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A selection of black varieties of tomatoes

Black varieties of tomatoes

Black tomatoes are fragrant, the pulp contains a high concentration of the coloring pigment of anthocyanin. Scientists have proven its antitumor properties. All varieties of black tomato tomatoes have a sweet taste. Their selection is large. There are varieties for greenhouses, there are for open ground. You can find the seeds of tall, short, large-fruited, small-fruited tomatoes.

Early tomatoes for greenhouses

The first seed sown on seedlings greenhouse owners. For them, ultra early and early varieties of black fruit tomatoes are suitable for protected ground. Ultra-ripening varieties ripen within 75-85 days. To harvest early tomatoes start at 90-95 day.

Black Crimea

Keeps up early. The first tomatoes begin to pick at 75-80 day. The plant is a tall indeterminate type, bush height 1.8 m. Tomatoes with a slight ribbing, flat-round, large (up to 500 g), the main part of the tomato weighs 350 g and above.

The skin is thin, cracks when overwetting. Tomatoes are not suitable for long-term storage. They need to be eaten fresh, allowed for processing (juice, sauces). When maintaining a bush in 2 stalks and good farming techniques from a bush harvest about 4 kg.


In 2016, Black Crimea, to taste, entered the top 10 black varieties. The festival was held in the USA.

F1 black bunch

Hybrid form of early ripening. Bushes of medium height (1.2-1.5 m) with a strong stem. The tomatoes are small (50-70 g), black and purple. The shape is round, the taste is original sweet-sour with plum notes. Under insufficient light, the color of the skin loses its intensity, the taste of the pulp becomes simple.

F1 Black Cluster grown in greenhouses, it is a hybrid of universal purpose. It can be canned. From one bush they remove 3.5 kg of tomato. The advantages of the new hybrid include keeping quality, high yield of bushes, the original black and purple color of the skin and flesh.

Black truffle

Early, indeterminate, consistently productive form. Tomatoes of the original pear-shaped dark red-brown color. Medium size - 150 g. The flesh is sweet, dense, fleshy.

Advantages of Tomato Truffle:

  • keeping quality;
  • high productivity;
  • good taste;
  • universal application.

Mid-season tomatoes

To mid-season include varieties of tomatoes, ripening for 100-115 days. These plants need more sunlight than early-growing forms to grow and form fruit. Mid-season species are grown in open and protected ground.


Grown in greenhouses and open ground. Lasts for 110 days from the emergence of shoots. The plant is of a semi-determinant type, average in height (the stem does not exceed 1.5 meters). Productivity is 10-15 kg / m ². The color of ripe fruit is dark red with brown tint. The main color of the pulp is red, in the area of ​​the seed chambers brown.

Fruits large 200-400 g, rounded flattened, stored poorly. They are good in salads, suitable for processing (canning, juice).

Advantages of Tomato Chocolate:

  • sweet taste;
  • sustained immunity;
  • convenient size of fruits.

Black Prince

Fruits ripen in 100-115 days. They have a salad appointment. The form is rounded, the skin and pulp is maroon-brown. Tomatoes are sweet, fleshy, large (200-400 g). Grow a black variety in the greenhouse. Indeterminate plant 1.7-1.8 m tall.

Value Black prince:

  • original fruits;
  • sweet taste;
  • extended fruiting.

Late tomatoes

This group combines varieties with a maturity of 120-130 days. In temperate climates, these tomatoes do not have time to ripen in open ground. They are recommended to grow in greenhouses.

De barao black

The variety is popular with summer residents. Original purple-brown fruits weighing 55-60 g canned together with orange, red, yellow fruits. Banks look very attractive. The shape of the fruit is ovoid, the flesh is very dense. The taste of the pulp is harmonious.

De barao grown in greenhouses and open ground. The variety is very productive, the yield of one bush is 6-8 kg. On 1 m² planted for 2 plants. Fruits begin to sing after 115-130 days from the date of emergence.

Advantages of De Barao:

  • yield;
  • shade tolerance;
  • sustained immunity.

Black elephant

Fruits are flat-rounded, black-brown with good taste, they have a slight ribbing. The variety is used only fresh. Within the bush the size of a tomato is very different - 185-350 g. Black elephant Popular with summer residents of the Middle Band.


Tall bushes need to be formed in 2-3 stalks, no more than 3 seedlings should be planted per 1 m².

Bushes sredneroslye (1.5-1.6 m), grown in open and protected ground. Form into 2 stalks. From one bush they remove 3.5 kg of tomato. Summer residents speak about the Black Elephant well, its advantages include:

  • taste;
  • yield;
  • prolonged fruiting.

All black fruits have a sweet, rich flavor. With good agricultural practices show a stable yield. There are varieties of universal and salad destination. In the new season it is necessary to try out the black-fruited species. They have been received a lot since 2000. Care for this type of culture is standard.

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