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Planting days in March 2019 for tomatoes


Growing tomato seedlings requires patience and considerable knowledge. On the one hand, young plants are quickly drawn out, become brittle and fragile, if they are planted too early. On the other hand, late disembarkation does not contribute to obtaining large bushes before the transfer period. Choosing time for planting tomatoes in March 2019, it is worth clarifying auspicious days according to the lunar calendar, compare with agrotechnical norms and plan sowing.

Favorable days

Choosing the right days to work with tomato seeds will be easy if you focus on the basic rules. Since the amount of harvest will be determined by the active development of the bush itself, flower stalks above the ground, and to a lesser extent by the power of the roots, it means that it is important to carry out work when the moon grows. The only exception is tall varieties that are easier to replant when they are below average size and have a thick stem. At the same time, favorable days for planting different types of tomatoes may occur during periods when the following zodiac signs are particularly influential:

  • Capricorn;
  • Fish;
  • Taurus;
  • Crayfish.

It will be difficult to get fast and strong shoots if sown in the days of Virgo, Aries or Gemini. In exceptional cases, this is permissible, however, it is necessary to especially carefully treat not only the soil, but also the tools in order to reduce the risk of infection. The forbidden day will fall on a new moon, a full moon. There will be no eclipses in March 2019, which increases the possibilities for planning landing operations.

On a note!

The number of lunar days in the calendar also has its value. However, the influence of the phases and signs of the zodiac is much stronger.

The most suitable days for planting tomatoes in March 2019 will fall in the middle of the month. 10, 11, 12 numbers - the best time for the landing of early species, which first will have to be transferred to open ground. If there are greenhouses or greenhouses, at this time you can plant all varieties and hybrids. In the future, they will have time to gain strength before quenching in the open air, and the harvest will be given much earlier. 15 and 16 of the month are also suitable for working with planting material. For varieties that are strongly drawn out, and tomatoes, which only season in autumn, the end of the month is better suited. From 23 to 25 days, the Moon will contribute to the rapid rise of all seeds, as well as strengthening the root system.

The beginning of the month differs in the current year by the complete absence of favorable days. During these periods, the waning moon will not allow strong roots to form, and seeds, even with the slightest defects, are unlikely to break through the soil. This situation will persist until March 8th. But the next few days are strongly influenced by the new moon. Tomatoes planted at this time will be too sensitive to various diseases, bacteria and fungi.

Useful tips

Favorable planting days for tomatoes in March of the current 2019 have some peculiarities that need to be taken into account. From 10 to 12 days the moon will pass the zodiacal segments of Taurus. Therefore, the seedlings will be pleased with their abundance, even if the seeds were not of very high quality. But during this period, all plants will need mineral dressing and active watering. Therefore, do not neglect these procedures.Soil for tomatoes can be pre-mixed with nutrients, and then carry out the first feeding with special formulations to stimulate the formation of roots. A large amount of moisture will not become a problem if you pour a sufficient amount of drainage into the boxes at the bottom. It is better to additionally cover all crops with film so that condensate is collected on it. It is necessary even in rooms with high temperature and humidity.

On a note!

It is important to ensure that direct sunlight does not fall on the film. Only broken greens can get serious burns.

March 15 and 16 will be held under the sign of Cancer. This period is also called the Time Sheet. Therefore, it is better to plant tomato seeds with lush green, tall trunks. Such plants will grow especially actively in the first weeks if they are sown on time. At the same time, it is necessary to handle young roots with particular care during this period and to disturb the earth as little as possible. No need to loosen or fertilize. Any chemicals, even to speed up seedlings, are forbidden to use at this time. You can only achieve the opposite effect: the death of most of the planting material.

The end of the month, namely 23, 24 and 25 days, will be influenced by Scorpio and Sagittarius. The moon is waning, but this is a good time for planting tomatoes. They will not be too much involved, although they can rise a little later than the allotted time. It is especially convenient to plant tomatoes at this time for those who will have to transfer seedlings to the soil closer to the middle of June. In cold regions, in areas of risky farming, even at the beginning of summer, a stable high temperature is not always established. Therefore, planting seeds closer to March will get rid of numerous picks and pinching. If it is noticed that a certain variety often produces flowers in boxes, it is also better to postpone its planting until the end of March. In this case there will be no risk of damaging the peduncles during transplantation.

Pros and cons of early disembarkation

Planting tomatoes on seedlings in March has its advantages and disadvantages. AT 2019 is enough favorable days just this month. Since earlier and less capricious cultures have to be processed at the end of February or April, planning time is not enough. This is a serious problem for gardeners with big plans: in a few favorable days you have to do too much work. But in March there will be plenty of time for attentive and unhurried seed processing.

This month is characterized by lengthening daylight hours. If you land at Days of Leaf, the first green will appear soon above the surface. And she will need sunlight very much. Artificial rays, special lamps can not fully replace natural sources of illumination. Therefore, the end of March is especially good for sprouting tomatoes.

However, it should be borne in mind that the lunar calendar for March is not too favorable for late varieties. Their vegetative period is much longer, so it is not always convenient to plan planting. The beginning of the month and its middle will be unfavorable for such a culture, which complicates the task. However, plants can be strengthened in other ways, for example, by timely hardening and planting in greenhouses or greenhouses. At the same time, compact bushes will be less traumatized when transferred to the ground, if you plant the seeds in March and prevent the seedlings from stretching.

There are many favorable days in the first month of spring to plan the planting of various varieties of tomato. As the growing moon, and decreasing, will contribute to the formation of strong bushes, given the influence of zodiac signs.In the first days of the month, tomato lovers will be able to relax, and in the second half they will be able to actively plant.

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