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7 ways to effectively use plastic bottles in the garden

plastic bottles

A variety of crafts from plastic bottles for the garden with their own hands will solve the problem of garbage disposal, will help in the organization of space and even serve as an ornament of the summer cottage. Plastic containers from drinks can be used in the form of containers for growing plants, fancy garden figures, practical tools for the economy.

Why is it better to reuse plastic

Plastic recycling in the country is problematic due to the lack of collection points for collecting secondary raw materials. It is impossible to burn plastic, because during combustion it releases a large amount of toxins and poisonous ash, which must also be properly disposed of.

Country crafts and adaptation of plastic bottles for household needs - this is a reasonable choice, which is characterized by:

  • eco-friendly solution to the issue of garbage;
  • practical and durable material resistant to frost, solar ultraviolet, atmospheric precipitation;
  • ease of conversion work;
  • aesthetic appeal.

The period of decomposition of plastic materials reaches up to 500 years. Using the bottle wisely, you contribute to the purification of the environment.

The polymeric materials from which PET tanks are made by blowing are high-strength compounds that have not been decomposed for centuries. A beverage container takes up a large percentage of all human garbage. Reuse plastic trash to save the environment.

Variants of crafts from plastic bottles

There are many variations on how to use plastic containers from under the drinks in the household. To work you need only a knife, scissors, fantasy, elements for decoration, coloring compositions. PET products are a valuable material from which you can get:

  • interesting flower beds;
  • durable track cover;
  • unusual fences;
  • exclusive durable curtains;
  • fancy lamps, etc.

Before starting work, prepare all the blanks using a single algorithm — rinse the container from the inside, soak in water to remove the labels, and dry thoroughly. Collect the components of future crafts in sufficient volume. Attract the help of relatives, friends, colleagues to have the right amount of raw materials.

Fences for flower beds and beds

Beautiful and neat bottle fences look harmoniously on the summer cottage. With the help of tara, you can give the beds with flowers or flowerbeds clear lines, delimit the planting zones, zone the space.

Create a decoration for the fencing of blooming plantings and crops as follows:

  • make a plan of the site with the application of the planned plantings of vegetables, herbs, flowers;
  • sketch out flowerbeds and ridges of the intended shape;
  • use in planning different colors of decorative fences;
  • collect empty bottles at home, ask to give them to your friends;
  • soak containers in a bath of warm water to remove labels and rinse the inside surface;
  • clean the container from food residues and stickers, keep the covers;
  • fill each bottle with career or river sand, garden soil for weighting;
  • dig in along the perimeter of the landing each filled container perpendicular to the earth's surface of your choice - down or up the neck, at an angle, creating parallel inclined.

If desired, use a specific color of PET containers to create the curbs, mix or paint the enclosure with an outdoor paint with high hiding power. You can alternate bottles of different sizes to make a figured fence. Garden beds and flower beds framed in improvised fences have a neat finished look.

Tanks for seedlings and plants

Plastic bottles can be used for growing seedlings, as containers for growing greens on a windowsill or as flower pots for ampelous plants. Pick up containers of the same size, make a hole of a clear rectangular or oval shape in the side wall with a joiner's knife or scissors to form an oblong pot.

Use the processed container for the following purposes:

  • under the hotbed. For growing seedlings that reach small sizes (cabbage, cucumbers, beets, flowering plants), fill the container with earth by ¾, place them on low tables in a low box on the table or window sill to ensure the pots are still. For adult seedlings, trim half of the PET bottle. Leave the lower part in height of 10-15 cm. Plant seedlings of tomatoes, zucchini, peppers, etc in it;
  • under the home garden on the windowsill. Use cropped bottles to germinate onions or garlic in greens. Fill the container with a small amount of soil, moisten abundantly and place large onions in a row. To grow leaf lettuce, dill or parsley, fill home-made pots to ¾ with fertile soil, sow the seeds treated before planting. Provide a hotbed of stability by making supports or placing containers in low boxes;
  • under cultivation of country flowers. Cut the bottles of the same or different sizes screw on 2 screws to the fence, house wall, railings. Arrange the items in a chaotic or staggered manner. If desired, paint homemade pots in any color. Fill the containers with ¾ soil, land in them seedlings of ampelous petunias, nasturtiums, dichondra, lobelia. The expanded flower garden will cover the imperfection of the buildings and decorate the country yard.

Growing plants in plastic containers is convenient and practical. Self-made pots and nurseries can be used repeatedly. They do not lose shape, take up little space, light in weight.

Craft palm

Fancy decoration in the form of a palm tree at the dacha will create the appropriate mood for rest. For the construction of crafts choose the same capacity of brown and green polymer. Think over a frame that will hold an improvised exotic tree. For the barrel you can use curved sticks, PVC pipe.

Make a summer palm in the following order:

  • dig a skeleton on which you will string the barrel bottles. Consider that the work has to withstand precipitation and gusts of wind;
  • cut the neck of the brown bottles so that the cylinders closed on one side are formed;
  • cut the edges of the cut edge with a recess of 1.5-2 cm, forming triangles every 1-3 cm. Make curls of these elements by twisting the plastic with a knife;
  • Drill holes in the bottoms for stringing the barrel segments on the core. Use a drill under the rod or PVC pipe. For nozzles on sticks, make holes with a heated metal object of suitable diameter;
  • string bottles bottom down on top of one another;
  • at the upper end of the barrel, fasten metal rods or water polymer pipes, curved arc. Draw a rosette on which to fasten the green "palm" leaves;
  • cut the bottom and neck of green bottles;
  • cut the formed hollow cylinders so as to obtain a rectangular web of polymer;
  • cut out the prepared segments oval leaves with a pointed end, make many cuts along the sides, forming foliage;
  • fasten several homemade leaflets to the bolted branches to form a thick crown. Move from the trunk to the edges.

A homemade plastic palm tree will decorate the dacha and will delight children. If desired, you can highlight the elements of illumination or LED stripes. In the evening, luminous crafts will look especially beautiful.

Plastic bottle curtains

Beautiful air curtains of plastic bottles can be hung in the doorway of the house, summer kitchen, bath or arrange open spans of the summerhouse gazebos. For homemade curtains, plastic tank bottoms, durable reinforced threads or a thick fishing line, an awl are needed.

Make crafts according to the algorithm:

  • cut the bottom of the polymer container at the base, so as to get a flower;
  • with a thick needle or an awl, make holes in the side walls for threading;
  • string plastic items in accordance with the conceived idea;
  • secure curtain on the eaves.

Use plain or multi-colored PET bottles, forming fancy patterns. The self-made curtain will protect from rainfall, an abundance of insects, will dissipate a solar ultraviolet.

Garden lights

Effectively and elegantly looks dacha with lighting in fancy lamps. You can use plastic bottles in various variations. It all depends on your imagination.

Options for garden lampshades:

  • in the form of a tulip. Cut the bottom of the plastic container. Cut the cut edge in the form of triangular-shaped petals. Cut off the neck so that it is possible to screw in a light bulb;
  • classic lampshade. Around the chuck secure the wire with wire leads attached to it. Cut the holes in the cut-off bottoms and make a string on the metal straps. If desired, secure the segments by threading the line;
  • flower From the 5-liter bottle, cut a large lampshade. From smaller polymer containers, get bottoms. Use variegated containers to form flowers of different sizes. Melt the edges of the cut segments. On a larger cut element on PVC glue or “Moment” composition, plant a smaller circle. Complete the decorative craft cut out of plastic with a round core, which is firmly glued to the middle. Spread the blanks over a large lampshade and secure with adhesive.

A regular light bulb with a tungsten filament emits a lot of heat when illuminated. In order not to melt homemade plastic lamps, use LED or economical heating elements.

Using multicolored plastic will create a fancy cozy glow. Arrange the country luminaire along the garden paths, on the buildings, fasten along the fence.

Paths to give

An excellent option for the use of plastic bottles is the construction of the country lanes. The polymer does not rot, is resistant to mechanical loads, easy to install. Lay paths along the beds, to the outbuildings, lay out the area in front of the house using the cut-off bottoms.


  • cut the bottoms of the bottles to get containers with a height of 5-6 cm;
  • remove the sod at the site of the trail or loosen the soil;
  • screw plastic elements upside down;
  • trample that track.

With the help of selection of containers of different colors, you can lay out paths with a pattern, make a mosaic, pave the way in the same color range to a specific structure.


A variety of crafts from plastic bottles for the garden with their own hands will not only solve the problem of recycling polymer containers, but also provide an opportunity to decorate the site, turn on the fantasy, get a lot of beautiful, practical things and accessories. Do not throw away PET containers. You will need a little work to bring your cottage in a well-groomed and elegant look.

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