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Description varieties tomato "Batyanya"

Here is about one such very popular tomato today and we will tell you. Tomatoes "Batyanya" - this is the leader in reviews, you just look at the photo. The yield of these tomatoes is high, the taste is excellent, well, all the other charms will be discussed further.

general description

Modern people are very busy. It is not always possible to go to your beloved cottage in order to care for the crops once more, because more and more unpretentious varieties are becoming popular. But this does not mean that they should not produce a good harvest. But are there such tomatoes so that the fruits are sprinkled on the bushes, yes, so that they are tasty, at the same time they require little attention? Of course, there is, thanks to the breeders.

And here about the tomato "Batyanya" today it was not just. It combines everything that a summer resident can wish for, whether or not he is busy. A variety with such a native name was bred in our country, after which it was entered in the register. And his breeders brought him out of Siberia, which gives him a great advantage in that bushes can grow even in harsh climates. Summer residents simply adore this variety, reviews about it are found on different forms, in magazines about the garden and the vegetable garden. So, what is "good"? Read on.

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Tooth "Tomato": Characteristics and description of the variety

  • Tomatoes are grown in the greenhouse and in the open field. The variety is perfectly adapted even for cold and short summers.
  • Tomato does not require special attention, complex methods of agricultural technology are also not needed.
  • Indeterminate shrubs. Their height may exceed more than two meters. Therefore it is necessary to make support in advance. If for some it is a minus, then when you collect the first harvest, immediately forget about these troubles.
  • By the way, about the harvest - it is high. One shrub can produce approximately 7 kg of fruit. With a square meter, if it grows three bushes, you can collect up to 20 kg of tomatoes. This is a very good return.
  • The variety is not only fruitful, but it also forms fruits weighing up to half a kilogram. If the variety is grown in a greenhouse, the mass of tomatoes can reach more than 600 grams.
  • The taste of tomatoes is pleasant, the aroma is tomato. You can use the fruit for a fresh meal, make different salads, juices, pastes, sauces.
  • The bush is better to form, then it will give even greater yield. Optimally leave 1-2 stalk.
  • One more big plus of a grade in its early terms of maturing. Within 90-100 days you will be able to see tasty, large fruits on your table. Tomatoes ripen evenly, while harvesting you can for a long time.
  • Tomato unpretentious to the soil.
  • The fruits are perfectly stored, easy to transport, do not crack, which makes profitable growing for sale.
  • Resistant variety not only to cold, but also to diseases. Insidious phytophthora bushes and fruits are not striking.
  • The shape of tomatoes resembles a heart.

Here is such a wonderful tomato of the variety “Batyana”, that the characteristic was clearly demonstrated to us. Now it is necessary to say about the cultivation, although there is nothing complicated.

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Crops begin at the end of February and continue them throughout March. This variety likes a well-drained soil, so immediately take care of the presence of sand or other drainage. Very good to plant seedlings in the soil, which was previously used on the site for growing greens or melons. Sand is already added to it.You can grow tomatoes in peat tablets or pots. Complex fertilizers or ashes are also added to the soil.

Before buying seeds, pay attention to the information on the package. Some manufacturers put a mark "Do not pickle." This means that the company has already done everything by itself; if there is no such mark, then use manganese solution for disinfection.

Crops carry out under glass or a film until the moment of shoots. Seeds are sunk to a depth of 1 cm. Then moistened with a spray bottle. When the seedlings have risen, it needs watering, the sun. Dive in phase 2-3 leaves.

Before transferring to the street, saplings begin to harden in 14 days by lowering the temperature. When the soil on the street warmed up to 16 degrees, seedlings are planted. In the wells before planting add a spoon of mineral fertilizer. At 1 square meter planted no more than three bushes. Immediately think about the support. As you grow, you can add fertilizers such as Agricola Forward or Effecton. They compensate for the lack of elements.

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Shrubs are watered as the soil dries. Immediately tied to a trellis or sticks, when the stem has grown, then leave it either, or add one stepson in the upper sinus, all the rest are removed. Of course, after watering the plot is loosened, pests are removed.

We hope in the new season you select this variety. Believe me, there will definitely be no disappointment in growing it.

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