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Recommended Tomato Varieties of Universal Purpose

Tomatoes sorta

Excellent harvest of tomatoes can be achieved only with a good variety. Before purchasing seeds in the store, you should be familiar with what they are. You need to know what exactly you plan to grow on the beds, what is the further purpose of the fruit. With a large variety of varieties of tomatoes it is very easy to get confused and acquire something completely different from what you would like. To choose the best variety, you need to pay attention to which one fits the conditions of climate, soil, etc.

Selection rules

One of the important principles of choosing a variety is ripening time, a short tomato or a tall one.


Tall varieties need to be tied up, but they give more fruit.

For each method of use different varieties are used. The importance for each particular gardener is determined individually. Initially, you need to understand the variety of tomatoes. There are several parameters that need to be paid before purchasing planting material:

  • the climate of the region in which the crop will be grown;
  • a company that produces seeds (foreign producers are not a priority, because they cannot take into account the peculiarities of the Russian climate, the composition of the earth);
  • shelf life of seeds;
  • an indication of the marking, the F1 logo (indicating disease resistance) on the package;

  • indication of germination percentage (maximum 80%);
  • seed planting site (there are universal varieties for greenhouse conditions and soil);
  • purpose (for conservation, fresh use, storage);
  • ripening period.

Having considered the indicators, they are determined with each variety separately.

Tomato varieties

Universal varieties are popular, and the approach to each individual.

Characteristics of the most farmed species:

  • First-grader. Universal, grows medium height, quite cost without tying. We love for short terms of ripening, aromatic taste. She likes constant attention, water, feeding. To protect against diseases you need to spray fungicides. It is characterized by an excellent harvest, lies quite a long time. Perfectly applies to greenhouse conditions and open ground. It has a pleasant tomato flavor. Tomatoes look great, tasty, with a rich vitamin composition. There are also medicinal properties that are not inherent in every sort of tomato.
  • My love. High-yielding. The hybrid perfectly transfers pests and practically does not get sick. The form is round, slightly elongated. It has a sweet taste. in a cold room have long storage and excellent transport properties. The early ripe hybrid does not demand special leaving. Hostesses appreciate tomatoes for taste, versatile use, rich vitamin composition. Suitable for any method of use. Hybrid bred for all types of cultivation.
  • Rio Grande. Not bad for diseases and pests. Can be grown in pots on the veranda and in flowerpots on the balconies. The plant bears fruit until autumn. Good ripening ability.
  • Snow Leopard. It is considered one of the hardiest species available for cultivation in Siberia. Variety Snow Leopard specially bred for greenhouses and open ground. Can be grown in all climatic zones of the Russian Federation. For oblong shape and taste appreciated by hostesses. Not bad transports transportation over long distances, in view of the thick skin over the dense flesh.
Snow Bras
  • Asvon F1. Gives a rich harvest, perfectly survives any vagaries of nature, is not exposed to diseases and pests. Unites in itself all positive qualities of hybrids, having pronounced taste of the real high-quality tomatoes. Suitable for growing anywhere, even on the loggia. The shape of the fruit is round, characterized by thick skin. Excellent feel during transportation.
  • Spiridonovsky. It can be called frost-resistant, but little fruitful. Practically not demanding in fertilizers. Perfectly tolerates contact with pests, diseases. Tomato flavor with bright rich notes. He was fond of growing for beginning vegetable growers, they are unpretentious, do not require constant attention, special care. For these characteristics, gardeners love the variety bred by Siberian breeders. The only thing you need to carefully refers to soil moisture, if the moisture is very much, the fruit will begin to crack. Perfectly preserves the quality of conservation and fresh aroma.
  • Lemon giant. Tomatoes grow very massive lemon coloring. From plant care requires only competent watering and timely tying. The plant perfectly tolerates temperature drops. Fruits contain an adequate amount of vitamin C, rich in beta-carotene to nourish the body. Useful in the diet, with avitaminosis and catarrhal diseases.
  • Snegirek. The plant is short, the tomatoes themselves grow a red color with a characteristic rounded shape. The tomato sprouts even when planted at 0 degrees, the main thing is to fertilize the soil well.
  • Icicle pink. Practically not demanding to care. Perfectly tolerates high and low temperatures. Harvest perfectly preserves the taste with all methods of preparation. High-yielding.
  • Gilded belyash. The harvest is characterized by large, sometimes huge fruits. From one plant of the Gilded belyash 4-6 brushes are formed during the growth period. Each branch can give up to 5-7 heads. It has a sweet taste with a hint of bitterness. Almost unpretentious when growing. Large-fruited variety is characterized by plastic fruits. White mid-season, you can pick ripe tomatoes at the end of July.

When choosing varieties of tomatoes, the summer resident must take into account many nuances for full-fledged cultivation and obtaining a decent crop. Take into account the purpose of cultivation, the expected number of fruits from the bush, the behavior of the culture with the defeat of disease, whimsical care.

Tomatoes are very tasty vegetables. Grow them in the garden of your garden is easy. The most important thing is to choose the type of tomato that fits to a specific site. It is necessary to make a minimum of effort and on the table will be juicy and tasty fruits that you can eat right away or save for the winter. Another plus of this vegetable is the content of vitamins, carotene and other beneficial substances.

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Tomatoes sortaTomatoes sorta

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