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Sowing cucumbers "in boiling water": a simple way for quick germination

seedlings of cucumbers

Cucumber is a heat-loving culture originally from India. For this reason, the sowing material of vegetable crops in temperate climates has poor germination. But thanks to the sowing of cucumber seeds "in boiling water" it is possible to achieve an important goal - to get an early harvest. The advantage of this method is due to the effect of high temperatures on the etheric shells of the seed. They remove the latter, contributing to the rapid germination, improve germination.

Sowing "in boiling water": method description

Despite the fact that the method is called innovative, in fact, he has long been known. It was recommended for private farms in 1965 in the book "Tips for the management of homestead farms." In a more severe climate, the method is used when sowing seeds for seedlings. However, since the culture does not tolerate transplantation, it is more often used for seeding on the beds.

Benefits of Reception

The method used in agriculture for a long time, has its advantages. Main advantages:

  1. Versatility - the technique is used when sowing seed of any vegetable crops and flowers. It is especially effective when sowing seeds with a thick shell. Boiling water has the ability to make it thinner, removing the essential "coating".
  2. Simplicity - seeds are sown dry, they do not need to be pre-soaked.
  3. Saving of time - preparatory work is not carried out, the interval between sowing and germination is reduced.
  4. Lack of need for growth stimulants - improved germination determines the method of sowing "in boiling water."
  5. Disinfection - due to the use of hot water, harmful organisms on the seeds and in the soil die without additional chemical agents.

Seed preparation

Since the seed “in boiling water” is sown dry, they do not disinfect it for long. However, experts advise all the same not to neglect this stage because of the risk of great contamination of the soil. For 15 minutes before sowing, the seed is soaked in a solution of potassium permanganate or in a mixture of copper sulfate. Supporters of pesticides, as more reliable means, can use the drug "Maxim".

Step-by-step instructions for seeding in open ground

The beds for cucumbers are prepared in advance. In autumn, the soil is enriched with complex mineral fertilizers containing potassium and phosphorus, as well as organic matter containing nitrogen in an accessible form. When the soil warms to 15 ° C, you can begin to sow. The sequence of steps:

  1. At the site make holes with a distance of 60 cm between each other.
  2. They are sprinkled with boiling water and then the seeds are laid out.
  3. The seed is covered with a layer of soil, which is slightly compacted.
  4. Crops covered with a dark film until germs.

In order not to miss the appearance of amicable shoots, the process under the covering material should be monitored from the second day after sowing.

Care after seeding

To get a full crop, the beds must remain clean. This is especially important at a stage when seedlings are not high. To ensure aeration and good water permeability, as well as to form a strong and branched root system, it is necessary to systematically loosen the rows. Depth - 2-4 cm.Vegetative plants need a lot of moisture. The frequency of watering depends on the phase of development:

  • before flowering - once a week;
  • in the phase of fruiting - 2 times.

It is important - do not forget about the additional nutrition, which will give the plants strength to form a full harvest. Dressing should be five:

  1. At the beginning of flowering a composition of 10 liters of water and superphosphate, urea, potassium sulphide (5 g each) is used, 30 g of mullein is also added.
  2. During the completion of the phase make a nutrient solution of 10 liters of water, 30 g of nitroammofoski, 150 g of chicken droppings.
  3. The remaining three are carried out during fruiting with the addition of increased concentrations of phosphorus and potassium.

To improve the composition and structure of the soil apply top dressing with sodium humate.

Caring for cucumbers is in tying the stems of culture. It is necessary to carry out the procedure systematically - as they develop. After the formation of a 6-7 leaf, the main stalk of the cucumber must be pinched, this stimulates the branching of the plant and increases the yield. After the start of fruiting harvesting is carried out every two days. This stimulates the formation of new fruits.

Sowing seeds "in boiling water" solves the main problem associated with the cultivation of cucumbers - poor germination. As a result, the shoots are friendly, and the harvest is early. The main thing is to properly care for vegetative plants.

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seedlings of cucumbersseedlings of cucumbers

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