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Should I plant a tomato "Sanka"?

In order to plant a good variety and grow a proper crop, yes, do not miscalculate, you need to know a lot about this or that tomato. Often it is on the packaging of seeds, but only a small part of what a summer resident should know is said there. To be more savvy in this matter, read our articles. Today on the agenda is the tomato “Sanka” and its description of the variety.

General information

This variety was created by Aelita. It has existed for a long time already, it has been recorded in the registry since 2003. The variety showed itself best in the conditions of the central Black Soil Region. But in other regions with a temperate climate, it is also grown. With regards to colder places, the possibility of planting is also available, but in the presence of a greenhouse.

Tomato "Sanka" has good reviews. Photos of those who planted variety, you are shown the fruits that have a bright red skin color and an appetizing look. In general, we can say that we can recommend this variety to you, it really has a good return, it ripens early, there is little trouble with it. Also, tomato has an analogue that you can meet among the seeds - this is “Sanka Golden”. In principle, the indicators are quite similar, you can alternate or plant these varieties together, which diversifies the table.

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Tomato "Sanka". Characteristics and description of the variety

  • The variety is short. Refers to determinant species. As a rule, the bushes do not grow more than half a meter.
  • Fruits ripen early. The variety is called ultra-early. The first harvest you can harvest in less than 80 days after sowing. But the dates may shift, depending on the region. The highest harvest was obtained in 70-72 days.
  • Stalks do not require garters - this is convenient. But bushes seasoned gardeners sometimes advise thinning.
  • Fruit weight about 150 grams. This is if you grow a tomato in a greenhouse, on the street tomatoes are compact in size - 80-90 grams.
  • The small size of the fruit for someone has a negative side, but for the housewives, who spin the whole fruit - this is only a plus. Conservation is convenient to do, plus the tomatoes do not crack after heat treatment.
  • The skin color is scarlet, the surface is smooth and glossy. There is a slight ribbing.
  • Dry matter - 4-5%.
  • The tomato tolerates coolness, lack of regular sunny days.
  • Yield is average. With one square meter you can collect about 15 kg of tomatoes.
  • "Sanka" is not a hybrid. You can plant its seeds year after year.
  • Universal on growing - grows in film shelters, greenhouses, on the street.
  • Also at a grade universal table appointment.
  • "Sanka" has a strong immunity to the most common diseases - to phytophthora, mosaic, rot, spotting.

You already have a rough idea of ​​the Sanka tomato variety according to its characteristics and photos, but the knowledge will not be complete, if not to say about cultivation.

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You should know that often about the Sanka tomato experienced gardeners, and the producers themselves, they say, as about the variety for the lazy. Why? It is easy to grow it, care is minimal. You do not have the time and energy to grow crops, plant this tomato. With him, you do not need to perform such techniques as a garter, because the bushes are low, pasynkovanie, if only occasionally thinned, treatment for diseases. The variety has excellent resistance and ripens early because it does not bother pests. Otherwise, everything is simple.

Seeds are planted in April.If you grow crops in a greenhouse, then produce crops in March in the common container or peat tablets under the film. Do not forget about moisturizing. Shoots appear, remove the film, now you need only light and watering as the soil dries.

The landing on a permanent place is carried out after all the frosts are gone. Approximately 2-3 decade of May. The holes are made 30 cm deep, the distance between the bushes is 40-50 cm. Humus, sand and a spoon of ash or just a mineral preparation from the store are put into each well in accordance with the manufacturer's recommendations.

During the season they feed another 1-2 times. You can use organic matter - mullein, urea, litter, or do top dressing according to popular recipes, for example, use yeast, infusions on weeds. Such supplements will contribute to the rapid development, early ripening and the greater mass of fruits.

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Otherwise, everything is simple - remove the weeds, water as the ground has dried, loosen and air the greenhouse, harvest as it ripens, so that the branches do not break. We think you now know exactly the answer to the question of whether it is worth planting Sanka tomatoes. Of course yes.

Unpretentious varieties always save time to the summer resident, which is very important. Why waste energy if you can choose varieties similar to the tomato described today.

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