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Salad "Red Sea" with Bulgarian pepper

salad with crab sticks

We offer you a quick and simple salad "Red Sea" with Bulgarian pepper. Red, precisely because of its color, and the sea, because we use crab sticks.

For cooking, we need only a few ingredients, and most importantly do not need to cook anything. Just chop the ingredients, dress with sauce and immediately you can serve the salad to the table. Salad turns out juicy, fresh with light garlic aroma. You can add grated hard cheese, chicken eggs, if desired, canned corn is perfect here.
So you can safely experiment and slightly change the recipe.


  • crab sticks -250g;
  • Bulgarian red pepper -150 g .;
  • tomatoes -1 -2 pc .;
  • garlic -1 -2 cloves;
  • Mayonnaise -3 tbsp.

How to cook a salad "Red Sea"

Red pepper is thoroughly washed, cut in half and cleaned of seeds. Chop the pepper into medium pieces. Tomatoes are also mine, cut the stem and cut into pieces. If a lot of juice is extracted from the tomatoes, then we express it.

tomatoes and peppers

Crab sticks cut into large pieces, as shown in the photo.

crab sticks

We proceed to the preparation of refueling. Pour the mayonnaise into a bowl and squeeze the garlic, stir.


Dressing salad with mayonnaise dressing and serve immediately to the table.

simple salad

Enjoy your meal.

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salad with crab stickssalad with crab sticks

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