The most productive varieties and hybrids of super-sheaf cucumbers

superbug cucumbers

Superbug cucumbers - the result of the work of breeders who combined in him the long-awaited qualities that traditional varieties did not have: no need for pollination, resistance to bad weather conditions and diseases, high yield of sweet fruits without a bitter taste. However, to realize the potential of hybrids, stated in the reviews, it is necessary to comply with the agrotechnical cultivation of vegetable crops, given the advice of originators.

Superbug cucumbers: growing tips

Culture with beam type development has quickly gained recognition among vegetable growers. However, the breeders did not stop on their laurels and soon brought out hybrids, in the leaf sinuses of which up to 10 female flowers are formed. They were called super-sheaves. Up to 400 crunchy fruits can be harvested from one bush.

Peculiarities of care

Powerful bunches of the ovary are formed on well-lit shoots. Prepare the beds in sunny areas with deep groundwater. The second important point in the cultivation of such varieties - good nutrition. This will allow to realize the potential of culture, otherwise the plant will not have enough energy to “feed” numerous ovaries. The main thing - do not overdo it with nitrogen, stimulating the growth of shoots, but not the formation of flowers and fruits. For superbag cucumbers they organize drip irrigation, in which water gets under the root in small portions.

Lash formation

When the shoots grow, they close the beams of ovaries from the light, thereby reducing their number. It is important the correct formation of lashes. Standard layout:

  1. The three lower nodes “blinded” by removing the ovary, side shoots, just starting to appear.
  2. Across the entire height of the central trunk to the trellis, they pinch secondary processes so that only future fruits are present in the nodes.
  3. The main shoot is thrown over the wire, wrapped around it several times, pinned to the top when it reaches the neighboring specimen.

TOP 10 popular varieties

Not the first year in the gardens, suburban areas cultivated early ripe hybrid "Herman", medium "Marinda". These are cucumbers with a beam form of development, excellent taste and yield. But the work of breeding institutions does not stand still. Every year new varieties appear, and old ones will improve. Parthenocarpics, which do not require pollination, are the most popular among them.


Choosing seeds, you should carefully review the review, recommendations of manufacturers on the formation of bushes, because sometimes the schemes may differ.

Most varieties of hybrids of superbred cucumbers can be grown in the open and in the ground. Vegetable is great for making salads due to the sweet taste.

Table. 10 most promising and productive varieties

Name Description
"The Little Humpbacked Horse" Early cucumber cornish type. Fruits have no bitterness. Purpose is universal: fresh use, preservation. The fruiting period is long, throughout the summer.The hybrid is resistant to sudden weather changes.
"Five Stars" Up to 10 fruits about 9 cm long are formed in the sinuses. The hybrid of the last generation is cold-resistant and tolerant to rot and mosaic. When pickling cucumbers remain dense, crispy.
"Millionaire" Branching is limited. Fruits of gherkin type. Fruiting begins early and lasts a long time.
"Friends of Pals" Yield hybrid. Up to 20 kg of elastic, fleshy cucumbers can be collected from 1 m2. Due to the long fruiting and preservation of the presentation of the demand among producers.
"General's" Shade-tolerant, early hybrid. The branch is self-regulating. Up to 12 ovaries may form in the sinuses.
"Grandma's Secret" The early hybrid easily transfers night cooling. Due to the rapid return of fruits adapted to the climatic zone of the northern regions. Fruits of small size have a rich cucumber flavor.
"Siberian cellar" An early hybrid whose seeds went on sale not long ago. You can enjoy the sweet taste of cucumbers within 37 days after the appearance of the cotyledon leaves.
"Dream of summer resident" Ultra short and disease resistant. Bushes powerful with short internodes. Suitable for growing in low greenhouses.
"Balcony" Got a name for versatility. It can be cultivated not only in the beds, but also in loggias and balconies. Density and taste allow you to use the fruit for the preparation of blanks for the winter.
"Everyone is jealous" Shade-tolerant hybrid. The period of fructification is long, up to the frosts. Tolerant to diseases and bad weather conditions.

Cucumber is a popular vegetable crop. In order to make it easier for farmers to get a rich harvest, breeders have developed many productive varieties with a beam type of ovary formation. With standard care, after 40 days you can enjoy the taste of crispy fruits.

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superbug cucumberssuperbug cucumbers

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