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Formation of a bush of greenhouse tomatoes in 1-3 stalks

How to shape tomatoes

Tomato growing is done by anyone who has at least a small piece of land at their disposal. Peculiarities of care differ depending on the agricultural technology of the selected variety, but there are also general issues, which primarily include the formation of tomato bushes in a polycarbonate greenhouse.

Formation of tomatoes, why do this?

The formation of tomato bushes must be done to increase the immunity of the plant, to increase the volume of the crop and to improve the quality characteristics of the fruit.

Most often, tomatoes are formed in one, two or three stalks. To do this, held cradle or removal of unwanted processes that take power and energy from the plant and do not allow it to fully develop.

There is nothing difficult in pasynkovanie. You just need to learn how to correctly identify the stepson from the main sprout. It comes out of the same leaf sinus, but is only slightly higher than the main one and has no rudiments of the ovary.

Remove the stepson must be very carefully with your hands or with scissors. During the procedure, complete sterility is important. Irresponsibility may become cause of infection plantings by fungi and other infections and lead not only to a significant decrease in yield, but even to the death of plantings.

It is important!

Cut off an unnecessary process must be very carefully, or rather should not be cut off, but gently, as it were, cut with nails. At the same time, a sprout of about 5 mm should remain on the stem. If you remove the stepson right next to the main stem, you can cause a very serious injury to the plant. And it gets serious stress anyway.


How and when to carry out the formation of the bush?

After 2-3 weeks after transplanting tomato seedlings on the garden, you can begin to form a bush. Immediately need to decide what will be the bush. If the stalk is one, the distance between the tomatoes should be 80-100 cm, if you plan to leave two or more stalks on the bush, place them at least 1.5-2 meters apart.

Otherwise, the plants simply do not have enough nutrients and moisture from the soil, as well as light and air.


Pasyoning in the early morning in hot and dry weather, so that the cut can heal until the evening, and also treat the “wounds” with potassium permanganate to prevent viruses and fungal infections.

The first stepson is formed under the first brush. If there is one stalk, it must be removed, as well as all additional sprouts that are formed in the future.

If the formation will be carried out in two or more stems, then this stepchild is left. In the future, unnecessary processes are removed once a week for 10 days. They should not reach a height of more than 5 cm, otherwise there will be too much stress for the plant.

How to form bushes in two stalks?

The first stepson is left on the main stem, if a tomato bush is formed into two stems. This procedure can be carried out with any varieties of tomatoes in order to increase yields.

Indeed, this technique helps. Only we must bear in mind that two stalks will require as much space as two shrubs. First steps leave, and all lower leaves and subsequent upper processes are removed.Care should be taken to tie the stalks and support them securely.

Also, if we are talking about the formation of two stems indeterminate varietiesit may be necessary to pinch a growth point on each. They reach a height of 3 meters or more, and this may prevent them from fully ripening.

Video: How to form tomatoes in the greenhouse?

Growing tomatoes in the greenhouse has the features of the formation of the bush. Optimally, if there is one or a maximum of two stems. Be sure to consider the props and how to be tied.

You should also plan in advance the landing sites of seedlings. Tomatoes in the greenhouse and so suffer from a lack of air and light. And if they to plant too thick, the result will be lush foliage, but for harvest there will be no sense.

How to create deterministic brushes?

formation of a bush of determinant tomatoesDeterminant Tomatoes stop the development after the formation of 3-5 brushes. At the same time, their height may be 50 and 150 cm. It is possible not to touch them at all, and not even to conduct a ladder. And you can increase the yield by making a bush of 2.3 and even 5 stems. If everything is done on time, it is quite possible that up to 5 ovaries will form on each stalk. But for this you need to leave only the strongest stepchildren, do not forget to pinch the growth point of each stalk and collect the fruits as soon as they mature, but you can also not quite matured, so that the rest of the development forces will be enough.

Formation of indeterminate varieties

Formation of indeterminate tomatoesIndeterminate tomatoes are most often formed into one and two stems. To do this, in the first embodiment, they are planted at a distance of 80-100 cm from each other, and in the second - up to 2.5 meters from each other. This approach will help to avoid thickening of plantings and will provide each plant with a sufficient amount of light, air and moisture.

If a bush is formed in one stem, then removal after the first stepchild is carried out once a week. You also need to cut off all the excess leaves on the bottom of the plant, in time to remove yellowed or dull.

When forming in two stems, the first stepson remains, and all subsequent ones are removed, as well as unnecessary leaves.

The timely formation of a tomato bush can significantly increase the yield, stimulates the immune system of the plant, improves the taste of fruits, their appearance and other quality characteristics. Before planting, be sure to familiarize yourself with the requirements for the variety and the recommendations discussed in the article. Only if all the rules are followed will it be possible to achieve an optimal result.

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How to shape tomatoesHow to shape tomatoes

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