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Tomatoes in tai-dai style: marble beauties


In the process of work breeders try to pay attention to the appearance of the fruit. This can be seen in the example of tomato Tai Dai. Among them are samples of different sizes and colors. The peel has specks, stripes and another "print". When choosing a variety, modern summer residents want to get not only a great harvest with excellent taste, but also beautiful fruits of tomatoes.

How to choose a specific variety of tomato Thai Give

Choosing seeds, you need to focus on:

  • ripening time;
  • place of cultivation;
  • taste;
  • type of fruit;
  • climatic living conditions;
  • pure or hybrids.

By the time of ripening, tomatoes are divided into several groups.

Super early - the term of ripening of such tomato cultures is about 60-75 days. Their main advantage is that they delight the others before the harvest. The fruits are used only for salads.

However, they have a number of negative qualities:

  • small fruits;
  • low yield;
  • short stature;
  • sour taste.

Therefore, planting such tomatoes should not be planted in large quantities.

Early - ripening occurs in 70-90 days. They are used mainly for salads, but sometimes for preservation.


Main qualities: short stature, small fruits, medium taste.

Mid-season varieties often used for growing. The term from planting to harvest is about 90-105 days. They love to grow for a lot of advantages:

  • large dimensions of the fruit;
  • good yield percentage;
  • good taste and juicy, fleshy flesh;
  • suitable for cooking canned food.

Late ripening is a sort of tomato, which is sown for 110-115 days. Such fruits are suitable mainly for storage.

The most interesting varieties of tomatoes in the style of tai-dai

Variety of varieties involves not only different characteristics that are valued among gardeners. Often there is a completely unpredictable appearance of the culture.

Breeders are working on the cultivation of varieties and hybrids of tomatoes, which are less susceptible to disease, have good yield and unusual appearance.


Berkeley refers to mid-season varieties. It grows up to two meters. For the middle band to grow these tomatoes better in the greenhouse. In the final stage of ripeness, the fruit is red-brown in color with greenish stripes, weighing up to 400 grams.

Berkeley has a wonderful taste, it is eaten fresh, and tomato juice and sauces are prepared.

With optimally selected care from one bush can collect up to three kg of tomatoes. Seeds for seedlings are sown 60-65 days before the planned landing on a permanent place. On 1 square meter have no more than 4 seedlings.

Amur tiger

Tomato Amur tiger is suitable for growing throughout Russia. It grows well in the greenhouse and in the open field. In terms of ripening refers to mid-season. It grows to a height of 200 cm. Bushes are quite powerful with a large number of leaves. Tomatoes are round, slightly ribbed. At maturity, fruits weigh about 200 grams and have an excellent taste.


The Amur tiger is eaten fresh, salads are prepared from it, juice and canned. For storage are not used.


Sherkhan tomatoes are early ripening, as the crop ripens in 90-105 days. The bush is quite small - from 50-60 cm. It can be cultivated in the middle and southern strip of Russia.In cool climates, it is advisable to plant in greenhouses. Salads are made from tomatoes, eaten fresh, and canned.

It has a good yield. This variety of tomato after the appearance of 4 or 6 brushes stops in growth. If desired, it can be tied up.


  • have an unusual elongated shape;
  • slightly ribbed;
  • reddish color with golden stripes.

Their weight is small - about 55-80 grams. The fruits have a sweet-sour taste.

Siberian malachite

Tomato Siberian malachite is unpretentious in cultivation. Late-ripening variety. This variety of tomato is suitable for those vegetable growers who need a late harvest. Due to the fact that the tomato matures for a long time - it has a wonderful taste and is stored for a long time.

Bushes of the Siberian malachite grow in height about two meters. The size depends on the method of planting - if you grow in a greenhouse, then it stretches in height, if in the open field, it will be slightly lower.

With optimal care, they have good yields. In order to collect a good harvest, you need to form a bush in time and remove extra leaves. It is necessary to leave only those branches on which there is an ovary. On each hand grows 5-7 fruits. It is recommended to take a responsible attitude to the formation of the stem, since the bush grows very high, it is not necessary to leave a lot of stems. 2 or 3 will suffice.

Fruits are round, small size. On average, one tomato weighs 110 grams. The main distinguishing feature is green with yellowish lines.

The taste is wonderful. The fruits are well suited for eating fresh, and the winter harvest of them will be colorful and extremely tasty.

You can land in different ways. To harvest more, it is important to form a shrub in time. However, in the greenhouse, the yield of this variety is still higher. Loves a cool. In the heat can be watered twice. Due to the fact that the plant is tall and rather sprawling, no more than 4 seedlings should be placed on one square meter.

Emerald Apple

Variety was taken as mid-season. Crop ripens in 105-115 days. The bush at the Emerald apple is massive and spreading.

The name of the tomato was due to the bright green color of the fruit. They are rounded, slightly ribbed. Tomatoes are tasty and fragrant with an unusual tomato and fruit flavor.

Emerald Apple most often eaten fresh. Especially suitable for salads. Treats a dietary grade. For cooking canned food too. It is possible to cook sauces, ketchups and gas stations from tomatoes. Fruits weigh from 200 grams to 500 grams.

The variety has a lot of advantages:

  • dietary qualities;
  • wonderful taste of fruits;
  • quite high yields;
  • fruits almost do not crack;
  • it is possible to independently breed this variety from seeds;
  • is immune to diseases;
  • perfectly preserved and not tracked during transportation;
  • can be grown in open and closed ground;
  • characterized by excellent germination of seeds.

This variety has almost no deficiencies. Is that overripe tomatoes become watery.

Blue bunch

Tomato Blue Bunch will delight with its exotic appearance. The variety is medium early. Can be grown in greenhouses and in open ground. It is resistant to temperature extremes and diseases.


The bush of this variety with a massive stem in height grows up to one and a half meters.

Tomatoes are small, round shape, dark purple, almost blue. Possess juicy pulp with interesting taste. Fruit weight - 20-25 grams. Of these, canned food is prepared or eaten fresh.

Positive traits:

  • hybrid variety, therefore resistant to various diseases;
  • has an original taste;
  • unusual appearance of fruits similar to plums;
  • universal use;
  • fairly high yields - up to 6 kg per m2;
  • due to the high content of antioxidants, it cleanses the body well, and thanks to the anthocyanin improves immunity.

The disadvantages of varieties include the need for careful plant care - the formation, thinning of leaves, removal of stepsons.

Growing tomatoes in the style of tie-dai, you can get a high yield, tasty fruits and the original look of the infield.

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