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Description varieties tomato "Grandma's Secret"

But agree, no matter how good the tomatoes are, the main thing for us is their taste and universal table purpose. Not all vegetables can be tasty at the same time raw and processed. Tomatoes are tasty salted, fresh, in the form of juice and sauce. But in order for the dishes to turn out excellent, it is important not only to pick up any tomatoes, but also to choose the variety correctly. Tomato "Grandma's Secret" consider today. Many summer residents practice its cultivation in the greenhouse, and the reviews about it are left very good.

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general description

The variety is a product of Siberian breeders. It appeared relatively recently, entered in the register in 2007. Since then, he has subdued the hearts of many gardeners, and they have remained faithful to him all these years. What is his secret?

And it does not exist, since already at the first glance at the bush one can understand why the variety “Grandma's Secret” is a favorite tomato, and the reviews about it are true. The point is the fruits that are striking in their size. If the culture is grown in compliance with all conditions, the fruits can reach a mass of more than a kilogram, and in diameter to be more than 12 cm. The average weight exceeds 600 grams, which is impressive.

But these are not all the positive qualities of a variety, since it is resistant to diseases, and it can be grown in greenhouse conditions in all regions of the country. You can plant a variety on the street, but then the results will not be as high.

The fruits are not only large, but also very tasty and fragrant. Many housewives use them to make various tasty dishes, from sauces to tomato sandwiches. Fruits do not lose their positive qualities, vitamins and taste during heat treatment.

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Characteristics and description of the variety

  • Independent variety. The bush grows powerful and high up to 180 cm. Therefore, it requires a garter to a trellis or ropes.
  • Bush does not apply to standard types.
  • The stem is distinguished by its thickness, and the leaves on the bush do not form much, which allows the crop to ripen well and evenly. Leaves do not have pubescence.
  • Shrubs for optimal yield should be pinched at the growing point. Brushes with fruits on it are eight pieces.
  • The variety has a powerful root system, which needs free space, but at the same time the root does not deepen.
  • “Grandma's Secret” refers to tomatoes with medium ripening periods. So, you can harvest the first crop at 110-115 days after sprouting.
  • Highly resistant variety to mosaic, fitoftor, powdery mildew.
  • It can be grown in a greenhouse, in a greenhouse, and on the street, but in the first two cases the yields will be higher.
  • Fruits have dense and fleshy pulp, which allows them to be transported far and grown for sale.
  • The skin color is crimson or pink.
  • Fruits have a rich taste and aroma, few seeds, ribbing on the surface.
  • Purpose salad. It is best to eat fresh, use it for pickling, but fruit is not very suitable for juices.
  • Productivity is high. One shrub can produce up to 10 kg of fruit.
  • The grade fructifies the long period.

Tomato "Grandma's secret" and its description of the variety show many positive qualities, but there are also some minor flaws, but they arise, as a rule, due to improper care. So, the fruits may begin to crack on the bushes, because the humidity in the greenhouse was high. Also, in very rare cases, tomatoes can hurt, but this is again when non-compliance with competent agricultural practices.

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Growing varieties "Grandma's Secret"

Seedlings begin to sow in the first decade of March. Planting is carried out in the turf ground mixed with humus and sand. You can buy ready-made soil or use a more convenient method - these are peat tablets, which contain the optimal composition of nutrients, and they exclude the stage of thinning of the seedlings.


Seeds are buried to a depth of 2 cm and a distance of 2 cm is also left. This is subject to planting in a common container. Then pour water at room temperature from the spray. Since there is still a small probability of disease, it is better to treat the seed material in potassium permanganate, you can use "Zircon" or "Appin". Crops after planting cover with a film.


When the seedlings have risen, then at stage 1-2 of these leaflets they dive into separate cups. And the best option is peat pots. Although tomatoes easily tolerate transplantation, it is still better to minimize manipulations with the root system so as not to inhibit growth and development. And peat pots allow you to land in the ground with them.

Transplant to soil

Transfer to the greenhouse is carried out when the seedlings have reached the age of 50 days. At this time, the soil should already be well warmed and prepared. Since the bushes will be powerful and high, plan ahead a distance of at least 50-60 cm each and every other and supports. To the ropes or the trellis saplings tie up immediately after planting.

If the greenhouse is used regularly, and periodically cultures are sick in it, then it is better to replace the soil layer with a new one or shed boiling water with potassium permanganate. Only after this plant seedlings. Drainage sand and a spoon of mineral fertilizers are poured into the holes. So that the plants could not get sick, they can also be sprayed with biological preparations.


Watering of seedlings is carried out regularly, but the soil should not be over-humidified and there should not be high humidity in the greenhouse, otherwise, as mentioned above, there is a risk of disease and cracking. Therefore, always loosen the soil and ventilate the greenhouse after watering and rain. Watch out for bugs that can fly in and harm seedlings.


This variety requires picking and leaving only one stem. Point growth can pinch to the desired height. Top dressing can be organic and mineral. For the season will need 2-3 fertilizers. From organics, the sort of tomato “Grandma's Secret”, according to reviews, is popular with mullein, litter, weed infusions, compost. But do not overdo it with top dressing, so that greens will not start growing, and the fruiting has been delayed. If you did everything right, then the bushes will bear fruit until the frost.

Here is such a “Grandma's Secret”. You now know about his secrets, and you can calmly plant in the new season.

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