. Container with seedlings placed in a bright room with a temperature of + 22 + 23 degrees.

Recommended growing regions

In areas with a warm climate, the sweet wonder will feel great in the open field.

In northern climatic conditions, the tomato should be grown in a greenhouse or greenhouse.

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Growing seedlings

With the advent of the first shoots, the capacity must be transferred to a room with bright sunlight. At the same time, the container with the seedlings must be periodically turned over so that all the seedlings are evenly lit.

To water the seedlings of tomatoes should be moderate. In no case, you can not overdry it and pereuvlazhnyat. When the first true leaflets appear on the seedlings, the seedlings need to be dived into separate containers. About a week later, it needs to be fed with complex fertilizers.

2 weeks before planting in the ground or greenhouse, the seedlings should begin to harden. This procedure will help her to become stronger. For this, containers with plants are taken out in a cold place, on a balcony or veranda. The first hardening lasts 30 minutes, the subsequent procedures increase gradually. Seedlings are planted in a permanent place at the age of 60 days.

Transplant into the ground

Planted in a greenhouse or soil, seedlings are recommended for 3 plants per 1 square. m. Otherwise, increased density contributes to crop loss. Planted plants need to be prepared in advance of the hole. They should be about the depth of a bayonet spade. Each well must be watered with 1 liter of water and make humus. Also, in advance it is necessary to equip each well with a strong, stable support. It is recommended to fix the seedlings immediately after planting.


Watering tomatoes should be regular and moderate. Soil dryness and overmoistening do not tolerate tomatoes, so it is advisable to find a middle ground in irrigation. To regulate soil moisture, mulching will help. In addition, for the entire season, plants should be fed with mineral fertilizers at least 2-3 times.

Also, you need to regularly remove stepchildren, loosen the soil and remove weeds in a timely manner. As the plant grows, tie up the bushes.

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As soon as 5-6 brushes appear on the bushes, the remaining processes must be removed so that the plant gives up all its strength, only to the already formed brushes.

Tomato Sweet miracle characteristic and description of the variety, testifying that by observing all the rules of agricultural cultivation of tomatoes, you can get a good harvest of large sweet fruits.

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