Minusinsk Tomato Festival 2018

Minusinsk Tomato Day

Every year, over a decade and a half, a holiday takes place in the city of Minusinsk, which the entire Krasnoyarsk Territory knows about. Residents of nearby cities, villages and villages come to enjoy the festive atmosphere, but also residents of Altai, Kemerovo, Kazakhstan and Belarus. More than twenty thousand people participate in street festivities in Minusinsk.

Features and traditions of the holiday

In the nation celebrationreceived the ringing name "Minusinsk Tomato Day". The main idea was the awarding of local farmers, gardeners who were able to grow the best crop of tomatoes. The one who wins the main competition is awarded a valuable prize - a car. Anyone can participate. The main thing is to have time to submit an application to the city hall of Minusinsk before August 15.

What happens after submitting the application

  1. A special commission arrives at the site of the contestant who weighs the weight of the tomato nominee.
  2. After determining the winner, the tomato is taken away to the museum in Minusinsk. Where from plaster make his copy.

Gardeners, gardeners can take part in the competition, but also those who do not have a personal plot. Here is the winner of the one who invented the most original tomato costume. The prize is either a kitchen appliance or a sum of money.

So that the locals and visitors of the city should not be bored at the Minusinsk Tomato festival, the city administration develops an entertainment program:

  • you can visit the sights of Minusinsk;
  • admire the exhibits from the exhibition of achievements in the field of agriculture;
  • to purchase agricultural goods on sales;
  • attend courses in agriculture and learn how to select high-quality seed;
  • get acquainted with the achievements in breeding and learn about new varieties of tomatoes;
  • participate in excursions to the largest greenhouses of the region;
  • enjoy the costumed show parade;
  • enjoy the concert show program.

The city streets are full of bright and rich colors. Songs and jokes are heard from all corners. There are many cozy local restaurants and shops in the open air. Everyone can take part in a costume parade, even if there is no costume. But one should not forget about the fact that the main culprit of the celebration is still Tomato!


Each guest of the holiday can find for themselves something interesting and informative.

Where and when was the celebration?

The celebrations at the Minusinsk Tomato festival took place on August 17 and 18 in 2018. There were several venues for the celebration:

  1. Cathedral Square.
  2. Square named after Lenin.
  3. Square near the fountain.
  4. Crossroad of Abakanskaya and Timiryazeva streets.

Also in the organization of the holiday were directly involved employees of the art gallery, the museum named after Martyanov.

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Celebration program

On August 17, at 10 am, the “Fair of Agricultural Products” opened its doors on Cathedral Square. Thanks to the staff of the museum.From 10 am to 1 pm Martyanov could take part in informative and familiarizing excursions to the best areas where tomatoes are grown. In the park to them. Lenin for children and young people worked interactive platform. In the art gallery one could take a course of a young fighter - “How to grow a champion”, and in the square near the fountain, enjoy the creative work of a brass band and the folk ensemble “Chervone berries”.

Costume Fair

On the second day of the festival in honor of the celebration of the Minusinsk Tomato in 2018, at 10 am, the agricultural fair in the Cathedral Square opened its hospitable doors. At 11:00 the Tomato Show began - this is a costume parade, which ended with awarding the winners in the Minusinsk Champion nomination. All this lasted until the evening at the crossroads of Abakanskaya and Timiryazev streets. During the holiday a concert was held, and at ten o'clock in the evening fireworks thundered.

Contests and nomination celebrations

“Minusinsk champion”, “Exemplary tomato plot”, “Young gardeners” are the main nominations of the competition. For the first time, the winner will be selected in the Tomato Masterpiece competition. It will be able to participate farms, which for their own means have installed any installation or art object.

How did you choose the Minusinsk champion

The berry of the tomato submitted for participation in the competition must be seemingly fresh, whole, not damaged by diseases and insects, and other damage is not allowed. The form is correct and in accordance with the variety of tomato, but not overripe. If the tomato is not even or overripe, then the admission to participate in the competition will be denied, but the data will be entered in the act in full.

If several ovaries have grown together in one fruit, they will be allowed only if there is no empty space between them. The stem should be in the singular. By color, fruits can be yellow, brown, red, green, pink and orange. Tomatoes on a bush at least three, and the mass of this berry the more, the better.

A tomato

For the competition, the fruit of the tomato is cut at the base of the stalk. After there is a photographing and weighing. The main persons present are the contestant and the members of the commission. Next comes the drafting of the act in duplicate. The first one is filled in for further participation in the competition, and the second for members of the commission.

But it may happen that two fetuses will be chosen with equal weight. One is grown in greenhouse conditions, and the other in the open. In this case, the tomato that grew in the open field will win.

At least fifty tomato bushes should grow on one plot. The last day of admission contestants takes place on August 15.

In the nomination "Champion of Minusinsk" there are three prizes, each of which involves the awarding of valuable prizes.

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Nomination Exemplary Household Plot

To select a winner in this competition, attention is paid to:

  • how many garden crops grows on the site;
  • what rare plants grow on the site - contestant;
  • decorative design of the site;
  • how well groomed;
  • how aesthetically pleasing the site is.

Nomination Young gardeners

It is held among ordinary people. Age from 14 to 35 years inclusive. Vegetable garden - the nominee should be:

  • well maintained;
  • no weeds.

Consider the following factors:

  • the number of tomato bushes is not less than forty;
  • bush yield not less than 5-7 kilograms;
  • the number of fruits is not less than five.

Winners who participated in contests of past years are not allowed to participate, but only in the nomination in which they won.

Winner in the nomination Champion Minusinsk 2018

In 2018, a tomato of the variety “Sprint - timer” won in this nomination. Fruit weight was 1,648 grams.The winner was raised by Alexander Terekhov at his backyard.

This holiday has become the hallmark of the Krasnoyarsk Territory. He is loved by all and locals and guests of the city of Minusinsk. Here the air is filled with joy, joy, superb mood and love for the Motherland and everyone around. More such celebrations in our country ...

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