The fence of corrugated between neighbors: the rules and rules of construction

fence of corrugated flooring between neighbors

The real estate market is replenished with new objects in the form of country houses, cottages for permanent residence. Cottage - one of the types of summer housing away from the hustle and bustle of the city. And those who like to do gardening or horticulture, need a garden house for rest, protection from the sun. Any structure is on the ground, has its limits.

Quality fencing of corrugated

Each person wants to protect his territory from noise, prying eyes, uninvited guests. This task will perform the fence. The fence can be solid, lattice, mesh, made of metal, wood, plastic. Corrugated - metal sheet with a corrugated section of a thickness of 0.4 mm. It can be galvanized or coated with polymeric protective compounds of different colors. The professional flooring is applied in housing, industrial construction.

Advantages and disadvantages

One of scopes of application of a professional flooring - the device of fencings. A professional sheet fence has the advantages of:

  • strength;
  • soundproofing;
  • fire safety;
  • practicality;
  • different typical dimensions of the sheet section;
  • wide color palette;
  • beautiful appearance;
  • long service life;
  • ease of installation, maintenance.

Of the disadvantages:

  • large sail;
  • low rigidity of the structure;
  • susceptibility of supporting elements of the frame of corrosion.


The fence of the territory of a private household separates the house from the road, separates the lots of neighbors. The outer fence is located along the main facade of the building. The main functions - insulation, protection from the penetration of strangers. Height can be 2.2m. Internal fencing divides land among themselves according to the layout. In this case, there are two types of land use:

  1. Garden (cottage) non-profit partnership SNT (DNT).
  2. Individual housing construction (IZhS).


The fence must meet the requirements of:

  • providing natural light;
  • air passage;
  • avoid stagnation of rain and melt waters;
  • resistance to dynamic wind load;
  • beautiful appearance;
  • compliance of the installation line of the fence with the separation of areas;
  • the location of the elements of the fence frame by the owner of the fence;
  • panel transparency from 50 to 100 percent.

Set of rules SP 53.13330.2011 “Planning and development of the territories of gardening (summer) associations of citizens, buildings and structures. The updated version of the construction norms and rules of SNiP 30-02-97 ”is a document that regulates the sphere of legal relations between the owners. According to clause 6.2 of the Code, the fence of neighboring areas should be reticulated. The height of the fence is not specified, but a standard can be added to the SNT charter, which determines this value in the SNT territory.

When installing the fence of the site for IZhS are guided by regulations of local municipal authorities. The acts govern the construction, the height of the fence.


Regulatory documents are advisory in nature.In the event of a disputed situation, the judicial authority will be guided by existing state acts.

Legislative change

To improve the natural ventilation of land located along the fence, SNiP 30-02-97 was change made. It regulates the amount of transparency, which entered into force in 2019. The rate of transparency is no more than 50%. The fence can be lattice or mesh. It is made of wood, plastic, metal products, metal mesh. Sheeting is forbidden to use, because it does not meet the standard of transparency.

But there is a way to solve this problem. By agreement between the homeowner and neighbors, you can use decking. After the written registration of the consent of the neighbors in the border, you can build a fence from the profiled sheet.

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fence of corrugated flooring between neighborsfence of corrugated flooring between neighbors

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