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How to get rid of a mole? The most proven methods

Moles, which appeared on the site, can cause a lot of trouble. To get rid of uninvited guests forever, you need to be patient and certain knowledge.

What harm do the moles bring and is it necessary to fight them

In principle, moles are harmless for cultivated crops, they do not feed on planted seeds, in addition, they are even to some extent useful as they eat harmful insects. But in search of food (mice, worms), the blind can undermine the roots of plants, because of which they die. In addition, unattractive and useless funnels appear on the site.

It is also very dangerous for a person to get into the burrow, and if this happens, the animal can bite the “guest” a lot. Mole teeth are sharp, besides, it can carry dangerous diseases, including rabies.

Sonic repeller do it yourself from a plastic bottle

This method is very simple. It lies in the fact that in the bottle are cut "blades". They need to bend, thread the stick in the neck. Such a device is stuck between the mounds of the earth. The unit works in windy weather. The sound that he creates is unpleasant to moles, and the stick helps to direct this sound into the soil, thereby enhancing the effect.

How to scare away animals by smell

This method is not always successful, because, sensing the smell, this mammal can make other moves, but this does not guarantee that it will leave the site.

The method is good only at the stage of investigation of the animal of the site, while it is desirable to place such repellents on the entire site.

Buried in rags soaked in gasoline, kerosene, diesel fuel. The smell will persist for several years.

Planting Special Plants

If flowers or plants grow on the plot, the smell of which is unpleasant to moles, they are unlikely to come there. It can be garlic, onions, flowers with a strong aroma, such as calendula, marigolds, chrysanthemums, however, they will begin to bloom only from mid-summer. But among the primroses will help hyacinth, scilla and other small flowers.


Not the most humane way to get rid of uninvited guests, but very effective. The animals move along their mink, pushing from its lower part with sharp claws. When a mole falls into such a smooth trap, it becomes powerless and cannot free itself.

Such traps are plastic and metal. The first can be easily done by yourself. Requires a plastic vessel with a cut top. They make cuts along the perimeter, they need to be bent a little. Top is inserted forward with petals. The parts are fastened with wire, as shown in the figure.

Next, the trap remains inserted into the hole. To make the effect 100%, a couple of worms are placed in the bottle. A mole can easily climb into a bottle, but getting out of it will not work, and it will die after a while.

In another embodiment, a metal or plastic pipe is used. Its length should be at least one and a half meters, and one end - narrowed. At the other end, using a loop, set the plug in the shape of a square. Crawling into the pipe, the beast lifts it, and is no longer selected back.

Remember that both of the above options are inhuman and contradict the tradition of Europeans to let go of moles, which, by the way, are listed in the Red Book.


This is not to say that this method is effective, because it is unlikely that the animal will eat the poisoned bait, because it feeds exclusively on worms and maggots. Among the special poisons are “The Nutcracker”, “Krotomet”, “Antikrot”.

It is possible to remove the mole from the site, but this will take time and effort. It is best to use humane methods.

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