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Secrets of watering orchids

watering orchids

Moisturizing is one of the main plant care procedures. For tropical orchids, watering is very important. Popular phalaenopsis are attached to trees, and nutrients and water are obtained from the air during natural precipitation. Their root system is involved in photosynthesis. These features must be considered when choosing water, frequency and method of irrigation at home.

Features watering orchids

Watering a tropical flower is carried out after the substrate dries. The frequency is influenced by many additional parameters: temperature, light, humidity. Since the culture naturally absorbs precipitation under natural conditions of growth, at home it is necessary to use water that is close in composition to rainwater.

Methods and frequency of watering

Tropical flower moistened by various methods. Experienced florist, constantly engaged in the cultivation of orchids, it is recommended to combine several at the same time.

  • Immersion - the pot is placed in a container with warm, settled water for 20-30 minutes. When the surface of the substrate becomes wet or (in the case of a transparent pot) the roots turn green, excess liquid must be drained.
  • Watering with a watering can with a thin spout - moistening is carried out around the perimeter of the pot near the walls, in order to avoid moisture entering the leaf bosoms. The completion signal is the appearance of water through the drainage holes at the bottom of the tank.
  • Spraying - orchids love a similar method of hydration. However, care must be taken that the drops do not fall on the flowers. It is advisable to spray the foliage every morning from a fine spray.
  • A hot shower is a hygienic measure that prevents the appearance of pests, washes away dust from the sheets. The temperature of the scattered jet is 40-50 ° C. The frequency of the procedure is 2-3 times a month during the period of active growth. After the shower, the flower is left for 15 minutes to drain the excess liquid.
  • Watering from the tap - the procedure is acceptable for a hot period when the temperature of running water is 20 ° C. Put the pot in the sink and direct a thin stream to the substrate. Duration - 2-3 minutes.

In summer, an exotic flower is organized by “warm rain”, which reminds an orchid of the tropics. After rinsing, all excess liquid must be removed, the sinuses of the leaves are dried.

Water quality

Tap water for irrigation can be used, but it should be defended beforehand in order to reduce the salt content, other impurities, which not only do not benefit, but also harm the normal growth of the plant. Water must be soft.

  1. Rainwater - it is not collected within the city, because in megacities due to gas pollution, it is not necessary to speak of its purity. To prevent bacteria from multiplying, you should store the liquid in a dark, cool place.
  2. Boiled - the liquid is soft, but it does not contain useful trace elements.
  3. Distilled - for tap water of medium hardness take the same volume of purified water. In the case of a hard one, it will take twice as much distilled. Of the minuses of such irrigation can be identified high cost of water.
  4. Filtered - a great option, in which the water remains useful salts, but it is quite slow.

Watering errors

If the plant provides proper care, it pleases with good immunity and bright flowering. And the orchids blooming phase can occur even 2 times during the growing season. However, improper moistening is a common problem among novice gardeners.


Mistakes in watering can cause illness and even the death of an orchid.

In order to eliminate shortcomings in care in time, it is worthwhile to get acquainted in advance with the difficulties associated with watering:

  • excess moisture - orchid sharply reacts to overflow, root decay begins;
  • fluid ingress into the leaf sinuses - provokes the development of root collar rot;
  • spraying at close range or not at that period - if you keep the sprayer closer than 20 cm, the moisture will evaporate slowly, and brown spots will remain on the leaves. At rest, the procedure should not be carried out, the plant can get sick;
  • the use of poor quality water - hard, cold or dirty water can cause yellowing and withering away of the shoots of the plant.

Tropical flower orchid needs long-term lighting, a certain temperature regime. But most of all on the development and flowering of an exotic plant affects the correctness of watering.

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watering orchidswatering orchids

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