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Tomato "Sweet Million": unusual with simple agricultural techniques

Have you already chosen tomato seeds for the summer season? If not, or think that something else would plant an unusual, then we recommend reading our article. Yes, today it’s not just a tomato, but a variety that will surprise you with its decorativeness and small, slightly more cherry fruits. Grow it easy, the taste of tomatoes is wonderful. If you are interested, then read the following description of the tomato "Sweet Million", reviews about it, also look at the photo, who planted.

This variety can be attributed to the cherry, as the tomatoes are very small. They are not only good at salting, but can also aesthetically decorate dishes. Bushes on the garden always attract the eye.

general information

Agree, the grade has an interesting name. All due to the fact that the bushes are covered with small tomatoes from the bottom to the top. They are infinitely many, because the "Sweet Million" high-yielding. The best indicators of tomato gives in greenhouse conditions, many gardeners and grow it under the film or in warm greenhouses. Here you can collect a record harvest - up to 12 kilograms or more. But the inhabitants of the south, as well as many regions of temperate climate, noted that the bushes grew well on the street. There are those who grow the variety as decorative.

Varietal characteristic


“Sweet million” has an impressive height - up to 2.5 meters in the greenhouse, up to 1.8 meters on the street. Type - indeterminate. Pasynkovaya and the formation of a bush. This variety is better to form in two stalks, leaving the main and stepchild in the first sinus. All the other stepchildren are removed, you also need to remove some of the lower leaves. The inflorescences of the bush - simple, covered with top-down fruits of red.

To grow a variety, a trellis is needed, around which a stalk will be twisted.

The leaves are dark green, their average number. The beds look very decorative during fruiting, as the stems are covered with compact tomatoes, smooth and glossy.

"Sweet Million" ripens very amicably, but it is better to pick the tomatoes on time, and it will take about 40 minutes to collect the bucket.


Fruits of tomato "Sweet Million", as confirmed by the reviews, very tasty. You see a photo of who planted a variety. They are smooth, symmetrical, shiny. Their weight is only 20-30 grams, for comparison, cherry is the least in 2-3 times. Fruits are well stored, the average yield per square meter is 7-8 kg. Fruits are juicy, tasty, it is convenient to preserve them in small jars, you can decorate dishes and just eat fresh.


In terms of ripening "Sweet Million" can be attributed to the early species - the first harvest you collect for 90-100 days after sprouting seedlings. If the greenhouse is warm, then the seedlings are transferred already in April, at the beginning of summer or at the end of May, the tomatoes will begin to sing. As already said earlier, the process is friendly.

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Diseases and pests

If you look at the spread of the “Million Sweet” seed pack, then the producer indicates that the variety is resistant to fitoftor. But the experience of summer residents showed that tomatoes can hurt, albeit infrequently. It is very important to prepare the seeds by soaking them in manganese at the very first stage. By the way, this information manufacturers also indicate.That is, we can conclude that if you carry out pre-sowing treatment, then the bushes and fruits on them will be resistant to phytophthora and a number of other diseases. If not, there are risks.

Of course, it is easier to grow crops in a greenhouse, but even here they are not protected at all. Excessive sunshine and moisture is a very frequent occurrence, so it is imperative to open a greenhouse, as well as take care of the beds. But when you open windows and doors, insects get inside. In the early stages, that is, before flowering, you can apply insecticides, then have either traditional methods of struggle, or environmental preparations.

To scare off insects, plant fragrant herbs, greens, odorous flowers or tobacco near the greenhouse.

Advantages and disadvantages

So, let's summarize everything that we learned from the description of the variety of tomato "Sweet Million" and characteristics.

Pluses of tomato:

  • decorative;
  • unpretentiousness;
  • yield, capacity;
  • harmonious ripening;
  • small amount of leaves;
  • high quality of fruits and their external aesthetics.

Cons of tomato:

  • no absolute resistance to disease;
  • need a trellis;
  • preferably only greenhouse cultivation;
  • possible harm from insects;
  • formation and pasynkovanie.

Now you already know this variety well, it remains to learn how to grow it. Nothing complicated here.

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Agrotechnika varieties

Sow seedlings

Tomatoes "Sweet Million" are sown early if there is a warm greenhouse. The age when the seedlings can be planted in the ground should be about 55-65 days. If you have a warm greenhouse, then the transfer will be in April, from this moment count the days. Next, look in the lunar calendar and select the date.

A week before sowing you pickle the seeds in manganese, rinse and dry. For even greater immunity, you can soak them in the stimulator for a day. The soil is best to buy ready-made and balanced, but it must be shed with boiling water. Crops carried out at 1 cm depth, under the film. In phase 4-5 leaves dive in a separate container. Two weeks later make nitrogen feed. Watered with warm water as the soil dries.

Carrying to the street

For two weeks, the seedlings need to harden, if the greenhouse is unheated. In this case, the transfer will be in May. In the greenhouse, the soil is also prepared - they dig up, remove the remains, add humus, ash, mineral dressing to each well. On the square meter plant 2-4 plants. Immediately put and support. After the seedlings spill, you can close the soil with mulch. For two weeks, she needed only water and a ventilated greenhouse.


The feed is applied about 4 times - after planting in 10-14 days, urea or nitrogen feed can be used here. After flowering complex drug. Further, in the period of fruit set and fruiting. You can use organic. Shaped bushes, we have already said, in two stalks, all the other stepchildren should be removed as they appear.

Tall bushes require a lot of water, after watering the area loosened. Once a week for the prevention of disease using a weak solution of manganese as a spraying, the soil is well poured ash. We have already told you about insects and harvesting on time. Cherry tomatoes "Sweet Million", according to reviews, very well take root, with them not so much trouble. So do not be afraid to grow them.

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We hope you liked the tomato, you will plant it in the new season. If you have a mild climate, you can even do without a greenhouse.

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