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Tomato Peach Series: Advantages and Disadvantages

Official information

The hybrid was obtained by breeders of Agrofirma Gavrish LLC, Moscow, Russia. For four years, variety testing was carried out in all regions of the country, and in 2002 the hybrid was entered into the register of breeding achievements of the Russian Federation under the number 9806105.

The tomato is recommended for growing, as an early one, in all regions on garden plots and small farms of farmers under greenhouse shelters and in open ground.

Tomato universal purpose. It is recommended to use it as a salad, for whole-canning and processing.

Description of the series

There is only one sort of “Peach F1” in the registry, but entrepreneurs created a whole series of incomprehensible varieties and hybrids. To the first word began to add color (pink, red, orange, yellow).

Sometimes confusion arises because of typographical nuances. For example, the picture shows a fruit with a clearly orange color, and the fruits obtained from the seeds are of a beautiful “peach” color and fully correspond to the hybrid.

Sometimes, reading the description of the series, you can find that the fruits of tomato-peaches are supposedly shaggy, that is, their skin is not smooth, but velvety, as it were. However, it is not. During the varietal testing, the registration commissions precisely indicate this characteristic in the description, as for example the variety “Shaggy Bumblebee” where it is indicated that the surface is pubescent. Have

"Peach F1"

Characteristic and description

The original, legitimized, early hybrid bred by breeders. After full germination of seeds, maturation can be seen on day 85-95.

The plant is determinant, standard, of these say that they grow themselves. The height of the bush does not exceed 50 cm. The bush does not require a pinching and rarely needs garters and fixation of fruit branches.

The sheet plate is small, dark green. The inflorescences are simple, the first can be seen above 7-8, and then after 1-2.

Fruit formation is round, smooth. Unripe tomato of light green color. Starting to ripen the greens goes, and the fruit becomes cream. If his side hits the sunny side and is not covered by foliage, then he gets a light tan.

When cut, not very dense tomato seed chambers can not be seen. Officially, they are 2-3, but they are completely filled with pulp and not a lot of seeds.

Fruits are not large, in the range of 100-105 g, all tomatoes are equalized in size, shape and color. Tomatoes are ideally included in the neck of the jar and can also be easily obtained. The skin of the fruit is thin, but durable. The fruits do not crack on the bed and perfectly withstand heat treatment, remaining intact in the bank.

Tomato products (juice and ketchup) are very thick, some claim that they have the consistency of gelled mashed potatoes.

Tasters rated tomatoes "Peach f1" to "good." Those vegetable growers who have already tried the fruits describe the taste as gentle and balanced.

The yield of the hybrid is not great.In closed ground, its commodity shaft does not exceed 8 kg per square meter, and in open ground no more than 5 kg / m2.


  • early ripening of fruits;
  • good product yield;
  • ease of cultivation;
  • no need for pdvyazhka;
  • original coloring.

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Not many vegetable growers who have already grown a hybrid have the desire to re-allocate him a piece of land. They are stopped by those factors that:

  1. In a jar and at a dinner table, pickled tomato does not have an appetizing look because of its pale color;
  2. Tomato products are pale and other varieties of tomatoes must be added;
  3. Productivity is very small, in comparison with other hybrids.

Disease and Pest Resistance

The hybrid originator and the registration commission did not bother to provide data on the resistance of the variety to certain diseases.

Those growers who grew up a hybrid, do not indicate any features of tomato immunity.

Planting tomatoes in open ground, in order to avoid microscopic fungi, it is necessary to carry out preventive treatments with fungicidal preparations from the moment of formation of the ovary and with an interval of 15-20 days.

Features of growing varieties

The original hybrid "Peach F1" determinant and standard. Since its fruits are not large, it will not require additional fixation from the grower.

Hybrid also does not require special fertility, since its yield is not high, and the removal of nutrients from the vegetative mass is also small.

"Peach Pink"

This tomato is supplied to the market by the Russian Garden company.

Characteristics and description

The photo of a bag of seeds depicts bright raspberry tomatoes with a pointed growth. What the packer saw in the fruit with a peach is not clear.

The description suggests that tomatoes weighing up to 50 g, hand, 20 pieces per brush.

Recommended tomato "Peach Pink" for fresh consumption and processing for tomato products.

The indication that the fruit contains up to 7.5% sugar is a bit confusing, since such a percentage has never been able to be fixed by biochemists in tomatoes.

The producer is silent about the ripening period, but the indication that they begin to sow in early April suggests that it is possible that the hybrid is early. Designed for cultivation in the open field.

Advantages and disadvantages

Those vegetable growers who have already tested the seeds of the “Russian Garden”, sharing their impressions, say that there are no more than 6 tomatoes in a brush and they are very rare. The bush grows up to two meters, but you should not hurry with the stepson, because there are not many fruits.

Vegetable growers also did not notice the amazing, sweet taste and noted sourness, but the type of tomato fruit is beautiful, uniform, leveled.

Disease and Pest Resistance

Vegetable growers describe that the tomatoes of this producer are quite resistant and have not been subjected to special attack of fungal and bacterial infections.

The one who submitted the hybrid to the market claims that tomatoes are resistant to nematode attack.

Features of growing varieties

Since the variety is very tall, in contrast to the original “Peach F1”, it must be tied up to the stakes in a timely manner and stepsoned.

Conducting culture is recommended in 3-4 shoots, since the yield of one shoot is not very large.

When growing a tomato needs:

  • watering;
  • weeding;
  • dressings;
  • mulching;
  • formation;
  • tying up;
  • preventive treatments against diseases.

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Peach Red

The picture with the red peach is interesting, because two companies offer this tomato to vegetable growers:

  1. "Russian Garden";
  2. "Sedek"

Characteristics and description

To describe the tomato "Peach Red" you need to work hard, because firms provide completely different information.

The "Russian garden" tomato:

  • hand (20 tomatoes in a brush);
  • weight 35-40 g;
  • fruits with a "nose";
  • bright red;
  • resistant to nematode.

The company "Cedek"

  • early maturity over ripening;
  • indeterminate;
  • color pinkish red;
  • weight up to 200 g;
  • It is recommended as a salad and for processing.

It is difficult to find reviews of vegetable growers about the cultivation of both, therefore, buying seeds, rely on your strengths and possible discrepancies.

"Peach Orange"

Tomato "Peach Orange" can be bought in online stores, but there are no references to the originator of the variety, the manufacturer or the author. No color packaging with photos.

Official information

Unofficial sources describe the variety as the result of random cross-pollination of the varieties of Mini Oran and Yellow Peach in the fields of James Weaver. Since these varieties are very old and very sweet, the tomato has turned out with an increased dose of sugars and dry substances.

Characteristics and description

Fruits are not large, their size is compared with a golf ball.

The description of taste and texture suggests that the tasting assessment is “excellent”, but you need to become the owner of these original seeds.

Feature of the fruit is their unusual skin. It is covered with thin fibers, which resemble the velvet surface of the peach.

Advantages and disadvantages

Among the advantages of this variety manufacturers indicate:

  • amazing taste;
  • wonderful aroma;
  • unusual view of tomato.

Features of growing varieties

Since the description does not indicate that the vegetative form belongs to any species, it is better to start growing carefully and carefully monitor the growth force.

If the first brush is in no hurry to lay, then it is most likely that the tomato is indeterminate. However, it is also impossible to hurry with pasyka. Since the fruits are not large, and they can be tied up a little, removing the stepchildren, we can significantly reduce yields.

But feeding and watering should be carried out regularly and in a timely manner, because we do not know the potential, and can simply not allow the plant to show it with its calmness. It is necessary to start top dressing 2 weeks after planting in open ground, and then regularly every 14-16 days alternating mineral and organic fertilizers.

"Yellow peach"

Tomato "Peach yellow" does not exist at all. Sometimes producers paint yellow tomatoes and pack everything they want. Well, if the distribution gets a hybrid "Peach F1", and if something else. In any case, knowing in advance that there is no such sort, you need to understand that what you are buying is not clear what.

Sometimes the company packs a hybrid "Peach F1", but in the photo the fruits are yellow, and when growing everything falls into place and cream tomatoes with a beautiful tan.

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Even if you are lucky and you grow tomatoes with tasty fruits, it’s not a fact that the varietal characteristics will be passed on to the next generation. When choosing seeds, give preference to those varieties and hybrids that have undergone varietal testing and are recommended for cultivation specifically in your area. In this case, you will certainly get:

  • yield;
  • disease resistance;
  • resistance to climatic features.

Do you need a "peach"?

Doing an analysis of varieties and hybrids of peach tomatoes, reviews of those who have already enjoyed the "peaches" involuntarily formed the opinion that this series has a number of shortcomings and the main one is a strong re-grader. As a result, hard:

  • determine the time of sowing;
  • the conditions and need for staving;
  • landing site;
  • the amount of seed;
  • need cultivation.

Perhaps sometime, the breeders will develop a sort of peach tomato and it will be just as desirable and demanded as its stone fruit of the same name. Until this happens, give preference to varietal, legalized tomatoes, which will guarantee a tasty and rich harvest with their genetic potentials.

Video review of the tomato variety peach Scheherazade

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