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What are the sweetest tomato varieties?

the sweetest tomato varieties

Experienced gardeners are trying to plant tomatoes on the site, which differ in terms of fruit picking, height of bushes, purpose. Among the favorites - sweet varieties of tomatoes grown in open ground or greenhouses. Dozens of species of this culture with a high content of sugar and dry substances in fruits have been developed. For best results, it is necessary to take into account the growing region, the characteristics of the variety itself or the hybrid form.

Sweet Tomato Features

They do not argue about tastes, so it can be difficult to categorize a particular tomato as a sweet fruit. Increased sugar content - a characteristic incorporated genetically, and in the description of varieties often indicate the percentage of sugar, the solids content.

But even if the variety is sweet, at the “exit” its fruits may be sour. Influenced by weather factors, growing conditions. The sweet fruits of tomatoes ripened on ridges that have reached the degree of biological maturity on the bushes, and not during ripening. Tomatoes grown on cloudy and cool summers, when they lack sunlight and heat, have a worse taste.

If you need sweet tomatoes, pick varieties, as well as provide plants with full care. Observe the norms of irrigation, mulch the soil, if necessary, stepson and always sprayed from fungi and viruses.

Sweet Tomatoes for outdoor planting

For planting on ridges, breeders offer unpretentious varieties that produce yields even in unfavorable summer.

Appetizing dark

sweet varieties of tomatoes

On bushes up to one and a half meters large maroon tomatoes ripen. The variety is fruitful, with a long period of fruit release.

On a note!

The tomato tolerates a slight cold snap and is resistant to low temperatures.

The plant forms a ruby-colored fruit with a pronounced color of noble red wine. Inside - juicy, sugary flesh, kink with droplets of moisture. By weight - 400-500 grams, ripen in 110-115 days.

Pink honey

sweet varieties of tomatoes

Known cultivar cultivated in various regions. Suitable for beds, shelters, but better taste in the fruits of plants under the open sky. Pink honey refers to medium early tomatoes, gives up to 4 kg per square meter.

Beautiful raspberry-colored tomatoes, heart-shaped, with sugary pulp. Grow up to 400-500 grams, in the formation of ovaries - up to a kilogram. Forming in 1-2 stems, depending on growing conditions.

Bokele F1

sweet varieties of tomatoes

In height, the bushes of this hybrid tomato grow to a meter, a few leaves. The fruits ripen amicably, surprising with their colorful color. Pink skin with mother of pearl, sugar sweet pulp inside. Tomatoes as balls, weight on average - 100 grams. The hybrid is picky about watering.


tomato carbon

Variety with an interesting name and a beautiful, chocolate-colored tomatoes. Tomato from the group of Indians, tall, with abundant fruiting. Tomatoes weighing up to 300 grams, sweet taste. The shape is rounded, slightly flattened, with a dark area near the stem.

On a note!

In catalogs tomato is often found under a different name - Carbon.

Sweet fruit tomatoes for planting in greenhouses

In shelters harder to get tomatoes with a high content of sugars. It is recommended to give the fruits fully ripen on the bushes, removing in the state of biological ripeness. Note gardeners varieties Honey salute, Indian Summer, golden Konigsberg.

  • Honey saved - about 115 days will need to wait until the tomatoes are harvested from this high-yielding variety. The indeterminant tomato forms large, heart-shaped fruits of bright honey color. Weight - 300-600 grams. The pulp does not feel sour, the taste is sweet, full-bodied. High plants require garters, compulsory molding. Productivity - 5-6 kg per bush.
  • Sweet kiss - Cherry variety, with sweet cherries. They weigh only 20 grams, collected in a brush. Bushes high in the greenhouse - up to one and a half meters. For a good harvest, the stepson plants lead to 2 or 3 stalks. Tomatoes are deadly, are used in blanks, as well as for fresh food.
  • The clear F1 falcon is a hybrid from the Gavrish agrofirm that produces an excellent crop in greenhouses (a bucket of tomatoes from a bush). The fruits are round, slightly flat, 180-200 grams, red. The pulp contains a large percentage of lycopene, sugars. The peculiarity of the hybrid: the formation of large tomatoes occurs on all tiers of the bush.

Sweet Tomatoes for a Midland

Suitable for growing varieties of different ripening terms, but middle and late it is desirable to grow in greenhouses.

  • Pandarose F1 - medium-early tomato, stands out for its growth, tasty large fruits. From the group of indeterminate hybrids, it forms bright pink tomatoes at full maturity. Weigh about 200-250 grams, do not crack even with prolonged storage, transportation.
  • Large pink F1 - tomato from the "Siberian Garden", in the fruits - high content of beta-carotene. Tomatoes saturated pink color, with small seed chambers. Pulp layers, crumbly, at the cut - sugary. By weight - 300-500 grams, grow up to 700 grams. The ripening period is about 100 days. Requires complex dressings in the second half of the growing season.
  • F1 emerald gem - bushes of this tomato grow tall with beautiful openwork foliage. 3-4 brushes are formed with small tomatoes “cream”. First, the tomatoes are green, as they ripen the color slightly brightens, the amber flesh begins to shine. The content is sweet, with a pleasant aroma of fruit.
  • Southern tan - tomato belongs to the group of new varieties, it is distinguished by a small number of stepsons, high urgeness. Plants grow in greenhouses up to 1.7 meters, and when grown on ridges without shelters - up to 1.5 meters. Fruits are in the form of cylinders, dense, with full ripening of rich amber-orange color with coral shimmer on the sides. Weigh 180-200 grams. The pulp is fleshy, juicy, low seed.
  • Date fruit - Brush species, from the cherry group. Shrubs grow tall, up to 1.5-1.7 meters in greenhouses. Sweet tomatoes are small in scale, only 18-20 grams. The flesh is thick, sugary. This tomato is loved by children, eaten as candy right from the bush. Tomato variety Phenic perfectly tolerates short cooling periods.
  • Jaguar - an early hybrid ready to harvest in 85-90 days. Tomatoes are round, aligned, with barely visible ribbing. Weight does not exceed 180-200 grams. Under the dense red skin juicy flesh. A hybrid of sweet taste that is very resistant to low temperatures and does not change the taste characteristics due to the lack of heat. It is appreciated for resistance to diseases: to fusarium, phytophthora.

Among the varieties with high sugar content are Pink Spam, Tanya, Pink Berets.

Tomatoes of sweet varieties for growing in the Northwest

Middle and mid-season varieties that have time to gain maturity in a short northern summer are suitable.



Tomato pudovik weighing a pud is difficult to grow, but up to 700-800 grams is quite possible even for novice gardeners. A variety with excellent yield, with large raspberry fruit.

The meaty pulp is filled with sugar, the taste is honey sweetness.

Tomatoes Pudovik is a variety for salads, although juices and sauces are no less tasty and rich. Collection of fruits - up to 4-5 kg ​​from a bush.

Green grapes

tomato green grapes

Original tomatoes of greenish-yellow color will please the abolition of the sweetness of the pulp. The variety is included in the group of cherry tomatoes, different tall bushes, unusual fruit flavor fruit.

Planted in greenhouses, given that the height of plants - 1.5-1.8 meters. Need molding, mandatory supports. Tomatoes are small, 20-25 grams, dense and fragrant. They are suitable in salads, for the decoration of dishes.


tomato persimmon

In the northern areas, this tomato is grown in one or two trunks. The fruits are ready for harvest in 110-115 days, for full ripening it will take another 12-14 days.

Tomatoes varieties of persimmon rounded, with stiff skin. Color - orange, in weight reach almost 300 grams. When forming a brush and removing flowers in the brush, large tomatoes weighing 450-500 grams are obtained.

Nizhny Novgorod kudyablik


Suitable for planting right on the beds, as it is unpretentious, resistant to adverse weather factors. Variety from the group of early ripening, stem, with abundant fruiting. Tomatoes with a smooth skin, round, orange color.

On a note!

The fruit contains a large amount of beta-carotene.

Sweet girl

On low-leaf bushes ripen in several complex brushes with a large number of tomatoes. Weight on average - 16-20 grams.

Oblong fruits are covered with thin skin, color - red. The number of fruits in the hands - 14-18 pieces. Bushes low, do not need to remove stepsons.

Sweet tomatoes for the Urals and regions of Siberia

In these regions with a harsh climate, gardeners also grow sweet tomatoes. It is advisable to plant mid-early or mid-season species that will have time to collect the desired percentage of sweetness and mature in a short summer.

Sweet donut

tomato sweet donut

Variety from Siberia breeders, early, with amber round fruits. Tomatoes weigh about 130-150 grams, the pulp is juicy, sweet. Bushes are compact, medium foliage. Brushes of 4-8 fruits are formed in each. Variety universal purpose.

Golden domes

tomato golden domes

Tomatoes in the form of large hearts will delight this variety of every gardener. The producer is the Siberian Garden agrofirm.

On the bushes grow large, yellow tomatoes with red strokes. Usually remove the fruit in 300-400 grams. Celebrate excellent taste, versatility. Tasty in pickling, in salads, for juices.


tomato viagra

Varieties with dark brown or brown fruits are considered exotic at the garden plots. This variety was included in the State Register of the Russian Federation in 2008 and is resistant to various diseases.

Tomatoes with very dense pulp, high sugar content. The peel of the fruit is brown-brown. Weigh tomatoes about 100 grams. The main destination - salads.

On a note!

The fruits of Viagra contain anthocyanins, giving the tomatoes a colorful color.

a great warrior

tomato is a great warrior

Early variety belonging to indeterminate species. Ripen large, with pronounced ribbing red tomatoes. Feature of the variety: the presence of green spots around the stem.

Gather in about 110 days, tomatoes weigh 200-250 grams. The skin is thick, inside is fleshy flesh. The ripe fruit is immediately processed, as the tomato quickly loses its excellent taste.

Potato Raspberry

sweet variety of tomato

For areas of high-risk vegetable farming, a tomato with the interesting name Potato Raspberry is offered. Sweet fruits have a bright color, high sugar content. By weight, individual specimens reach 800 grams, with an average of 400-500 grams.

From a bush about a meter high they collect 4-5 kg. Mandatory garter plants.

Abakansky pink

sweet variety of tomato

Meaty fruits varieties "Abakansky pink" great in salads, suitable for baby food. Tomatoes with red skin and pink flesh weighing 300-500 grams.

For storage, the variety is not suitable, ripe fruits are consumed immediately for food. Tomatoes in shape resemble the fruits of the famous varieties Bullish heart.

Shrubs high, requires shaping (usually 1-2 stem). Pasynki are removed in time, otherwise the bushes will be very sprawling, the yield will decrease.

Sweet fingers

sweet fingers

Tomatoes with high sugar content in the pulp are suitable not only for salads. Small fruits of an oval form of this grade are tasty in preservation.

The variety is resistant to cold and late blight. Grown on the ridges, also fruits well in greenhouses. Bushes of small height (up to 40-50 cm), with a large number of leaves. In the removal of stepsons does not need care standard. Tomatoes oblong, with a small "nose", weigh 60-80 grams.

Short summer and harsh weather conditions are not a hindrance for gardeners. Properly choosing varieties of tomatoes for your own site and providing them with care, even in difficult climatic conditions, you can get a harvest of sweet fruits.

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the sweetest tomato varietiesthe sweetest tomato varieties
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