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Tomato "Pervoklashka": universal, with healing properties

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Winter. New Years is soon. And there and February is just around the corner. Gardeners, gardeners now think what and when, where they will plant a vein. And what types of tomatoes to choose, so that the harvest will be big, and that the tomatoes will be tasty, beautiful, sweet. The choice is huge - more than seven thousand varieties of tomatoes: for every taste, size, color.

And I also want to harvest the early harvest, the first early summer to feast on tomatoes. One tomato that meets these qualities is Pervoklash tomato. Reviews of it are good, and numerous photos of the tomato confirms its yield. This variety is rightfully among the ten best pink tomatoes.

Characteristic and description

Each variety of tomatoes has its own distinctive features, its individual qualities, features that distinguish it from the rest. Characteristics and description of tomato varieties Pervoklashka show all the best qualities of this tomato:

  • determinant;
  • ultra early, early ripe;
  • undersized - 60-100 cm;
  • bush is not very leafy, medium;
  • leaves are ordinary, dark green;
  • needs tying in and partial cradle;
  • it is better to form it in three stalks to get the greatest yield;
  • fruits ripen on 90-108 days after the appearance of sprouts;
  • Yield is high: up to 5-6 kg of tomato can be collected from one bush;
  • good transportability and keeping quality;
  • it is possible to grow up as in open, that and the closed ground;
  • the first flower brush is formed at the level of the 6th-7th leaves;
  • Already in July, you can collect and feast on these tomatoes.

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Fruits of the variety

No less outstanding characteristic of the fruit of this variety. They are impressive with their appearance, taste and outstanding useful, even healing properties, which are not inherent in every sort of tomato:

  • Fruits are flat-rounded, bright pink;
  • tomatoes are smooth, slightly ribbed;
  • average weight of tomatoes - up to 200 g;
  • multichamber tomatoes;
  • the skin is thin, smooth, tender, slightly translucent;
  • pulp is fleshy, fragrant, juicy, very sweet;
  • the taste is excellent.


Universal - for fresh consumption, salad, for canning and technical processing (juices, pastes, ketchups, adzhika).

Tomato Pervoklashka as a bright representative of the family of pink tomatoes has also very useful, even healing properties:

  • its fruits contain a lot of sugars and lycopene;
  • there are antioxidants that are very good for health;
  • a large complex of vitamins;
  • purines, which are present in different varieties of pink tomatoes, affect the metabolic processes in the body, accelerate the absorption of nutrients. trace elements and vitamins, contribute to the rapid saturation, which is very useful for those who want to lose weight, who keep the diet;
  • Lycopene strengthens the immune system, suppresses the activity of pathogenic bacteria, prevents atherosclerosis;
  • beneficial substances in this tomato are prophylactic agents from the appearance of malignant tumors in the gastrointestinal tract and prostate; they must be eaten at least once every three days;
  • This variety of pink tomatoes is also useful for smokers trying to quit smoking: the substances in this tomato help cleanse the body of toxic substances, promote the breakdown of tar and toxins.
Tomato Pervoklashka with outstanding healing properties, it is recommended for inclusion in the diet and baby food.

Disease and Pest Resistance

Variety Pervoklashka, like many other varieties of pink tomatoes, is very sensitive to the conditions of its cultivation, weather changes, humidity, etc. Because of its sensitivity, it is more than a variety of tomatoes of other colors, susceptible to diseases and vulnerable to pests.

Most Pervoklashka prone to late blight. Therefore, in order to prevent the possibility of infection, it is imperative to follow the rules of agrotechnology, before planting the seedlings, the soil should be decontaminated, plant bushes at the right distance to provide tomatoes with more sunlight, good ventilation and eliminate excessive thickening of plants and overmoistening.

For prophylaxis, tomato bushes should be sprayed with fungicides before the ovaries appear (every two to three weeks).

It is especially important to comply with agricultural practices and monitor the condition of the tomato bushes, if they are grown in protected ground.

Diseases, prevention:

  • greenhouses need to be ventilated frequently and regularly;
  • strictly observe the temperature and light conditions;
If there is not enough light in the ground, it is possible to illuminate the plants with special fitolamps.

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  • not to exceed the safe level of humidity;
  • disinfect the soil;
  • remove diseased plants from greenhouses;
  • do not plant different types of nightshade next to each other;
  • prevent drafts;
  • Keep greenhouses clean, after harvesting, they should be thoroughly washed, fumigated with sulfur checkers, etc .;
  • change the ground every three to four years;
  • follow the rules of crop rotation, do not plant tomatoes every year in the same place.

These same tips apply to pest problems. Large, sweet pink tomatoes attract a variety of harmful animals.

Pests, control and prevention:

  • Tomato bushes should be regularly inspected - whether aphids, mites, slugs, etc., have appeared on them;
  • for prophylaxis, it is possible to spray bushes with insecticides or various herbal infusions or decoctions from pests every two to three weeks;
  • next to the bushes of tomatoes it is useful to plant low-growing marigolds, calendula, spicy crops, parsley, snakehead, etc., which repels pests from healthy vegetables;
  • Do not overfeed tomatoes with organic matter: so that the bushes do not begin to increase the green mass and thicken the planting; in addition, organics may contain the larvae of various pests.
It is better, easier, simpler and cheaper to take preventive measures to prevent the infection of tomato bushes with diseases and to prevent the invasion of pests than to treat sick or diseased plants, losing them, losing crops or getting very poor quality fruits.

Advantages and disadvantages

Any plant has its pros and cons. Tomatoes are not an exception, for which there are many reviews and photos, which are more positive than negative.


  • bright, sweet, expressive taste;
  • early maturation;
  • joint yield of the crop - on several hands the fruits ripen almost simultaneously;
  • high yield;
  • good keeping quality;
  • excellent transportability;
  • long period of fruiting.

But apart from the remarkable advantages of a tomato and disadvantages:

  • determinism can limit the growth of the bush, additional brushes will stop forming, which will limit the yield;
  • demanding of more enhanced mineral nutrition;
  • susceptibility to diseases, in particular - phytophthora.

Restriction of the growth of the bush, of course, limits the number of fruits, but the high yield of the variety, amicable ripening and the wonderful taste of tomatoes still delight those who like to eat fragrant pink sweet tomatoes.

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Features of growing varieties

The first grader is grown like other varieties of determinant early tomatoes. However, this tomato has its own nuances:

  • in the south, tomato seeds Pervoklashka can be sown immediately in the ground, three to five seeds per well;
  • it is generally better to grow in open ground than in greenhouses;
  • both seeds and seedlings should be planted at a distance of 50x50 cm (possible and more), in a square-nested way
  • Be sure to tie up the bushes are not broken and not wilted under the weight of the fruit;
  • in the hole it is better to plant two or three plants;
  • to increase and extend the yield of the crop, the bushes can be formed in two or three stems;
  • seedlings sow tomatoes First-grader can be in the second half of March:
  • sweet tomatoes First-graders will become, if they are not pritenyat leaves, because it is important to plant the bushes so that they are as long as possible and evenly illuminated by the sun.
When harvesting tomatoes in one bush (about three around) it is useful to leave one ripe tomato. He produces ethylene, which “infects” with ripeness unripe tomatoes, and they ripen faster.

As can be seen from the reviews from the photo, written and exhibited by those who have already planted Tomatoes in the First-grader, this pink sweet tomato is gaining more and more sympathy. The range of its distribution is expanding and moving further north. In the colder margins, the First-grader attracts with its precocity and friendly return of the harvest of the most delicious tomatoes.

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