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Ash onion planting: how to feed seedlings

Ash is a valuable natural fertilizer, to which many cultures, including onions, respond well. However, it is important to know how to properly make this popular dressing, to get a good harvest, as there are subtleties.

The benefits of feeding onions ash

The benefits of unburned tree residues for the Onion family plants stem from their rich mineral composition. About a quarter of all useful components are calcium salts, which are very important both at the seedling stage, during the period of green mass growth, and at the stage of crop ripening to ensure the safety of the bulbs.

No less important are elements such as phosphorus and potassium. The percentage of their content (as well as calcium) depends on the origin of the fertilizer.

The most saturated with potassium is ash from the stalks of sunflower, phosphorus, and calcium in excess in the product of birch firewood.

This organic fertilizer also has several advantages:

  • good digestibility by plants;
  • the ability to reduce soil acidity (except for the products of burning coal, which, on the contrary, acidifies the soil);
  • pest protection;
  • increasing the resistance of plants to weather conditions;
  • versatility (suitable for almost all types of soil, except too much alkaline)
  • almost complete absence of chlorine in its composition (there is only calcium chloride, which performs important functions in the process of photosynthesis).

When and how often is the procedure performed?

This useful substance can be introduced at different stages of onion cultivation, including when preparing seeds for sowing for seedlings. Also it is used:

  • when digging the soil in autumn;
  • for root and foliar dressing;
  • for the prevention and control of aphids and root rot;
  • before storing the bulbs.

During the growing season, fertilizer is usually applied one and a half months after planting the seedlings and during the formation of the bulbs.

It is important to keep in mind the need to separate nitrogen fertilizing and ash supply in time, because when used together, nitrogen evaporates and is converted to ammonia.

Step-by-step dressing

Top dressing when planting seeds is as follows:

  1. 2 tbsp. l Ashes are poured with a liter of distilled water, mixed and infused for two days.
  2. Gauze is well moistened with the resulting infusion and placed in it planting material for 4-7 hours.
  3. Seeds are dried thoroughly.

Unlike other vegetable crops, directly when planting onion seedlings in the ground, this fertilizer is rarely applied only when the soil is strongly acidified (1 tablespoon of ash powder is poured into the well).

For irrigation and spraying, a ash infusion is prepared: 250 g of powder is poured over 10 liters of boiling water and infused for 2 days. Infusion is poured into the grooves, made with the help of a hoe along the rows with a bow. In the autumn digging ash contribute at the rate of 600 g per 1 square. m. plot.

Ash is a natural fertilizer that has a mass of beneficial properties and can be applied at almost any stage of growing onions, as well as in various ways (both in liquid and in dry form).

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